How to Sneak Food into Class !  Back to School DIY Pranks

How to Sneak Food into Class ! Back to School DIY Pranks

It’s a book right? wrong! Its a SNAKKK!! That’s right, I’m gonna teach you how to sneak food into class because if you’re like me Then you’re always hungry and I’m sorry it’s just the way it is for some of us So this specific hack is by a channel called Troom Troom first You’re gonna take caramel and you’re gonna spread it over a sponge cake And this looks mmm Mmm Mmmm delicious and the caramel is gonna make it stick together So you’re gonna stick it together, you know Keep stick them together until it is the size of a book if it’s too big you cut it out okay, so now you’re gonna sprinkle starch all over the paper and you’re gonna roll out your dough and you’re gonna roll roll whirl until It’s nice and thin and then you’re gonna cut out these rectangular pieces These are gonna be his sides and look like the paper sides, you know the white paper Yeah, so you got a long one for the center and two short ones for the sides gonna take some more of that caramel OH SO GOOD LOOKING! And then you’re gonna put your “paper” onto your sponge cake, this is where it gets cool So there’s this thing called sugar paper. Okay, you can actually print onto the sugar paper So you make a fake book and then you put some more of your caramel on there I believe this is actually not caramel, like dole said relax your every se but now you can eat it You’ve got an edible textbook. I mean your teachers gonna think you’re weird, but at least you got some cake Look how jealous other girl is. OH GURL NO , that book is for studying So this next hack is from a channel called crafty panda and oh boy is panda get crafty So she’s putting on some lipstick right and the guys like “oh you’re cute” and she’s like HUM NUM NUM NUM NUM Eats the lipstick and he’s all really weirded out because yeah who eats lipstick she’s smirking You know why she’s marking because that ain’t no lipstick So to make this happen You take a finished container of lipstick and then you clean out the excess because there’s almost gonna be a little bit of lipstick in It and you don’t want any lipstick. I don’t you might get sick I don’t know then you take some white chocolate or whatever. You want regular chocolate. Whatever white chocolates better though You’ll see why in a second you melt it in the microwave And then you add food coloring preferably red something that looks like lipstick if you use dark chocolate I imagine that the lipstick would look really dark But there are a lot of dark lipsticks, like maybe you could make like a dark like chocolatey red lipstick It would still work. Now. You pour it into your container. Like it looks good. It looks like Strawberries. I just want to eat it up and you freeze it And then yeah you just eat away and you know, people are gonna think you’re weird Oh, he’s like channa hate on her his own lipstick dude. She got chocolate in hers We got another amazing hack by Troom Troom. You’re gonna take a pencil case Okay and take out all the pencils and you’re gonna cut them and I cut the tips up all of them Keep the tips only and then you glue them into the pencil case as if the pencil case is full so they don’t slide up And then you keep gluing until they’re all in there And it looks like you’ve got a full case of color pencils blows it up and on the bottom. You got a little sneaky hideaway for Whatever you want chocolates. I think chocolate would fit the best. But I mean if you want to DON’T put cheat notes in there Okay You can eat it class But you can’t cheat in class because that’s just I feel like we’ve got a lot more trouble for that When I was in school, I don’t ever think they cared we ate in class. We got a really cool one So you take a tape despenser and then you take the tape out. You’re like, where’s she going with this? So you take sticky candy and if when you wet the sticky can’t you can actually stick More sticky candy on self by making it wet and make it super long Then you attach edible glitter key word edible glitter, please don’t go eating regular and get glitter I feel like that just didn’t give you a stomachache you cover it up you make it all unicorn like all beautiful and you start rolling it around and then you place it back in and Now your teachers like oh that’s such pretty glittery tape. But nah you just got some candy Do these hacks seem like a lot of effort? Maybe it’s better just to get a good balance breakfast in the morning But sometimes we’re hungry no matter what and you need these to save you first We’re gonna clean a pair of scissors really. Well white wipe wipe wipe wipe There’s no germs on there. And then you’re gonna take some white sugar paste Okay, you’re gonna put some gloves on cuz we got a keeper working station clean add some food. Dye and then start Molding it and making sure that that food dye gets good into that dough We’re gonna roll it out and then we’re gonna take the scissors and we’re gonna Press it in until we got a nice mold and we’re gonna cut that outline out. This is getting really good guys We’re gonna do that a second time cut the outline out again, and then we’re gonna mold it around the scissors Then we’re gonna dampen the handles with a wet brush, which is gonna make our sprinkles stick nicely to it. Yay And now you can just eat your sisters would be careful. Don’t break your teeth because there are actual scissors inside I think this is better if you use plastic scissors or so. Yes, this is perfect for art class You take one of those little mixing cups where you mix your paint water in make sure it’s a new one that never had paint Water in it because you don’t want to be like, mr Van Gogh you open it up and then you take a smaller cup and you glue it inside Okay, you’re with me so far then what we’re gonna do we’re gonna set it to the side and then we’re gonna make some paint Water and we’re gonna pour the paint water into the outside area. So the inside area has room for your own little drink I’m thinking some… Chocolate milk Delicious but really the teachers thinks you’re painting but nah nah nah nah nah you’re drinking chocolate milk for this one We’re gonna take the end of a marker off and we’re gonna take the filling out Okay, once the fillings out you make sure you clean it up really nice. Y’all we got to clean these things! Okay, and now you just shove candies inside preferably ones that won’t make noise if I’m being honest with you This is not enough to satisfy me, but whatever so for this one you’re gonna carefully take the end of a lollipop off and then you’re gonna take end of a ballpoint pen and then Replace it with where the stick used to be and you’re gonna take some sugar Pour it some water so it dissolves put it in the microwave and use this as kind of like a glue and a paste to stick your Lollipop and your pen together and now you got a lollipop on the end of your pen so like yeah you’re working But also you’d be licking on that lolipop Hey, we need energy. What can I say? But most of these hacks have all been for like sweets some of us Like cheese do you like cheese I like cheese. Well, this one’s for you If you like cheese, we’re gonna take a piece of hard cheese. Okay, and then we’re gonna take an empty clear glue Completely clean like clean clean clean clean how many times I need to say this you don’t want to be eating glue because not healthy It’s not good for you. Push the glue into the cheese Okay and then we’re gonna repeat until The whole glue container is filled up with cheese and then you just twist twist and hum yum yum yum the glue away. Now. This one is a little bit easier If you’re lazy like me, you just simply take one of those like binders that have the flaps in it Whatever you want in there These people are feeling some bacon and some cheese bacon and cheese and class and they’re just putting it into the folder I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I Think all of this is just ridiculous and way too much work It’s definitely fun to watch and I’m like, how are they gonna get away with it? Like what are they gonna do next? What another part of me is like like can’t you just eat in between class? Anyways, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. I love you all so much. Stay awesome Stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other. Bye bye! [Music]


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