Home Food Allergy Testing SCAM | Home Food Sensitivity Tests DEBUNKED

Home Food Allergy Testing SCAM | Home Food Sensitivity Tests DEBUNKED

Okay, everyone, yes I’m
outside wearing a stethoscope because Tom made me wear a stethoscope because he wants to distinguish me from the “influencers” on Instagram who are tryin’ to sell
you home allergy testing. Oh my gosh, the glutens are killing us! Okay, I just found out about this thing. I didn’t know about it, and I talked to my homie Dr. David Stukus, who’s a professor of pediatrics
and allergy/immunology at National Children’s Hospital in Ohio, and he filled me in on this scam, okay? These guys went on Shark Tank and got a million dollars
to fund EverlyWell. What EverlyWell is is a home
allergy testing company, so home food allergies. So you prick your finger, you
put it on these little cards, you sent it off to them, and they tell you you’re allergic to all kinds of stuff and you suddenly are woke. You’re like, “All this time
I’ve had bloating and flatulence and weirdness and brain fog, it’s because of inflammation
due to food allergies.” Abject nonsense. So I’m here to tell you
what’s really going on. Food allergies, true food allergies, means you eat a food and
you have a pretty immediate and reproducible reaction to that food. There is no such thing
as a “hidden food allergy.” So, real hardcore gluten intolerance, those kind of things, yes,
they can cause problems, and it’s actually not that
difficult to figure out because you can eliminate
the food from the diet and find that your symptoms get better. So what do these home allergy tests do? Most of them are actually testing for an antibody called IgG. This is an antibody that creates
a memory-immune response, which means if you’ve
eaten a pear in the past, you’ve been exposed to it,
and your body tolerates it and may produce this IgG antibody. It says nothing about whether you’re actually allergic to it. So what do the actual allergists in their office actually test for? They are testing a different
type of antibody called IgE, which is a more immediate
allergic-type response, but even then, even then only 5% of people who actually test positive for the IgE have clinical allergies. So a lot of times you’re testing in a way that isn’t helpful, it’s producing something
we call “false positives,” and for the doctors and
others in the group, that means that your pretest probability of having an allergy has to be really high to make this test mean anything. So when you take this test at home and you get back results saying, “Brown rice, and eggs,
and corn, and gummy bears. Now I can’t eat those things
and I feel so much better!” You are either denying
yourself wonderful food groups because everyone knows we have a daily recommended
allowance of gummy bears and now you’re not gonna get it, or you’re having a placebo effect and you’re creating a lot of
fear and misunderstanding. So the bottom line is these tests are a complete waste of money. If you think you have a real food allergy see a doctor or, here’s a trick, stop eating the food, it’s
called an elimination trial, and see if you still have symptoms. If you do, it probably wasn’t the food or you missed eliminating all of it, okay? So the bottom line is if you have a friend or someone who’s sharing on Instagram, some pharmacist, or
naturopath, or chiropractor, someone getting paid, probably,
by one of these companies to sell you this home allergy test, and they’re saying, “Oh
my God, we should get it,” you send them this video and go, “This bald clown in his
backyard with a stethoscope is telling you you’re full of crap.” All right, guys? I love you. Become a Supporter if you wanna go deeper. We’re woke as heck. We out.


36 thoughts on “Home Food Allergy Testing SCAM | Home Food Sensitivity Tests DEBUNKED”

  • Thank you for putting out this video while these tests are gaining traction among people all over. I'm glad you're doing the good work and keeping people informed

  • "PRE-TEST PROBABILITY" As a Pathologist, I really wish more health care providers understood how this affects the positive and negative predictive value of a test. Every medical student that comes through my lab has a discussion with me on this subject. Most of them will never be Pathologists or run a lab, but 100% of them will order and interpret lab and radiology studies. If they don't have a very clear understanding of this concept, they will invariably order unnecessary tests, make incorrect judgments and in some cases cause real harm to some of their patients. Thanks again for mentioning this.

  • Sheehan-Leigh Raab says:

    Any insights on the 23and Me genetic testing that also gives genetic dietary allergies and sensitivities which need to be interpreted by a nutritionist?

  • A lot of people who claim to have allergys actually have mild Hypochondria. They use their "allergys" and other imagined health problems to call attention to themselves, get sympathy, and control and manipulate the people around them.

  • I almost lost it when I read this until I read home food sensitivity tests. Then I was okay with it.
    Having massive allergies all my life, I've been prone to all manner of problems so yes get your kid tested, Medicare will pay for it.

  • They have services where you can have your thyroid tested and a doctor will prescribe you medication without seeing you! They send birth control pills through a website! My oldest daughter is away at college and a friend was going to do that. My daughter told her not to because you need to have your “lady parts” checked out at least once a year. She is wise beyond her years!

  • I have a friend who took this test and is now literally starving herself to death. She has to do online school because she can’t even get out of bed. Her mom is the reason. Meanwhile me who has actually allergies to peanuts, tree nuts and kiwi has almost died 5 times in the past 2 years from anaphylaxis.

  • My dad and I both know wheat is causing him some severe health problems that he keeps blaming on every medication he gets prescribed. We have done the elimination diet. I have a severe reaction myself, had a nutritionist confirm- though she said it was gluten intolerance when it's a different compound in wheat but that's semantics. I had the same symptoms that he is now having, before I got diagnosed and after I went back on a wheat-o-licious diet. He knows full well. Yet he refuses to give up his pizza and bread. "glootem free bread is so gr0ss". He is obese. He could easily fix that.

    I want to get him this test and manipulate the results to make him actually throw out his doughnuts.

  • When I heard IgG I was like…. but allergies are IgE mediated….?? and then you explained that’s the point of the scam. 😂
    This is an awful scam though especially because immunology is very difficult to explain to lay people. Thanks for raising awareness about this!

  • Deborah Dillmore says:

    Wouldn't it be nice if the DOC cared to take the time to help the patient sitting in front of them, GETTING PAID and WATCHING THEIR VERY EXPENSIVE WATCH and making no bones about " your 1 question and 15 minutes are up". The real world are forced to try anything to in alleviate the discomfort.

  • Yeah… food allergies are freaking scary. I eat egg, immediately throw up and my lips swell up.. I don't eat eggs anymore 🤷‍♀️

  • Christopher Ziegenbein says:

    Thank you!!!! I work in the functional GI field as a psychologist alongside dietitians and pelvic floor physios. Always nice to hear you looking out for the patients. Need more doctors like you in our regulation agencies.

  • Darksol99 Dark Wizard says:

    Food sensitivity is different from food allergies. I had my food sensitivity tests done by Alcat through a local lab.
    Your title is misleading and may make some viewers doubt the reality of food sensitivity. Eliminating the foods to which I was insensitive changed my whole life. I lost weight (10 lbs in like a month just from the diet change, and another 20 lbs from continuing to exercise over a few months) and my clinical depression symptoms were extremely diminished.

  • Kyrillos Guirguis says:

    Someone help me understand. How does igg or ige get into the GI? Only IgA gets into the GI. Unless someone is making the claim that it's getting into the blood where the other immunoglobulins reside. But even then, macromolecules are catabolized before taken up. Someone help me out.

  • Darksol99 Dark Wizard says:


    As you can see from my other thread, your blanket condemnation of all food sensitivity testing (by conflating food intolerance and food allergy testing) is going to make it harder for people to get the help they need. Someone in a lot of pain is working really hard to try to prove to me that I didn’t successfully heal my body from eosinophilic esophagitus and stomach ulcers. It’s amazing how much pain they must still be in because they listen to people who just haven’t done the research.

    You are a good doctor generally in my view and I was just disappointed to see this video. I figured knowledgeable viewer feedback would be useful to you.

  • Also, my immunologist pointed out that there are foods that I'm intolerant to. I find that it is important to teach about the difference between allergies and intolerances.

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