How One Simple Switch Can Make You Lose Weight NOW!

Have you ever heard the saying, “Your eyes
are bigger than your stomach?” It’s easy to overestimate how much food
you really need to consume in order to feel full and satisfied.
This is why it is important to go out of your way to monitor your portion sizes. Before you grab a plate, remember that quality
is more important than quantity. Pay attention to what you’re
about to consume, not how much. Just because you’re eating a salad, doesn’t
mean its necessarily good for you. Dressings can contain simple
sugars, chemicals, and heavy fat content. In reality, eating too much of anything is
bound to make you feel bad, regardless of how good it tastes. Just
think about the last time you ate a few too many slices of pizza! Here are some tips for you when you’re creating
your meals. 1. Portion Size of Meat. A grilled or broiled chicken breast, lightly
seasoned, is a great source of lean protein. But it should be about
the size of your palm, roughly 6-8 ounces. You can also purchase a food scale to weigh
your food before or after cooking for a more precise measurement.
If it’s too big, trim some off and save it for your next meal! 2. Ease Up on The Pasta. Most people would probably agree that
pasta is delicious, but a serving is actually about the size of your
fist. That doesn’t seem like much. Remember that pasta tends to fill you up very
quickly. Have you ever felt bloated after eating too much spaghetti?
Then you probably ate more than a fistful! 3. Invest in Smaller Dinnerware. You know those small plates that
come with dinnerware sets, the ones that are supposed to be
used for snacks? Well, they can actually make great dinner
plates! Try using one of those for your next meal
and take note of your level of satisfaction compared to eating off a larger plate. Mentally, your brain sees a full plate even
though the plate is smaller! Despite the fact that it isn’t as much
food as the other plate, you are satisfying your hunger and stop eating once the plate
is finished. With the larger plate, you would have continued until you had eaten too much. 4. Add Fruit and Vegetables if you are still
Hungry. If you feel cutting down portion sizes is
too hard, why not add some fruit and vegetables into your meal! Remember when your parents told you to eat
your fruits and vegetables? Well, they were right, and it’s always a good
time to bring them back into your diet. Not only are they full of nutrients that your
body absolutely needs, but they add beautiful colors to your daily meals. As we said before,
we tend to eat with our eyes before our mouth! Fruits and Vegetables are Full Of Fiber. Fiber is something that our bodies need, both
to keep bowels regular and to help get rid of excess cholesterol.
It also makes us feel fuller, which is what’s needed to
keep us away from all of those bad foods we love to snack on. So, the next time you make a plate of food,
make sure that most of it is full of veggies and some fruit. Think
of bright green broccoli, beautiful strawberries, and hearty kale! While you can always take a multivitamin and
other supplements, there’s really no better way to get your nutrition
than directly from the source. Even medical professionals agree that it’s
always better to eat your vitamins than to swallow them in pill
form. For example, kale is a great source of cancer-fighting
compounds. Think of this the next time you want to eat
a delicious grilled chicken salad. So, while supplements can be
beneficial, try to only turn to them when needed, and consume vegetables
on a regular basis! Lower Your Risk Of Disease All of those vitamins and fiber help to also
lower your risk for life-threatening diseases, such as Type 2
Diabetes and Heart Disease. Just think of how healthy you’re about to
become once you give up the soda, and then enjoy a big bowl of
mixed fruit with some refreshing water. All of this will help you live
a longer, healthier, and happier life. And if you’re worried about still wanting
some junk food, remember that fruit is sweet. Couple that with its
high-fiber content, and chances are that you’ll be too full from
a serving of watermelon to want some ice cream. Which is great, since
what you ate will help prevent diabetes, and what you could have
eaten can actually cause it! Just remember that size matters when it comes
to what you’re eating. Even if something is good for you,
such as grilled chicken or a lean burger, you can still have too much
of it! That’s it for today! We hope these tips
will really help you cut down on unnecessary eating. We just launched our channel and would
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