Ne buvez ceci que le matin, 🍵 ventre vide pour éliminer la graisse très rapidement

Ne buvez ceci que le matin, 🍵 ventre vide pour éliminer la graisse très rapidement

Drink this once a week, ca
will quickly help you remove the fat very quickly my mother who
was overweight the same she tested and was very surprised by the
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you know how happy it makes me feel if you want to have a flat stomach and
improve your intestinal transit, you have to make the most of
benefits of celery tea tell me in the
comments what is your weight and how many kilos is
what you want Losing thanks to the high percentage of potassium
and sodium contained in celery is an excellent
natural diuretic that prevents the water retention and promotes
weight loss also includes powerful digestive properties and
ideal antioxidants to keep our body in health
both inside as a outside Celery is a widely used plant
in cooking but it’s also a good ally
for those who are trying to lose weight and want to
do it in a healthy way but before going further with the recipe, I invite you to look at this until
end to miss nothing, share share this with family, friends and via
social networks, this could help enormously people As I said
what celery is good for losing weight number 1 is diuretic
allows the body to function properly and
eliminates accumulated toxins Essential oils like, those of
lemon, celery … help to reduce starvation and limit the appetite Celery provides water and fiber
for feel full and help
stimulate the intestinal tract In number 3
facilitates digestion increases the production of gastric juices
and saliva as well as fat burning accelerates the natural movements of
intestine and prevents cramps and gases neutralizes excess bacteria
responsible for diseases intestinal so it becomes
a mild laxative for the body in number 4 has antibacterial action
it has an antiviral action that fights gastrointestinal diseases for
improve digestive health In number 5
regulates the metabolic processes of body these depend on the ability
of the body to remove excess fat
when ingesting celery tea, you get
important nutrients for the hair the skin and my for the sight to prepare this, you will need
the following ingredients 3 stems of
celery washed and disinfected A teaspoon of grated ginger
a lemon and a liter of water preparation boil the water and add the celery
previously cut into small pieces lower the heat and continue cooking
for 10 minutes, add the ginger and let stand 15 minutes before
drink the juice Ideally, drink a cup of celery tea
at fast, you can also take it
before going to table it is recommended You can do this for 15
days consecutive, then take a break of 15
days and repeat the operation you can eat celery cold
or hot, as you want to think only to keep a
healthy and balanced diet and practice a little bit
exercise tell me in the comments if you have
already test this recipe, if so how l have found you and if you know
all other recipe as good as this one, do not hesitate
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