Moringa Oleifera Drumstick Tree|How To Grow Cuttings in Pots

Moringa Oleifera Drumstick Tree|How To Grow Cuttings in Pots

Plant You are watching on screen is called Drumstick or Moringa Specialty of this Moringa is….… it is grown from cutting in a pot You can also do this You can also easily grow Moringa in pot. To know how to grow in pots Stay with this video from start to end For promoting organic gardening share this video with all social media I request you to go below For getting good gardening tips and ideas and subscribe now For automatic subscription hit red button and also press bell icon for getting notification of new video Let’s start how you can also grow Moringa easily in pots I will use Moringa cuttings or stick for growing in pots I will engrave this cutting into pot Follow every step shown in this video Soil mix is ready for growing moringa I will use this cutting for propagating Moringa and after few days new shoots will grow out from this cutting By this method you can easily grow Moringa in pots and use the leaves in your diet Leaves of moringa are rich in protien as it contains high quantity of amino acids Leaves are good for health You need 12 to 15 inches cutting of moringa for propagating in pots This stick is too long; I will cut it in 12 to 15 inch size Then it is good for planting I will trim it using a cutter I have trimmed to required size Now I will peel skin of lower portion For exposing hard wood of cutting Rooting will start in this part Peeling skin helps in easy formation of root Peel off skin, about 1 inch at lower portion Then wrap coating of honey and ash Then we can engraved directly in pot After few days roots start and leaves will also shoot out at upper part Now I will apply mix of honey and ash at lower portion I will also cover tip with ash and honey for preventing bacterial and fungal infection Honey and ash is used for protecting cutting from bacterial and fungal infection Plant will grow disease free in pots Now I am going to apply honey You can use any honey Take few drops and apply at lower portion Do as I am doing Apply honey at tip too for preventing infection and disease After applying honey take wood ash and wrap coat of ash over honey as I am doing Let the ash get pasted over honey Repeat same on tip Paste ash on tip Now this stick is ready for planting in pot Now you can engrave in pot I have planted it in pot I have engraved cutting 2-3 inches deep in pot I have applied honey and ash at tip For prevention of infection After sometime roots will develop and leaves will also start growing Plant will get ready for use after some time I have planted three cuttings in different pots Let’s see the results after few days Do the leaves will grow and can plant grow in pot So that we can use it in your diet. We will know after few days Is this method successful or not ? After a week of planting Moringa cutting in pot tiny growth of leaves is noticed I will show in closer view look few leaves are started growing and Now this plant has settled in pot After few days it will grow larger I will show you, leaves growing larger After 4 days leaves are grown more and some more leaves are starting at lower part So Moringa plant is settled in pot and in few days it will grow well in pot After 13 days leaves are clearly visible, so planting Moringa cuttings is successful in pots After few days new branches will develop and a good plant will grow in pot You can also grow Moringa cuttings successfully, as I got success you will also succeed Within few days plant will grow fast Roots are getting settled in and plant will take a good shape in pot Growth of planted cutting is good after 40 days As you are viewing leaves are coming out from 3 different places After few days plant gets well developed For good growth at upper portion I will take off leaves from lower portion I have trimmed and now it will grow more at top part 45 days after planting moringa cutting growth of Moringa seems good Few days before I have trimmed growth at lower portion Due to that trimming upper part is growing nice I have waited for 45 days and show you this video, you can also grow Moringa in pots Planting of Moringa in pot has completed 2 months As you are looking at screen growth of plant is fine In earlier part of video I have planted 3 Moringa cuttings and I have got 100% success in one I want to tell that you can also grow moringa cuttings successfully in pots at home As Moringa contains high quality of amino acid in leaves Protein deficiency can be fulfilled if used daily in diet I want to tell that Moringa or drumstick tree cuttings can be grown easily in pots You should grow cuttings of this plant at home, either in pot or at backyard garden Beside leaves fruit and flowers are also edible It is a very cheap source of protein and it also has medicinal value Therefore this plant should be grown in every home How was the video about growing Moringa cutting in pot? For valuable information this video deserves a like from you Like this video Share this video with your friends doing container or backyard gardening Thanks for staying with this video till end I will be back with some more new information Till then do and enjoy gardening at home


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