Hi everyone, it’s Pape San So friends, we’re here today with a new video However, today this is not a video for the faint of heart! /! (If you are too sensitive, the content of this video isn’t for you) I put a title It won’t be a joke, there’s really gonna be the things you’re expecting in this video So for all of you guys who are very sensitive about domestic animals such as dogs in particular I advise you to stop watching this video right now I’m very serious, in fact it is the very first time I’m asking you guys that If you guys know that seeing a few pictures can shock you Leave this video right now It’s for your own good Today, as you guys will see, is a pretty exceptional video A quite extreme video as well for the West Because today’s topic is dogs Not the domestic animal but the meal Because in South Korea, there is a meal that you call “Bosintang”(보신탕) Also named Sacheoltang Which is a dog soup And I always wanted to talk about this because It’s something very exotic So I thought that it would be nice to make a video about this The video will be cut into 3 parts The first part which will be right now I will go to the market and see if we can find some meat This video will be hardcore for the sensitive persons towards dogs In the second part of the video, I go in a restaurant where they cook this meal And the third part will be an interview with Koreans To know their opinion about it Before starting to show you all of the weird things I’ll tell you guys how I feel about people being able to eat dog meat here First thing you need to know is that dog meat is not a common meal in Korea But it’s only a certain part of the elders who eat this You’ll see that in the restaurant that I went to You will see that customers are elders and that younger people don’t really eat that at all All of the Koreans that I know, around my age, never ever tried You guys need to keep in mind that it is not “normal” or a usual thing to eat dogs in South Korea And even if it was the case I even ask myself : “Why do we, French people or Westeners, find this weird to eat dog meat?” It’s a cultural thing because for us dogs have always been pictured as a member of the family However, in some cultures such as Korean culture a few years ago And still a little bit today Some people eat dog meat Before coming to South Korea, I thought: “Wow, it’s really weird!” I really thought that it was weird and I couldn’t understand why some people actually eat dog meat But after getting used to a culture which is pretty much the opposite of my two French and Senegalese cultures I ask myself : “How is eating dog meat different from eating beef, chicken or horse meat?” In France for instance, we know horse meat pretty well with Findus and so on As well as in Japan, they eat whale meat, horse meat I keep on thinking that it is just a matter of culture And that we shouldn’t be judging people We can find this very weird because that’s how I personally feel myself And I won’t eat it But it doesn’t allow you to insult people for that matter, for instance Korean people : “Oh you eat dog meat, you’re disgusting, you have no respect and so on” It’s not a matter of respect Imagine an Indian who comes to France and see that we eat beef He will think the exact same thing of us They will think that we are savage and weird But no we are not weird it’s just a matter of culture So now that I kinda told you guys about my opinion on the matter It is time for me to show you guys about it If some of you guys are still here despite all of the warnings that I gave you Watch this at your own risk So friends, I’m now in the Dongdaemun (동대문) district I will go to the market which is called Gyeongdong Market It’s one of the rare place where we can find dog meat in Seoul And I thought that it would be such a shame to make this video Without going to a market and seeing how much it costs It always happens to me It’s really crazy to see that there are only elders in this district I never experienced this before, I feel like I’m no longer in Seoul Only elders, it’s insane I arrived to the market and now the objective is to find dog meat For now, I only see salad, fish and so on…. I looked it up on the internet and it says that we can find dog meat in this district We will see that If you guys want to know what is dog meat in Korean We say : “Gaegogi” (개고기)=>Gae (개) is dog + Gogi (고기) is meat So yeah Oh wow it’s a real old style market here If you wanna be in a new setting, come in this market It’s insane, there are no tourists and only elders Okay so friends I found a place and to be very honest with you guys it was not hard to find at all All I had to do is to ask someone where I could find Gaegogi And I have some just behind me If you guys are still here despite the fact that you don’t really like these kind of things Don’t hurt your own feelings and just leave the video right now For 1kg of dog meat it costs 7000 won in this market Which is like between 4 to 5 euros So it’s not expensive at all I don’t even know how much costs 1kg of beef or chicken Also, you need to know that the dogs that we sell here and eat in general Are farmed dogs and it’s a very particular race They don’t eat all of the dogs They won’t eat German shepherd or Shiba Inu or Chihuahuas It is generally, mixed raced dogs I think I don’t know much about dogs myself in general I hesitated quite a lot before making this video because What if my Youtube channel gets striked It does a huge bad buzz Because of this because so far none ever made a video about this subject But I think that it is also the strenght of Youtube With Youtube, we can do anything And I should not limit myself too much If I limited myself because of what people might think, I wouldn’t make a video regarding Islam Because in France, Islam is a tabou subject But yeah, I did it and a lot of people liked it And here I’m recording this video because I know that it can be interesting to a lot of you guys In France too, during the wars, we would eat dog meat And the dog market was on the Saint-Honoré street It was around the 20th century So even in France we would eat dog meat It’s just like with the video that I uploaded last time on education Everything depends on the person we’re refering to You can’t go to a country and impose your manners to other people As well as your own culture and your opinions and point of view So Kheys, know that we went to the market in which they sell dog meat Why not directly going to a restaurant so I can show you guys how the soup looks like bosintang (보신탕) One of the particularities about the Sacheoltang (사철탕) restaurants So the restaurants in which we serve dog meat It applies to all of the restaurants that I personally know, the windows are covered like that so we cannot really see the inside of the restaurant And so it shows that, yes you can indeed eat dog meat in South Korea but it isn’t a common thing to do at all So that’s it young Kheys, I’m inside of the restaurant Don’t expect to see a lot of young people here I also do not advise you to invite your girlfriend on a date here neither Okay so Kheys I got the food I admit that it feels a little weird It’s insane to be like “Wow I have a dog meat soup just in front of me” Just chilling Hm, look so you guys can see the meat here So yeah, I won’t go too much in details But it truly is a dog soup and it is called Sacheoltang (사철탕) With the meat and the texture of it It looks like beef But a little bit more greasy I think, I don’t know It looks tender But yeah, it’s very weird Inside there are vegetables, doenjang (된장) so a bean paste So it is just a casual Korean broth But there is dog meat in it And so Koreans or should I say the Korean elders They like eating that because they say it’s “stamina food” By this, they mean that there are a lot of proteins Which gives you manliness if you guys see what I mean by that, as well as sexual drive That is the reason why it is not a popular meal but it was casually eaten in the past And which is today still appreaciated by a part of the Korean elders There is nothing wrong to say about the overall look of the meal It’s pretty neat See, you have little side dishes here So yeah But, I really don’t wanna try it I love meat but I really don’t want to try this Waaah, I speak Chinese right now it’s crazy If I didn’t know that it was dog, I would have eaten it Because it looks very good, the meat looks good There are no bad smells coming out of it So Kheys, I came out of the restaurant and it costed 12000 won Which is like 10 euros It was not pricey at all and I was expecting something like 20 000 won It was despite all of that, a great experience I can understand that this video can shock a lot of people Especially people who have domestic animals But since you clicked on the video And I warned you guys many times at the beginning of the video I hope that you guys are not too shocked I’ll stop speaking Chinese now What do you personally think about eating dog meat? I think that it is seen as barbary From a foreigner’s persceptive But you need to know that there is a whole story behind it It’s a culture that I personally don’t like It’s a culture that is a part of South Korea Of the History of Korea But which is more likely to slowly fade away later Hello! | Hi! The boshingtan is really…. Traditionally, even if it’s elders who eat this How can I say that? There was a time when we were lacking meat And I think that it the reason why we had to start eating dog meat People who have lived during this period of time might find it normal to eat it But nowadays, there is so much to eat Duck, lamb, chicken and pork….. There are a lot of different things to eat! So do we really need to eat dog meat? Eventhough it is one of the closest animal to human beings? And a lot of people tend to be shocked by that? I agree I wonder if it’s a meal that we should keep on eating today…. It is more considered as a bad part of our History So I hope that it will disappear Have you ever tried Boshintang? No, never Do you want to try it? No, I’m not curious about it at all No, I don’t want to What’s the point of eating dogs in our time where there are a lot of things to eat When Korea was at war And when we didn’t have a lot of food to eat And at this time there was this rumor That eating dog meat was good for men’s
stamina (Note : Weird stuffs) And so everyone would fight to go eat dog meat My grandmother cooked some dog meat to me But I didn’t know that it was dog meat When I was in elementary school, someone close to me had a dog farm One day, he sent some to us without telling us In the box, there was an entire dog There was even the tail but only the head was missing Me and my family, we almost all fainted at this point We were very shocked The dog’s body was not cut into pieces It was at its original state I became crazy But it was okay for my grandfather and so he cut the dog into pieces And after cutting it, we ate it as a soup But after seeing all of this I really didn’t want to at all Why do you think that some people in the past would eat this soup? As I said earlier, South Korea wasn’t a developped country and so food was missing especially proteins Because there was not much meat So I think that’s the reason why I think that this is a very old culture But right now, I think that it is slowly disappearing as I said earlier With the upcoming generation This generation thinks that dogs aren’t made to be eaten They are their families I, myself, have a dog My dog is my family It’s not something that you will kill and that you will eat Even my parents, they’re around 60 years old And they never ate dog meat before It’s more people who are like above 70 to 80 years old Who still believe that dog is a meat That is good for the body and that is good for the health But they are the only ones thinking that way I think that the number of Koreans thinking the same way is strongly decreasing I read an article saying that Around 70% of Koreans think that it is a “bad culture” to eat dog meat That’s right It’s not because we were savage that we ate dogs Korea was one of the poorest country in the world We were very poor at this time We didn’t have enough things to eat Look , there is a banana Eat this banana! It’s very good nutriments It’s very good for your health At this time, to complete our meals We would eat dog meat because there were simply a lot of them According to my grandfather, during the colonial period (1910-1945) Every village had to give dog skin to Japanese people We were forced to give a certain quantity of dog skin to the Japanese soldiers So they wouldn’t be too cold during the winter time After giving the skin to them, only the meat was remaining And that it the reason why we would eat a lot of dog meat at this time Now, you guys had my personal opinion about it as well as the Korean people opinions Now, I would like to know what you guys think about all of this Leave a comment, I will read all of them I think that especially on this video, there is gonna be a huge debate in the comments’ section down below And I can’t wait to see that As always, I would like to thank all of the golden Kheys who are watching the advertisements on UTip And a special shoutout to my man Tom H Thank you so much for the little donation Don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram, it’s where I’m the most active If you guys want to see my daily life, here, in South Korea Subscribe and hit the notification bell! So friends, see you next week for a new video! Pape San, at the heart of the action! Ciao!


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