How to Estimate Calories | Don’t Stress About Eating Out

– You wanna hit your
macros to reach your goals, but, sometimes you don’t
always know the macros of the food that you’re eating, like when you eat out. I’ll show you how to best estimate, so that you can stay on track. If you wanna learn how to lose fat, and keep it off without
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videos every Thursday. (upbeat music) I used to think that I
had to be 100% perfect with my macros in order to
be successful with my goals. So even if friends invited
me out to eat with them, I would say no. If you’re new to the channel,
I’m happy you’re here. My name is Vivyen. I’m an online fitness and nutrition coach, and now I know you can totally eat out, and stay on track for your goals. And here are my tips for that. Estimating will come with experience from tracking your macros. So over time, you’ll get a better eye for what portion sizes look like. And you can also tell if some foods are higher carbs than others, or if you’re like, “Oh, that
totally has a ton of fat.” You’ll learn these portions
faster for your repeat meals. For example, I always
eat two servings of oats, so I know how that looks
uncooked and cooked. So if I go out to a restaurant, I can see the portion and I’m like, “Oh, this is a little bit
more than what I usually eat,” so then I’ll be able to log it like that. Nowadays, a lot of our
restaurants have nutrition facts for their menus online, so you can check that
out on their website, or you can even see if
MyFitnessPal has those entries. If you don’t have that experience yet, then you can use WebMD’s
portion size visuals. I really like how they estimate
3 ounces of cooked meat with a deck of cards, an average portion of
an apple to a baseball, and a bunch of other foods. I’ll have this link down
in the description box so you can see all the
other portion size examples that they have. You can break down foods
into simple components, and log those. For example, with this hamburger, I would log the bun, a standard serving of beef, an egg, a slice of American cheese, and then I can do the
tomatoes and lettuce. And if I see any extra sauces on it, or if I’m like, “Wow,
this is really oily,” then I can also add that. If it’s not as clear cut to take apart, then what I like to do is cross-reference MyFitnessPal and
CalorieKing to get an idea of what’s typical for the dish. This bao for example, comes handmade from Asian supermarkets. So there are not usually
scannable barcodes. I can use these databases to
look up barbecue pork bao. I’ve also had to get creative
when typing up the name, because this also goes by
barbecue pork steamed bun, banh bao xa xiu, or char siu bao. So sometimes, you just gotta get creative to find what you’re looking for. MyFitnessPal and CalorieKing
are the two databases that I like to reference. But, let met know if you
have a great resource too. Comment it down below and it
can help other people too. If you find the food entry that you think best represents
the food that you’re eating, then you can pick it. Otherwise, you can use your best judgment and adjust your meal. Restaurants tend to have foods that are higher in carbs and fat, and lower in protein. So for example, if I go to Chipotle, and I get a chicken bowl, but I think the person was
heavy handed on my rice, on my beans, and they didn’t
give me that much chicken, then I can smudge the log in MyFitnessPal to make it fit what I think is
actually what is in my bowl. Do your best to estimate these calories, but then move on with your life. Tomorrow, don’t dwell about like, “Oh man, did I over-estimate fats,” or like, “Am I under on my protein?” No. None of that. Unless you have to be shredded for an upcoming bodybuilding competition, you don’t have to be perfect. You’ll probably wanna live
a healthy lifestyle overall, and that involves having a good
relationship with your food, eating out with friends and family without having food anxiety. Even if your macro estimations are off, it’s not one meal that changes your body, but rather, your habits
over a long period of time. As long as you’re making progress from tracking macros at home, and estimating when you
eat out occasionally, then you’re golden. If you wanna know how many calories and what macros you need to
eat in order to lose weight, then download my free nutrition guide in the description box down below. If you liked the video,
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couple of pounds overnight. So does that mean your
estimations were that off? Maybe not. I’ll explain possible reasons for this in next week’s video. So hit the notification bell so you don’t miss it next Thursday. Let me know in the comments what was the most important thing that you learned from this video. Thank you so much for watching. I’m grateful for you, and I hope your life is
filled with gratitude too.


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