Most AMAZING HAMBURGER BUNS recipe ever | GugaFoods

Most AMAZING HAMBURGER BUNS recipe ever | GugaFoods

For today’s cook I am showing you guys
my take on how to make the best hamburger buns ever. And to go along with
these beautiful buns I am making some pulled pork that will knock your socks
off. So let’s do it! These are all the ingredients I’m gonna
be using to make these amazing buns we have exactly 463 grams of flour, 1 large
egg, 14 grams of yeast, 31 grams of granulated sugar, 9 grams of salt,
41 grams of butter, 30 grams of my secret ingredient which is baby milk powder, I
know it sounds weird but it gives a unique flavor that you’re gonna love and
to finish it off we have 220 grams of lukewarm water. Now all we have to do is
combine these ingredients together in the right sequence and make amazing buns
for today’s process I am going to be using a mixer and I definitely recommend
it. Can it be done by hand? Yes it can but get ready for a workout! The first thing
to do is combine all the dry ingredients first and remember exact amounts always
in the description down below. Once all the dry ingredients are
combined mix it well with a whisk. Once everything has been combined go
ahead and throw in all your liquids; the butter, followed by the lukewarm water
and the egg. Now bring in your mixer and we’re going to start it off with the
mixing paddle. The reason you want to use the paddle attachment first is that you
want all those ingredients to combine extremely well before putting in your
dough hook once you notice your mixer is having a hard time that’s a sign for you
to change it to the dough hook. Put in the dough hooks set your mixer to speed
number three and leave it on for three minutes. After three minutes the dough should be
a little bit sticky and once I remove it out of the bowl here’s the consistency
you’re looking for. As you can see it’s a nice elastic and also a little bit
sticky dough now the trick for it not to get stuck in your hand is to move it
quickly making a ball as fast as you can. And in a bowl splash a little bit of
olive oil, throw in the dough and coat it all sides with that olive oil. And the
reason you want to do that is so that when it’s rising it does not stick to
the bowl. Now there’s left to do is to cover with
plastic film and put it somewhere nice and warm so that the dough can rise a
perfect place is your oven when it’s off. After two hours has elapsed it should
at least double its size. Now this dough is so nice that you
don’t need any additional flour to work with it. As you can see it is extremely
elastic and when you’re touching it it should be very very soft this lets you
know that your dough is ready. Now for large buns you want to split it in six
equal parts, if you want smaller buns split it in eight, but I like my buns
nice and large. Then you want to make a ball and there’s two methods to do it
the first one is a pull and pinch. Start by pulling the top and pinching the
bottom this technique is great but it’s also a little bit slow as you can see
you just tuck it in and keep pinching and in the end you have a perfect ball.
The second method starts off the same way but instead of keep pinching the
bottom you just lay it down flat on the table and roll your hand around it. This
method is great because you can use two hands at the same time making the
process a lot faster and ultimately are you trying to do is make the perfect
dough ball. If you want your buns to be the exact same size you have to use a
scale that is before you start making the dough balls but for me to be honest
with you I like the rustic shape of different sizes so I never weight them.
Now when you’re baking your buns it is important to use some type of nonstick
surface I am using a silicone mat you can also use parchment paper. You don’t
want your buns to stick to the sheet pan. Now all there’s left to do is coat them
nicely with a little bit of olive oil, cover them with the plastic wrap and let
them rise again for an additional hour. After one hour this is what they look
like. From here on out it’s pretty straightforward make a simple egg wash by beating up some eggs and coat them nicely on the buns.
Now they are not gonna be hamburger buns if you don’t use sesame seeds, without
sesame seeds they are just called buns. After you spread out the sesame seeds
they are ready for baking. I’m baking these beautiful buns at 425 degrees
Fahrenheit until they are golden brown, usually it only takes 20 minutes. So let’s
do it! Now that they have been baked to
perfection you can really see how superior they are from the store-bought
ones and the best thing is you can now do them at home. And I gotta open one up for you so you
can see the texture these buns in my opinion they have a perfect balance
they’re savory, a little bit sweet, extremely soft, perfect amount of fat and
just tastes amazing. These buns are so much superior than your store-bought
that is worth the time for you to make it. It will make your burgers so much
better. Talking about burgers I decided to make an amazing pulled pork sandwich
and it’s pretty straightforward I started by removing a little bit of the
fat from this pork butt. Then so my rub will stick I give it a light coating of
yellow mustard, then I coat it nicely with Guga’s rub. Once that was done I
put it on my roasting rack so that I can smoke this beautiful pork butt. I’m gonna
be smoking it at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours. After four hours you can really tell
that it has a nice smoky color. The mahogany color is an indication that it
has a beautiful smoke ring. Then the next step is to coat it up with some brown
sugar, lots of butter, a little bit of honey and finish it off with apple juice.
Then I seal it tightly with aluminum paper and it goes back to the smoker for
an additional four hours, or until probe tender. As it was cooking I also decided to do
Guga’s barbecue sauce. I am still perfecting this sauce so very very soon
you will see the recipe. But if you like “Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce” stay tuned for that because you will love this one even more. After a total of 10 hours my pork butt
was ready and it was time to make some beautiful pulled pork sandwiches check
it out. Alright everybody we have our beautiful
pulled pork sandwiches here. I hope you guys enjoyed this video
now I finally gave you my buns recipe… That sounded kind of weird. Anyway my
hamburger buns everybody that’s what I meant. Now you have Guga’s buns. No, c’mon bro! That was a good one! Anyway, I think it’s enough talking we have to give this
a try. Are you ready Angel? Are you ready Chris? Ready. Alright let’s go for it, dig in. Everything is done from scratch. Everything? The bread? Including the barbecue sauce as well. Uhhh. Cheers! Oh you digged in already. I digged in. How is it Chris? You put vinegar on mine? No ha, ha, ha. There’s no vinegar Chris! Wow! Is it good Angel? Oh yea! Mmm. Oh that’s good! And the bread is so fluffy.
Oh man, come on that’s delicious! Is super good. This bread never fails me everybody
very easy to make very easy to make. That sauce what is, sweet? Yes, I I like that. You like that barbecue sauce? I like the barbecue sauce. Mmm, Chris approved? Angel approved? That’s it guys this is my hamburger buns recipe let’s get
that right. Also a nice fast quick pulled pork well not so fast actually take a
little while it takes almost the entire day to make pull pork but, anyway how do
you like the pulled pork? Is really good yeah now you guys got Guga’s buns and his
pulled pork. Ha, ha, ha anyway guys this is it I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you
do enjoy it make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber be
sure to subscribe for future videos remember if you are interested in
anything I use everything is always in the description down below. Thank you so
much for watching we’ll see you guys on the next one. Take care of everybody, bye, bye. So you really give everybody your buns like that? Come on bro I don’t give the buns
Oh my god. You don’t give buns like that? How many buns do you have? Today only six. Only six? Ha, ha, ha
Wow. That sounded bad man I didn’t know what else to say.
Don’t make fun of me, huh Chris, tell him! Six buns is a lot Guga. That’s a lot of buns? A lot to go around. Chris! What the heck bro! Guys we are out!


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