Kids Try Healthy Food Swaps with Keri Glassman

we’re gonna have a taste test with our very difficult judges have a look the judges do not know the secret ingredients in the recipes today so we’re going to keep that quiet but they are out here to try out these trees come on out Sofia [Applause] [Music] okay so you got your yummy side and your yucky side okay now today kids we’re going to start with this dessert which is a pumpkin pie bite pumpkin pie bite so give it a whirl guys you guys want to try some some chocolate balls okay what do you think Sophia yeah what do you what do you feeling yummy or yucky mm-hmm deciding you want some decision you want some water to wash it down what’s that it’s both it’s yummy and yucky so we’re gonna let you try those more later and you can decide on stage if you really like it or not because it is time for some chocolate shake right yeah we got the chocolate shake now you can drink that up what do you think Sophia good okay not entirely sure what are you thinking yay yummy [Applause] you can’t decide and so you want to know why that that chocolate shake was so thick and tasted a little different we have spinach and avocado in there do you like avocado and spinach no avocado and stir-fry at my mom’s house I love it so much I’m gonna – I’m gonna tell you all this and I believe this in my heart and soul but these are the kinds of foods that any kid could grow to love and I love that every element or each of these desserts has something healthy about them so I would recommend people try them out we’re gonna actually have the recipes on our website the doctors judges once again very difficult judging but you did a great job you


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