How to Cook Bear Meat in Bear Fat with Steven Rinella – MeatEater

With the amount of daylight I got left I don’t think I’ll going to make it up for the next trip I was just going to unpack and have dinner and stuff I still got a few hours of daylight now but I think the best thing to do is just hole up. There’s one in my hands. That’s the shoulder. And there is the pot of gold, man. It’s my big sack of fat, my lard. What I’m going to do for tonight I’m going to take some of this fat. I’m going to turn that fat right into cooking oil. So I need to make a fire cube up that fat start running it down. then just start just firing pieces of meat in there and just frying it up nice and good. Oh, there’s good stuff right there. A little spruce twigs, they got resin in them a little bit. They burn good. You can carry fire paste around and chewing tobacco tin, anything. I’ll take my ball of kindling lay a little bit down smear that fire paste in there check all your pockets for a lighter. Just be like getting in the sirloin here, some red meat there’s some good stuff, perfect. You’re cutting like little kebab-sized pieces. I’m a melt that down. Hear that? So, we’re getting some oil out of there. another way you can do this you can actually put water in the bottom of a cup maybe like a quarter inch of water inch of water even put the fat in there and you can boil that fat out and the fat will wind up sitting on top of the water But for deep frying meat, it’s better to have pure oil but if you just wanted the oil out to drink, if you needed like you know a quick energy charge you can do it that way a lot faster than what I’m doing like this. My brother once went up last year he like rendered a mug full of bear fat and just drank it like coffee. That’s how good that stuff is. And hunters like Daniel Boone, I mean that guy would shoot bears just for oil and sell the stuff, it was a marketable commodity. you can continue to cook these fat pieces
down down down And you’ll leave behind those crispy little treats like little pork grinds. You see how much oil I got already just built up. You can use this oil and reuse it. I’m going to drop a few pieces of meat in there now That’s bear meat, cooked in blueberry bear fat Oh my god that’s good.


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