My REAL DIET MEAL PREP during I loss 50kg! [JINI’s Wellness]

Hello, it’s JINI from “Wellness in Wonderland.” Now, in the third video, I greet you with this dress and this background. I’m sorry. I will try to shoot the next video in a different background. Oh, because I live in a dormitory, I can’t take videos freely, so I always take video at home. I’m really sorry about that. Please pray that I will be able to live alone quickly. I hope I can make it thanks to your prayers. Anyway, what is going to tell you today? Oh ~ It’s hot ~ Now again, you may be wondering, what diet I took with and how I made the food. So let me tell you a little bit about that. This is a script handwriting, so you may hear papers. First of all, you are wondering about my diet, breakfast! I say I usually ate fruit in the morning. In summer, I liked watermelon so much, I ate watermelon in summer, I liked strawberries in winter and ate strawberries. The morning apples are gold apples someone said, so I often eat apples, and I ate a lot of fruits in this way. What else do I love? You know muduble. This is a sherbet-style diet containing muesli, soy milk and blueberries. First of all, there are things you should consider, before making mudubles. First, what muesli have to use? There’s cereal, and there’s a nutritional label on the back. There are things that contains sugar less than 5g. I don’t know if I can tell the name of the product now, Pulmuone’s muesli. and do you know Dano Shop? There is an online mall named Dano Shop, and there is a muesli called brown rice soul. Or if you go to mart, you can find the puffing grain itself. You can use it. So you put about 25 grams of it. And soy milk, I don’t know if I can say this again, but I use Namyang’s 1/2 calories black soybean milk. I’m using it really well, Of course Namyang isn’t a good company, but I haven’t found enough soy milk to replace it. Or Almond Breeze. It’s like milk made of almonds. It’s almost like a milk when you drink it, it’s a little less sweet. And it has a lot of good fat. Because it’s almonds. So it is also enchanted. The third is blueberry. I just use frozen blueberries from mart. I think you can use it. That’s about 100 grams. Soy milk pack contains 190ml of soy milk. If you use about half of it, you can really meet sherbet likes muduble. dinner! I ate mostly chicken breast salad for dinner. The kinds of vegetables are really various. The lettuces are really nice too. And I have a vegetable that I really love. I’ll look up the name of the vegetable, hold on. Right, here. There is a thing called Butterhead Letteuce. now PD willll be put the photos here. There’s a thing called Butterhead Lettuce, which is really good. To those who say that vegetables are really hard to eat, this is just a kind of soft buttery feel. It is one of my favorite vegetables. And a few high-end, high-level dieters can use celery. That way a lot of vegetables. I didn’t count the grams of vegetables. And the protein is 100g, chicken breast, tofu, egg, duck, shrimp and so on. Are there really many protein materials? I used it a lot. And fruit 100g. Fruit 100g is similar, my favorite fruits. If I fall in one, I only eat that. Last winter I stuck to strawberries and I just ate strawberries. And sweet potato or pumpkin 100g. This way you can organize dinner. The big frame, the higher the protein, the less the carbohydrate. It ‘s time to sleep, in the evening. it takes less time to break down carbohydrates in your body, because you have to sleep. I think it would be nice if you could make a little less carbohydrate and a little more protein. And I should not eat carbohydrate at all, I don’t feel full. If you don’t eat carbohydrates, you will almost never feel full. I think it would be better to have one sweet potatoes at 6 to 7 o’clock in the evening to prevent nightmeal from 9 to 10 o’clock. And third, lunch. This will let me know what menus are and I will try to take a recipe clip one by one. First, tofu yuba sushi. Secondly, chicken breast rice with fish roe. you can use tuna as well. Third, stir fried chicken and shrimp. you can make it cream, tomatoes, oyster sauce, soy sauce. Fourth, grilled mackerel, grilled fish. I ate it really well, grilled. Fifth, ssambab. I really love bulgogi ssambab. I really like. And sidedish made with tofu, and so on. the recipe that I can make at home, I will try to take a video again. And now I have something I like recently, konnyaku noodles, konnyaku. I didn’t know that konnyaku was so delicious, I didn’t know about diet for two years, but recently I found out. I would like to inform you about the recipes related to this and the foods related to konnyaku which I really try very hard. please stay tuned. Fourth, let me give you the overall framework. My diet is a low salt base. It’s not big to say low salt. You just have to think that I’m taking less salty food to feel. Does it means NO salt, soy sauce, and gochujang? You can think of it, but that’s not the low-salt formula. Just think of it as reducing the ratio a little bit. And there are some products that are easy to make low salt type on the market. Low salt soy sauce, 1/2 sodium salt, and so on. I use low salt soy sauce and red pepper powder rather than gochujang. If you give this kind of change, a small change can make a big difference. And low-carb is the base, high-protein. And moderate fat. ladies, there is something you ask me, ‘hair loss, menstrual impurity” Fat is an energy source that should never be avoided. The fat plays a huge role in our bodies. it makes up a hormone, a cell membrane, be an energy source, right? That’s why you have to eat it. Just reduces sugar, sugar. Sugar is evil, evil. So I recommend you to use fracto or alululose sugar. So this is what I’m going to explain to you today, and I don’t have the battery, so I think I need to finish it fast. have a happy and healthy day, If this video was good, I would like you to press like and subscribe. See you again in the next video, Bye~


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