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welcome can y’all see my head I don’t
know welcome welcome to tasty mukbang tasting
my thing taste my face – my thing tasty monka
bang eats y’all I am here today I just got to making this delicious
I ain’t tasted it yet but I already know it’s gonna be delicious don’t ask me huh
I know I just know it’s gonna be delicious I just got to making this
delicious kill salmon salad I love kale yall already know that I love salmon
yall already know it and I love me some salad yeah I’m looking a little rustic
rusty don’t even pay me no nevermind I don’t even care
y’all know I don’t care I’m hungry I want the beer what’s honey I gotta be
like around 6 or 8 p.m. I was so tired y’all I slept all night long I woke up
in the middle of the night around like 4 or 5 a.m. in the morning and my stomach
was scratching my back but my stomach was scratching my back I was o green and
I said let me get up and fix me something to eat
dan I was trying to figure out something with this induction cooker that I’ve
been having for almost two years or longer that I’ve never even used you
guys so I finally figured it out and I’m starting to cook make videos of what I
cook cuz I used to have a cooking challenge you guys y’all know I used to
have a lot of channels I used to have a Cooking Channel and I used to make
videos of the cooking of the meals that I would eat cuz all of my meals used to
be home-cooked meals on my first month main channel so you guys I’m getting
back to making the cooking videos I’m not gonna do it
Cooking Channel they’re gonna be posted on here in a separate video so if you
want to see how I made this meal it’s gonna be in some videos coming out in
the future so you guys don’t forget to thumbs up the video keep in mind I do
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channels the first one is Vanessa in my life my
journey the second one is ASMR tingling there now and if you’d like to see the
behind the scenes of my tasting MacLean each channel I give them a behind the
scenes so they pretty much know everything that’s gonna happen before it
happened they see the meals I’m gonna eat they
see the meals I’m gonna cook behind the scenes you never know which channel I’m
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Vanessa my life my journey ASMR tingle Queen and he answers prayers he isn’t he
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you guys have subscribe and turn on a notification bill on all the channels so
that way you will be notified whenever I go live because it happens every day
usually so I’m gonna give you guys an overhead view of this salad you guys cuz
it’s looking so good I’m gonna let you grab what you won’t stick your fingers
in there and get what you want y’all so let’s take a look at this delicious
salad y’all I’m ready to eat I’m ready to eat
do y’all see that and I got some ranch dressing over here on the side I am
ready to dig in y’all thumbs up the video please thumbs up the video okay so
now that we’ve gotten the pool women Aries out of the way let me put on my
glasses right quick and see if you want to see everything okay but you don’t
need to see the top of my head do you do y’all need to see the top of my tryna
get it right for y’all yeah these live streams or it is what it
is and ain’t no editing okay take it or leave it and oh my goodness I think see
I told you take it or leave it I think I forgot to bring a fork over
here yeah I’m not supposed to eat this I know this would make a good no hands
challenge with that salad dressing and then I’m going up I’m not doing and now
we’re gonna do with my fork hold on this is live right it is what is so
that’s what it is okay yeah let me show you how yeah I
think I might be down to selling y’all probably say no but if you know how it
go and if you know how much I’m gonna sell it do we say how voice y’all I
can’t remember I don’t think so Lord Jesus I thank you for this food
that we’re about to receive and thank you for all your blessings your love
your kindness your mercy and your grace every single one of your provisions that
you have made up on my life but Thank You precious Heavenly Father for
protecting me and keeping me from all hurt harm and danger and I thank you
Father God for protecting all of my YouTube friends as well thank you and I
ask you to bless every one that has been supporting me helping me encouraging me
and motivating me Lord Jesus I asked you to return the blessings unto them
tenfold in Jesus name okay me cuz I can’t pinion I can’t hang
on and give them back Lord but you got my back so you give them back so I know
somebody’s saying I’m tasty they look tasty somebody’s thinking tasty they
look tasty mm-hmm and you are right I know somebody saying what’s the next
Alec first of all everything but the kitchen sink you might even sign the kitchen sink up
on him but I got some corn some mushrooms mushroom join my songs talents purple
cabbage kale of course tell of course tomatoes salmon of course is called the
salmon salad of course this one has a house with salmon Isana pepper and ranch dressing and
y’all know i can mix the salad I’ll be playing and I don’t need the talk on y’all
I got no water my distilled water is better y’all do not see the video I did
on my distilled water I have switched to only judging distilled water I suggest
that you do especially if you’ve been having some issues like of you are a
diabetic if you have all the writers some people even asked me I would just
say if you human I mean guess everybody if you try
drinking distilled water on from thirty to sixty to ninety days and
see how it helps you I have a video posted on the channel I just posted the
other day about to steal water so you can go check that out also if you
purchase your water then you know how expensive that and gear add up what
you’re spending on water per month I consider investing in a water
distiller and you can get you a good water distiller from anywhere from $60
to like a hundred to two hundred dollars it’s gonna pay for itself because it’s
gonna eliminate you buying bottled water and it’s gonna be more healthier for you
because bottled water even if it’s distilled water is still stored in
plastic which is not helpful for you you make you mean talking about this in a
few videos in the future because my god when I become passionate about something
or I’ll get information on something that could benefit you for your life
your health your future I just want to make sure everybody know about it now y’all know timing sudden news but people just have to come on here to eat
they food and enjoy it the way they won’t see y’all because y’all something
else sometimes you tell people you talk too much just eat and there sometimes I’ll tell
people you’re boring you don’t talk okay let’s talk to some
people then I hate you I tell some people you
smack too much you chew with your mouth over on there sometime y’all tell people just be
yourself you can’t tell people to be themselves and Dan tell them how to be
themselves like something right about that we shall keep it you need to be
yourself do you tell people you need to cover your mouth when you eat just match
the ones your videos are so long why do you go alive everything why you don’t
wanna make up your eye is crooked if that’s something
nigga fix yeah I’ll be quiet make sense you won’t say something it can’t be constructive criticism if
they don’t make sense like I’m just saying it can be constructive criticism
if you’re saying your eyes clicking that’s not constructive criticism cause
ain’t nothing a person can do about the eye and if a purchase man excuse me nine times out of ten a snack before they started don’t look back okay to
attend a problem no times I can now I’m Latin name or doing what they do
before they start don’t look like so somebody I guess they probably thought
they were giving me construction constructive criticism and they say yet
and I say your videos are too long dear Darla leave in the comments if y’all know what
TV show that’s from dear daughter dear daughter dear Tyson your videos are
too long fresh mom dear viewer and I’m gonna even call you to subscribe because
I don’t know if you subscribe dear viewers it wasn’t a video it was alive there is a difference if you see a video posted on my channel it’s over 30 minutes it’s over an hour
alone chances are it was alive if you see that little box
oh we’re gonna come in this case on my over lysing wheel well somebody do liars
and they leave their lives public for people to watch they’re pretty much
giving all of their audience the opportunity to see what happened or in
my case I’m choosing to go live with my muggings I know all my channels rhythm because I’m trying to focus on all of my
channels and get all of the watch time for all of them
and any small side rest and keep content coming on all channels so right now
while I’m focusing and grinding and I want to continue to bring you guys
content and not just let the channel go dead because I’m working on another
chairing the best way to do it is to go live there are Vantage’s and
disadvantages to that their energy that you guys can actually
see me eat live like what I’m eating in a little time another advantage is it
gets it helps me to get to all my channels it gives me less work to do a disadvantage from your perspective is
the quality of the video is not the same as the quality on my camera there are a lot of disadvantages many
advantages more advantages to meet the
disadvantages there are I’m working on something for the future that will help
the quality of the lives to be better and once I did that situation I’m gonna
continue to go live yeah I love it I probably continue to go live with the
mukbangs and possibly the cooking but I still
also do some recording videos cuz some content right have you gonna live for 10 hours you did
so much with thinking video I’m gonna tell you another thing goes I do not
expect I do not expect for anybody to click on my lies and watch it in our
lives I do not expect you to do that right just because the video is 2 hours long
by all alone or ten hours long do not mean you have to watch that whole lot
that live was for the people who wanted to be in their life at the time when it
happens live and there are a lot of people that stayed in the video the
whole time so when you tell me oh you’re not gonna get watch time on that video I
already got plenty of watch time on the video some of the people that were in
there while I was like so it’s just icing on the cake for anybody else that
watches the video after to the line so however long they could watch it never
feel obligated to watch a video longer than you can afford to so yeah missing I’m getting kind of full
but not be hold on why y’all ain’t over here watching me I thought I had them on
you dang you know Mew that’s why they never
came out here watching I’ve got six people in my other lab y’all Dana beam and they’re live all night long slow
down y’all almost too easy y’all I’m in my night
clothes I was let me tell you something I got to
eat I ain’t got to do the preliminary response eyes be
hungry I was like thinking all seen them by the top part anyway I’m on my
nightgown yeah why do some people have a problem
with everything every time man somebody left for coming on my video I
believe it y’all ready no ideally even Iranian
comments or sometimes I’ll response on to make you think and being that person
probably feel ashamed they come this and end up deleting a comment so thank y’all
for thirteen thumbs up so somebody left a comment on the bail
palsy challenge video by she living and say why are you doing this challenge be
love shouldn’t a deed this challenge this is bad look something else they say
it didn’t make sense and this is bad this is bad how can somebody spreading aware this
about taking care of yourself not strange dressed researching and
finding out information about their positive because it could happen to
anyone the more information you have about
something the less at risk you are so how long for somebody encouraging people
to do their research and to support somebody else is going through what
they’re going to be a bad thing why do some people find something wrong
with every time I don’t get it I don’t get it I don’t get it why would I allow negative comments like that to stay on
my channel I’m just not like to who ever want to let all them negative come and
stay on their channel no power to you honey I ain’t the one the more negative
comments you leave on your channel the more other people feed into them so I’m gonna sit y’all I’m slowing down and car almost go I’m watching a video
yeah the morning how y’all doin thank you all for 17 thumbs up how y’all doing today yeah this whole
plate was full of salad I’m kind of got quiet now cuz I’m trying to finish oh I got a video over here plan you guys
after this live we’re going live on he answers prayers if you guys want a
fellowship good morning thank y’all for 18 times up
I’m almost finished and just taking my time something went down the wrong pipe yeah I know this was an early morning
meal but this is actually my meal from yesterday I didn’t eat yesterday thank
y’all for 11 thumbs up okay I’m getting full Oh Lord I’m getting for ya just make a
little snack and about our thank y’all for 19 thumbs up I appreciate y’all I
love y’all we getting ready to in this live and go
over to he answers prayers so if you guys are not subscribed to my other
channel he answers with an S on the end and prayers with an S on the end then
come over there and subscribe to the channel turn on a notification bill I am
I will see you guys overall he answers prayers I’m gonna get everything set up
for the live so that one excuse me for this is in my way yeah let me bring my
laptop closer I have to go live from my laptop on my other channels cuz I don’t
have a thousand subscribers yet but I’m almost closed on two of them so you guys
have not subscribed to Vanessa of my life my journey tasty mukbang eats he
answers prayers ASMR tingle Queen now what else y’all
what else what else is there okay remember but I hope y’all have a blessed
beautiful wonderful day today yep we almost to 900 subscribers on he
answers prayers we have our watch time on their channel already so we need just a little bit more than a
hundred subscribers which we’re going to get to I mean I’m not in no hurry in no
rush whenever it happens it’s gonna be in God’s timing so you have we’ve been
here to watch time hours and we are 886 subscribers on the channel almost to
nine hundred and I believe they’re coming build it and you will come we just have a good time over there
y’all it’s not like religious like you somebody trying to force religion down
your throat we just actually happen to be Christian believers who just get
together and praise and worship God and give him the praise and the glory and
study and meet the Bible and everything else yeah so y’all come over to he
answers prayers that’s he answers prayers we’re about to go live over
there right now and we’re gonna be live later on today probably on Vanessa my
life my journey for a little while and probably on ASMR tingle Queen I try to
make my rounds to every channel so let me know so I’m gonna talk to y’all later
thank y’all for twenty thumbs up come over let me go live right now let me
take my thumbnail so yeah I could just come straight in answers prayers oh yeah
I forgot I want to give a shout out to the people who haven’t even comments on
my videos so let me do a comment shout out right now down out right now you let me do a comment shut up right now I wanna shout you guys out there are two
people who’ve already joined me on he answers prayers when y’all come in
se-young say something say hello so I forgive you I will shut up yeah I also
got my green drink going I know I’m doing the parsley water so I got that
going cuz y’all know so I’m gonna give a shout out to some
people who’ve been leave it in some comments on my channel
tasty Mudvayne eats y’all hey let’s focus more okay y’all so let’s give a shout out to
some people that have believing that’s been leaving comments on tasty mukbang
eats I do this in every video I just need to be reminded y’all Nikolas white
who is one of my faithful subscribers auntie Nora for hello how you doing
rivers way thank you for your comment duh real diarrhea Clark I know I’m
pronouncing it wrong y’all forgive me diamond diva Oh June feasting girls feasting girls left
another comment what is dead Tim Allah bow mama bow mama
Alyssa Gail Alyssa Gail left alive Cummings Thank You Liz Gail Leon shun
Shaunta yeah make sure after the live is over with child go and leave some
comments of the video and if you can tree watch it because it’s gonna have
the ads in it after the live about 20 to 30 minutes after the live Cindy just eat that’s cats kitchen adventures Alisa
Gail I’m gonna do four pages shut up there’s subpoena page number two Olivier is Jacques see you lose again
let’s girl let’s get on this girl left a lot of shout a lot of comments miss
georgette is it ty quo Taekwon ASMR diva Dean’s Bonita this kid
getting fit after 60m our TV Yolanda Smith the smaller half sugar living my
best life motormouth madness one more page
just call me page number three Alyssa Gayle Casey let’s eat dramatic eye glows
a glaze beautiful natural makeup Miss Kitty
hustle with tea and Elton Jeannette ASMR uh Ginetta Stokes manky monkeys mukbangs
I know I’m probably saying it right did I say Sister Dee kite sister Dee
kite she left some up and down and all around Venus eats and one more page yeah
one more page I want to thank everybody who has been participating and watching
me live and coming back and leaving comments on the videos and giving me
that watch time and watching my ads mr. TV rams
Kelly dang Denise Wilson Casey let’s eat again my friend Alyssa Gail and leshawna
Ginny in a bottle Nicholas white Spanky Johnson
Conny best Spanky and Alisa children living my best life
Miss Kitty and sherita’s kitchen so I want to thank each and every one of
these people for continuing to support me leaving lots of comments on my
channel thank you guys I appreciate you guys so so so so much
it means the world of difference to me I’m gonna try to give a shout out in
every video I’m gonna try to do it earlier in the video um just make sure
when you guys leave a comment say taste it don’t forget to give shout outs today
but leave lots of comments you guys let me know that you are watching the videos
you can leave multiple comments throughout the video if you are one of
my regular subscribers I have approved your comments so you can leave as many
comments as you like and they’re not gonna go into spam as long as they are
respectful they are welcome as long as they are respectful comments and they’re
not derogatory and they’re not hateful then you are welcome to leave as many
comments as you like I do read all of my comments on my channel I do heart all of
my comments on my channel and I try when I got the time I tried to comment back
to all of my comments but at least I will heart your comment if I have the
time I mean I were always hard put your comments and if I have the time then I
will I will leave likes of know I will comment back if I have the time so you
guys I appreciate you I love you guys I thank you so much for tuning in today
don’t forget to come back later I have a another video coming out at 3 p.m. this
afternoon so be sure to tune in for that and I will talk to you guys later bye
now thanks for watching don’t forget to come over to he answers players we’re
live over there right now so come over to he hand answers prayers and I will
talk to you guys later bye


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