Low FODMAP diet – What is it and What to avoid – Recipes by Warren Nash

You may have heard of the low FODMAP diet
if you’ve been diagnosed with IBS or another gut disorder from your doctor. It’s important
to get clear guidance and diagnosis from your doctor or a dietitian before embarking on
this diet. I realise for people wanting to follow a low
FODMAP diet in order to relieve symptoms, it can be tricky to figure out what to cook
and eat in order to keep your intake balanced and interesting. FODMAP stands for: Fermentable, Oligo-saccharides,
Di-saccharides, Mono-saccharides, And, Polyols These names describe types of carbohydrate
which may react with water in the bowel to cause symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
– which are: Abdominal pain, Bloating, Wind, And/or a change in your bowel habits It was developed at Monash university in Melbourne,
Australia. Following the low FODMAP diet may mean cutting
out all of these carbohydrates in order to manage your symptoms. So, what should you
eliminate and what does this mean in terms of the foods in your fridge and on your plate? If you’re considering following the low
FODMAP diet, here are the major offenders you should consider eliminating: Oligo-saccharides (containing fructans and
galactans): Wheat and Rye, Some fruit and vegetables, Pulses and legumes Di-saccharides (containing lactose): Milk,
Yogurt Mono-saccharides (containing fructose): Some
fruit, Over 100ml fruit juice/smoothie, Honey and agave nectar Polyols: Various fruit and vegetables, Sugar-free
chewing gum, Sugar-free mints that contain polyols As you can see this is quite an exhaustive
list and when we say eliminate fruit and vegetables (for example), don’t panic! It doesn’t
mean eliminate all fruit and vegetables in existence. So I highly recommend you read
the full list of foods suitable and not suitable on a low FODMAP diet (as recommended by the
NHS) by clicking on the link on-screen. I’m Warren Nash and I hope you found this
video insightful. If you think it would be useful to have more low FODMAP friendly recipes
on Youtube when please like this video and leave a comment below to show your interest.
And who knows, I may be making some low FODMAP friendly recipes in the new year.


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