Nespresso U: How To – Descaling (models with serial number below 13142)

Welcome to this Nespresso Assistance Video, on descaling your U machine. In order to obtain the perfect cup of coffee, time after time, we recommend you descale your U machine, at least once a year. The Nespresso Club, offers you a descaling kit, that is specially designed for your Nespresso machine. You’ll see how simple it is to descale your machine. Before starting the descaling procedure, empty the capsule container and drip tray. Place an empty 1L container underneath the coffee outlet. Fill the water tank with approximately 500ml of water and the Nespresso Descaling Solution. Switch on your machine, either by opening the slider or by pressing a button. In order to activate the descaling mode, wait until the buttons have stopped flashing. Then simultaneously press and hold on all 3 buttons for 3 seconds. The machine will beep and the 3 buttons will flash rapidly to indicate activation of the descaling mode. If the slider is closed, simply press one of the buttons to initiate the descaling procedure. If the slider is open, simply close it to begin descaling. Once the flow has finished, refill the water tank with the solution already used. Press a button and allow all descaling solution to flow through. To complete the rinse cycle, empty and rinse the water tank. Refill the tank with fresh water. Press one of the buttons to start the rinse cycle. The machine will stop automatically. Empty and rinse the drip tray. Simultaneously press and hold down the 3 buttons for 3 seconds to exit the descaling mode. The machine will beep to confirm this has been completed. Your U machine is now ready. You can now continue to enjoy our range of Grands Crus, specifically designed to optimise the extraction quality of your machine and guarantee the ultimate Nespresso coffee quality, cup after cup.


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