Is Rat Meat Coming To The USA?

Is Rat Meat Coming To The USA?

but chinese company did that four point seven billion
dollars last week to take over smithfield foods which is america’s biggest pork producer this would mean the biggest chinese acquisition ever of
an american company and the name of the uh… chinese company issue trying oakley and they’re worth seven billion dollars their absolute
behemoth they used to be a state-run uh… me company than they were privatized seven billion
dollars and they are the dominance sausage maker
and poor producer in china uh… why is this uh… such a
tremendous story in my eyes this is a all on the heels just westmont the meat industry so are they doing well
they were selling box mink in red meat and it was passed off as every day in
the in some cases lamb in other cases pork some cases poultry and of course we will have no idea what
i read it now up on top of that there was a headline from c_n_n_ just
three days ago magnets and bacteria playing chinese me so are there was of personal story of a
family that bought sausage day notice after they had even if they were
magazine the package there were kids that got violently ill diarrhea vomiting uh… and it was widespread and on top of that there was another
scandal that there’s been a legal chemical cold claimed the role which is used in the east they can actually be extremely toxic toxic to if humans and they use it uh… particularly i think with up pigs
bs they want to get them to the right uh… size and the right percentage in
terms of leanest of of meat and uh… if i guess if you don’t cook at the
right away or whatever the case may be but humans actually do get sick from it and so they were caught using uh… cl claim here all and thousands of people
got violently sick in china including some were digis dot solaris on the heels of just reading uh… of afghans and stories they say all chinese me cos there are no good they’re completely
unregulated they sell rat and make and fox appointed as other meats they are not get some bacteria to use
their legal and instability right after reading those stories now we
learn that a chinese company in the four point
seven billion dollars to take over smithfield spoons which is america’s biggest poor producer looking around crazy that is men is that we want to do with our me company made it like that believe that they now some people might
say well carl they maybe by uh… the united states acquiring or the chinese company acquiring this
maybe they’ll start uh… abiding by a or food standards
which is barton is a slightly better than their food centers if you actually believe that i have a
bridge to sell you because already we’ve had um… you know
a largely unregulated and binding united states of america uh… in all industries because uh…
big business lobbyist for the loopholes really can get away with doing the like
this and look at that agee gag bills where you’re not allowed to record but secretly or do journalism on uh… certainly purple producing factory
so if they have the mad cows their falling over admit cal disease and so
they pick him up that video is you’re not autor uh… released a video or else
you get sued so they’ve been free speech in
journalism in terms of by the meat industry analyst has disaster written all over but then the plot
thickens even more because that so how is this happening
and before the people that are pushing for the deal goldman sachs c_d_h_ investments
singapore sovereign wealth fund and new horizon capital which is a private
equity affirm co founded by the son of the former chinese prime minister when jod val they are they all all large portions of by those
to me cos writer chan is one of the american one and they stand to make the tremendous
amount of money by merging the companies together now the only maybe bright spot in this
whole story is that the united states government has to approve it now in any uh… saying world by the united states would certainly uh… invoke the sherman antitrust act
they will understand this is kind of like a monopoly is a business getting
too big they were cornered the market it would be unfair competition it
wouldn’t be true capitalism right no hope for the sherman antitrust act to
stop anti-competitive of moves like this so hopefully they
will strike it down and hopefully they’ll say we’re not gonna lab has to
go through but uh… number one i will let breath
for that because they if i had to guess i would but i think
they would uh… approved the acquisition and by member to if it goes through and this is allowed packing up let’s all our pick of the different
hobby because i’m telling you we will we will not get anything accomplished in the united
states of america in terms of good policy because money has is completely corrupt
our politics to the point where they’re there’s no
there’s still simply no hope until we get money at
last minute anyway internet dollar raise the minimum wage not happening until we get money out of


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