Millennials Try New Diet Coke Flavors for First Time

Millennials Try New Diet Coke Flavors for First Time

oh my god. they’re so tall and skinny! whoa. whoa. oh wow. these are cute! oh my word. it’s very sleek. it’s very inviting. this is nice, I really like this stripe! so many flavors to try! zesty – blood – or – ange! whoa. …whoa. I like the citrus. I’m just gonna keep drinking this. that’s delicious. a little pick me up zesty blood orange is when you go to the beach and no one else is there. feisty cherry! [fizz-pop] oh my god I’m obsessed with this one. oh, this is delicious! that’s really good. tastes like a true… cherry. I just want to pour that one over ice cream. makes you want to dance, like this! something like this — twisted mango. that tastes like san francisco. this one would be a really good mixer. game-changer — ginger lime… I think of entertainment — I think of… ballgames it just tastes… fresh. it’s like this hint of ginger. it’s pizzazz! and classic, you can never go wrong. just as good as I remember it. old friend. it feels very… “oh, me and my skinny can?” keeping it simple just like, lets the product speak on its own. it’s just like. this is what it is. and we’re confident with what we are. they took a step back, and just go back to basics and what really matters yeah I’m just gonna — I’m gonna keep these, is that cool? I’m a big fan and I was not… a huge diet coke fan, coming in? I’m converted.


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  • The Kilo 23 Group says:

    Hey Coke, I am also a Millennial, AND a shareholder. I understand where you are taking the company, but to be honest with you I personally feel that alot of millennials would prefer something a little harder. a little less sugar and more bite, but still has that same Coke flavor….just a thought. We are not all beta males….

  • I would love to do a review on my channel of the new Diet Coke products! Any way to get them before they hit stores on the 22nd!?

  • Austin Davidson says:

    Coca-Cola, if you read this, would you PLEASE consider making a half-sugar beverage? It would be super easy too, you wouldn't even need to develop new flavors. Just take a regular Coca-Cola and reduce the sugar by half. Personally, I'd prefer you increase the flavor a bit so it was stronger too, but either way, I think it would be a success. The other advantage to something like this would be for mixers. Rum and Coke is a popular drink, but many people complain (myself included) about it being too sweet since rum is fairly sweet to begin with. In fact, the biggest problem many people have with mixed drinks period is that they are too sweet. People should be able to enjoy a fruity drink at the bar without it containing 100 grams of sugar. Since most flavored alcohol contains large amounts of sugar anyway, it would make sense to use a reduced sugar mixer. In fact, when I was a bartender, I discovered that any drink that called for Sprite, for instance, would sell better/more refills if I used lemon-seltzer with just a splash of Sprite instead of pure Sprite.

  • The redesigned soda cans look great and the flavors are intriguing, but this ad is abrasive because the spokespeople seem like PC hipster androids turned out in some cliche factory.

  • Colorful stuff! Cool! Makes me want one real bad!

    Coca-Cola, I'm sorry.. But the fact is… This is really unhealthy for you overall.
    Our Millennial minds are really not what you think.
    Kudos on the cans though. The shiny stuff still works!

    Denver Luv!

  • so coke puts out a video of your supposedly "average millennial's" and it turns out they all like the drink. what a surprise! you know I would be more inclined to actually buy the product if someone said they did not like it. that would feel more real.

  • Millennial here. I've always preferred Coke, but this ad campaign and rebrand ("Feisty" Cherry and "Blood" Orange? Really?) is so patronizing that it makes me want to attempt to stomach Pepsi out of protest. Despite what the folks at Coke's marketing department may think, this ad campaign only seems to target a certain fringe of millennials who care more about social media and selfies than the world around them. The rest of us are capable of working an eight-hour shift without pulling our phones out every three seconds. Your ad campaign seems to alienate the majority of us who concentrate on working our tails off (read: those of us with money to buy Coke), which is not a great idea. Those of us not on the selfie-obsessed fringe would prefer Coke keep cranking out a quality cola that tastes great without the patronizing undertones.

    Lest you think I'm crazy, you should go back to 2010 and watch some of the hipster mayo Miracle Whip ads. They tried doing the same thing you're doing now, and people are still making fun of those spots all these years later. Don't turn Coke into a laughingstock.

  • the only reason I clicked on this video was that I saw a comment on BrandNew saying " it’s like watching the end of the human race…" and he was right

  • Killing off Diet Coke Lime hasn't started this millennial off on the greatest foot with these new flavors. But I'll try them at least once. I'll buy them regularly if they are good, and priced near regular Diet Coke.

    PS If you want a truly good "new" pop, just introduce Coke Zero [Sugar] with Splenda/sucralose to the US market. I've tried Sucralose flavored Coke Zero in South Africa, and years later I still have fond memories of that drink. It's far superior to Splenda Diet Coke.

  • "They took a step back and went back to basics with what really matters …"

    What? By introducing 4 new flavours and a packaging redesign?

  • Can't wait to try them, I'm a huge Coke fan but not diet…I hope these are good enough to kick the SUGAR !!!!🍚

  • I'm actually kind of sad at how dumb corporations think Millennials are, because the paid actor said converted at the end I'm supposed to like it now? Okay thanks.

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