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Hi, there. It’s Kati, again, obviously Thanks for checking back, now before I get started today into my topic. I want to just thank you all so much for Retweeting for sharing my videos because I’m only one person and I put out my video each week Hoping to reach more people who Need help and need the support That I’m trying to offer and getting the information out there and all of your valuable comments in this community that we’re creating I want to thank you for helping spread the word and if you’ve been a little reluctant because I know sometimes We’re a little fearful to share The information because you think that people will then judge you based on that But just think that if we post this on our tumblr on our Twitter We retweet the video when we share on YouTube and Facebook when we do all of that think about how many more people we could reach because I’m only one voice but together we have a lot of Ability to move this and share this with more people. How many voices can we have? You know what I mean? So I’d encourage you to take that step this week to to post it on something that maybe you’ve been a little reluctant to share And ask your friends to share it, so when you share it on Facebook say hey, this is a you know great video Please share as well I have them put it up too because then we think about how many people we can reach that would be amazing so Work with me as we try to spread the word okay? Now today’s topic is something that comes from a question. I got on YouTube From one of my subscribers and she wanted to know How harmful our diet pills and laxatives and things like that because I know a lot many of us take them and a lot of times we even take them as Almost like a last resort if some of our other eating disorder behaviors couldn’t be acted out in a timely Manner We you know fall back on these kinds of supplements now I Did a lot of research on this because I wanted to make sure I’m giving you enough information But I also want to let you know that every website Everything I read about says something different But the things that they did have in common is what I’m going to share with you today because I feel like that’s the most Data supported answer now as far as diet pills go Obviously, I don’t really support their use, but I understand that a lot of us use them and the main problems in my main worry, I guess with using diet pills is if they have a lot of caffeine which most of them do and If they are what they call like fat blocker ones there are certain kinds out there that they call fat blockers now the ones that are fat blockers also block out certain vitamins, so when you’re [actually] eating You’re not getting the nutrients that your body needs because this pill is stopping your body from absorbing everything So yes, that’s probably why they say it works although the studies weren’t very Impressive to me but you’re also Losing all that other good stuff like maybe we need some vitamin a and Vitamin D And we’re getting some vitamin C. But we’re not getting any of that because [that] Diet pill is like blah stopping everything and we’re just flushing it through our systems so that’s one of the main concerns The second concern is because of the caffeine in them our heart rate goes up our blood pressure goes up and that can be really difficult especially for those of you who are bulimic and struggle with purging because when we vomit a lot our Potassium levels go down our electrolytes get imbalanced [and] our heart rate becomes irregular sometimes and that’s the biggest danger with any eating disorder to be honest is death from Heart attack and so when we’re pairing dangerous behavior with a diet pill that has a dangerous side effect the intense amounts of caffeine we’re We’re kind of making things a little bit worse. We’re like doubling our side effect If that makes sense, so those are my two biggest concerns when it comes to diet pills others are Just the regular side effects as far as dry mouth constipation even diarrhea horrible stomach cramps a lot of times on if anybody else notices this but when I take my womans once daily vitamin in the morning I always take it on a full stomach because if I take it on an empty stomach, I’m like oh Your stomach is killing all and I hate it right and even when I eat afterwards I’m like I should have that breakfast first. It’s like the worst stomach ache of your life Right everybody else really understand right? It’s horrible, so The cramping and all those issues it really causes your stomach and your intestines it’s really difficult for them to break it down. So they’re working extra hard and Especially if we’re taking the other diet pills, and then we don’t even get those nutrients poof. They’re just gone It’s blocking them or just peeing them out or whatever so that’s another kind of issue is just the actual like uncomfortability of it and the other thing that I will talk about now is laxatives because I know a lot of us will take diet pills with laxatives and Laxatives to me are also pretty scary because we’re already Possibly purging so we’re getting rid of fluids that way a lot of us drink a lot of diet soda and coffee to keep our bodies awake, and alert because we’re not giving it the energy that it needs through food and so when we take laxatives we’re just flushing out that much more fluid and electrolytes and potassium and everything and to be honest laxatives aren’t calorically, they’re not really getting rid of anything is just water weight, right and we need that water because we’re already very dehydrated and Laxative abuse can also lead to a lot of irritation of the stomach lining Your lower intestine as well as issues with your colon. I know a lot of us don’t want to talk about the stuff That’s kind of embarrassing and gross a little bit, but if we’re using laxatives And we’re abusing laxatives your colon slowly becomes eroded Now I’m sure there’s some fancy pantsy medical term that they use for that, but what this really means is that After I don’t even know how much abuse but after abusing laxatives for a long period of time you can lose the ability to control When when you poop and when you don’t poop? So what that really means is you could have to wear a diaper and I know I’m not using a scare tactic I know this is freaking you out, but just so you know I’ve had three patients that I’ve seen Maybe four I forget, but three or four I don’t know if the other one actually had to wear diapers, but she would have to go to the bathroom like Immediately, but that they’d lost the ability because of laxative abuse and a lot of times you have to go in for surgery to get part of your colon removed because it’s so damaged so be careful because There’s nothing more horrible and horrifying and being like thirty years old and having to wear an adult diaper Right that’s that is horrible And I don’t wish on anyone so those I know this is like a really downer of a video, but I’m sorry But it’s just information that you requested and I would encourage you if you’re going to start using something We are on it all the time Check it out read about what can happen. It’s like any medication if my doctor gives me something because my back is hurting I want to read about what it does to my body, right? we worry so much about the food that we put in our mouths but We’ll take some diet pills because oh it says slimmer waistline in three days and blah blah right so think about it and read about it and Let me know if there’s other information that you know and again obviously my community what I’m trying to create is positive And we’re pro recovery, but I would like you to leave information if you know like hey I use this and it made me so sick And this is why and that’s what my doctor said if you have any of the information I would love for you to share because I’m doing my research and doing as much as I can but you have information that Can be really beneficial to everybody else and like I said, I’m only one voice but together we can really move this along, right? so Continue to comment and let me know if there’s other topics or if you want me to address this in more detail and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because then when I post a Video you’ll know about it. If there’s something you request it you’re hoping they’ll come out on Monday You’ll get the email letting you know that I post it then don’t forget to check out my website As well as I’m on Twitter I’m on Tumblr and again please share because I’m only one person but together we can really make a difference So let’s continue working towards a healthy mind and a healthy body


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