Helping Picky Eaters Explore Healthy Foods

Helping Picky Eaters Explore Healthy Foods

getting the picky eaters in your life to
eat healthy can be tough so we’ve got some great tips for you to get them out
of their comfort zones and into eating healthy foods first try keeping your
picky eater in the dark about what new healthy foods you’re offering them a lot
of picky eaters aren’t comfortable they don’t want to try new things but they’re
also a little afraid of that new thing I have that especially with my
three-year-old but sometimes even with me so what you don’t know won’t hurt you
you just don’t tell them until they try it and they love it next pay attention
to how you’re presenting healthy foods to a picky eater I don’t think a lot of
people realizes how important aesthetics are to a meal if your plate isn’t
colorful and well presented and looks all brown or mushy and just not
appealing then why is anybody that’s picky gonna want to eat that so
presentation is key for enticing someone to want to try something for her third
tip Ashley suggests mixing up how you present healthy foods to picky eaters
I’ll blend things like cauliflower I could not get my daughter to try but
when I made cauliflower mash she was all about it so sometimes you just have to
change how you’re delivering the food fourth try including the healthy food
into something you’re picky eater is already familiar with I will do things
where I make it all in one bowl like a one pot wonder so kind of like
presenting someone with a chili where there may be a new ingredient in there
that they don’t recognize has been added to the recipe but it’s there and they
like it it’s not hiding it but it’s putting things all together so again
it’s not as scary and finally make your picky eater part of the healthy cooking
experience to make them better understand healthy food choices so if
you have a picky eater and they don’t participate in helping you cook maybe if
they help and they recognize the ingredients or they’re a part of it
their pride will force them to want to eat the meal there you have it five
great ideas to help picky eaters explore healthy food options


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