How To Eat Korean BBQ: A Beginner’s Guide

Okay, ready? Yeah. I am Irene and we’re here to eat Korean
BBQ! So here we got the menu, usually a lot of
Korean BBQ places like this one, they have sets. So I like to eat a combination
of pork, sam-gyeop-sal, and beef short rib, which they have a special here
that’s marinated sogalbi. Galbi is beef short rib. In terms of ordering off the menu, if
you’re here for Korean BBQ, you really want to focus on the meat and not order
too much other stuff. Also with your meal they’ll bring out a
lot of different banchan, which is vegetable and pickled side dishes. There will
be plenty of food. These are mung bean sprouts. These are pickles. This is kkakdugi, which
is a Korean pickled radish. You can eat as much as you want and then
ask for more! Yum. Korean BBQ is a good place for you to
come with your friends or your family and have a good time, so drinking, in this
case soju, which is a Korean rice alcohol, it’s kind of like a vodka but
very very low in alcohol percentage, similar to wine.
Cheers! In Korean, Kombe! So, when you come to Korean BBQ,
you’re obviously going to be hit by the smell of meat and smoke, so I like to wear a
ratty t-shirt, and then at this point I’m going to put my hair up. This is beef short rib, it’s marinated in
soy sauce and other secret ingredients. My favorite
thing about Korean BBQ is that it cooks so quickly, so the meat is super juicy. Take one of
these red leaf lettuce. You can use the whole leaf, I like to cut
it in half. You want to take one of the meat, take a little scoop of this soybean sauce, which
has a lot of awesome umami flavor and maybe a little dip of
this anchovy sauce too – whatever sauces they give you, you can try all of them. And then
you want to wrap it like a meat taco, and then stuff it in your mouth. Yeah! The grill is hottest in the middle
so I’m going to want to move them over to the side or move them on top of the
vegetables so they don’t cook as much. Each serving of meat is technically for
one person. When you come with a group, you want to
order about a portion to three portions less so say if you come with six people, you can order three to five portions. If
you come with four people, maybe two or three, just depends on how
much meat you can eat. So this is unmarinated pork belly, so
that means you can sort of sauce it up more. Here we have salt and pepper with sesame oil,
and I’m going to put a little bit of this kimchi on. Kimchi and pork goes
really well together for me. Okay I’m gonna go first and as soon as I
put it in my mouth, then you put in your mouth. Yeah. This is cha-dol-ba-gi, which is unmarinated
thinly sliced beef brisket. So especially with the thin stuff, you
want to make sure you unfold them so you get a good cook on all sides, and then
flip them. So they cook so quickly! That’s how you know a place is good,
when it has good marbling on the meat. I like to do just a little bit of salt
and it’s really fatty so I don’t put the sesame oil on. And then a little bit of bean
paste, little bit of scallions to cut through it. This is a cool glass. it shows you how much like with the
alcohol percentages depending how much you drink. Okay, it’s gonna get messy. Ready? Ready Jess?
Okay, ready. 1, 2, 3! It’s a race? I think we all lose! This is naeng-myeon, which is cold noodles
in beef broth, and over here we have a spicy version of it that’s brothless.
Basically naeng-myeon is a really popular dish for Koreans especially in the
summer, and it goes perfectly with Korean BBQ. After you’ve eaten a lot of meat, you need
something to help you digest and settle your stomach, and cold noodles
weirdly, works. So, after Korean BBQ, you’re super full but you want to drink more, so we got to go to
karaoke! “I’ll make love to you like you want me to…” Hey guys, I’m Nell Casey, the food editor at
Gothamist. Thank you so much for watching. Click to subscribe to our YouTube
channel for more delectable videos, and let us know in the comments where in New
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