I stopped Eating These ‘Healthy’ foods and I lost my weight.

hi guys welcome to my channel and today I’m up with the video, five healthy things which are making you fat so let’s start with the first one everyone’s favorite your mom would be telling do you eat fruit eat from see it’s healthy and you were building in almost every article every magazine include a lot of routine your died it’s healthy yeah of course fruits are healthy but these are simple carbohydrates which you if you exceed the quantity of it it is unnecessary going to add the galleries in your time which you really don’t more so the proportion size for fruits is one fruit in 90 and the best time is supposed to work out for you can think the next thing everyone’s favorite does it start with them so which is my favorite protein back ? is our meal replacement which can be take sometimes when you’re her out of time when you don’t have you meet with it that’s what you get that’s when you can take these built-in blast these are held off course but it can be taken a few times when you as i mentioned the conditions so you have to understand these are not real food it consists of preservatives which will cause you’re building so white having broken back take it or leave it is really so say bye-bye to your broken the next thing is everyone okay everyone if you see fans are half fantasy of this sports drink or shoot something which in games which life whose wedding and all they take force there for doing their fleet reports that they think it so what why it is needed for that because they want a lot of calories into it so make one of the most favoritest course so glucose is required you won a lot of candies that’s like you can think so it’s a in 30 in the serving size of 25 gram it for watching 146 calories which you you almost won around 200 230 calories 300 calories in your workout so if you are taking sports drink for sure workout you are adding you’re getting back those calories so you don’t want that the next thing is I once again figure it is from chooses so this is something i don’t prefer because they can don’t consist of any final poster font and they are pure form of sugar but still if you want to go with it when you can take is next to your close to your walk out because that is the time and you have to store your glycogen and that’s when you need sugar so that’s when you can take years for producers but other than that to other day I don’t suggest are from juices that dot the next thing your favorite sealed so let’s start with candles and everything so if you see you’re there they would really fighting with the serving size over there which most of us never see we seized only hundred casualties but those hot galleries in will be 35 grams for 20 can something like that which would be an animal did this much but doesn’t even feel your stomach and you end up taking so much of catalog so so much of you students and adding up so much of calories and you to think about that i was taking this it’s too i’m getting fact I’m not losing the way so next time you’re buying sedo’s just have a look back side of it really would be mentioning the serving size go with the something sighs and then have it then you’re going to get that much of Clarence otherwise you’re taking a huge amount of calories and really so these are the 5 things which you are adding up in your mean unknowingly thinking that it’s healthy but everything which is really have a proportion sighs that’s where you have to go with it that’s where you have to stick so make sure next time if you have your flute one serving unity if you are having your protein was some pants which is as you mean replacement if you’re having fruit juices post your work out once in a day if you are having your favorite still then it should be again our yourself inside should be mentioned what I mean you should look up the serving size of your favorite tool and court records some until unless you are involving yourself in something which ones really too much of calories don’t involve in your time so i hope you really enjoyed enjoyed it and next time when you go for fruit you will recognize yourself so bye-bye I hope please subscribe to my channel I’m sorry bye


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