Những Thực Phẩm Tốt Cho Sức Khỏe Ngày Tết

Những Thực Phẩm Tốt Cho Sức Khỏe Ngày Tết

Health Network, For Public Health Hi, you are listening to audio on mangyte.vn website Healthy Food for Tet Holidays Tet is a party, eat. Often people tend to eat and drink gas, but most of food on the day is rich in protein and fat, easily absorbed by the body overload, adversely affect health. How to eat, how to properly study, and what foods are good for health, then learn immediately. 1. Vegetables, tubers are good health food for Tet holidays. In the tray of rice on New Year, the food is often made of meat, so people often overlooked, or not balanced the amount of vegetables supplied to the body. Now add the vegetables, tubers on the menu on Tet, very good for health. Cauliflower This is a very popular vegetable, but few people know the magic effect of this vegetable. Cauliflowers not only prevent cancer, they are good for the digestive system, but also help to dissolve cholesterol, create a sense of speed, help women maintain their body shape, help lose weight in the new year. Cauliflower is a very good food for good health. 2. Carrots. Carrots contain vitamin A very good for health. You can prepare carrots in the stew, as well as make the dish more colorful, but it absorbs the full nutrients in it. Or can make dumplings, but when eaten raw, the body can only absorb 10% of nutrients 10%. In addition, carrots contain insulin, helps lower blood sugar levels, and is good for diabetics. This is also a precious medicine, help digestive system healthier, treatment of eye disease or whooping cough, is very good food for health on the New Year. Carrots contain a lot of vitamin A, and processed many delicious dishes. 3. Spinach. In this vegetable contains many essential nutrients such as potassium, iron, magnesium and vitamins A, K, D and E, help the body to improve health, fight fatigue. This is also the kind of vegetables that you should give your family daily, as it contains flavonoids, which help fight skin cancer, and prostate cancer, which is good for your health! 5. Radish. They contain essential nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6 and folate, which are good for health. In addition, if you can use red beets, because this food also has anti-cancer effect, maintain blood pressure. 2. Fruits, food should be added in the daily menu. The fruit contains vitamins, fiber and high nutrients. Adding fruits to your daily diet will help you stay healthy and reduce your risk of disease. 1. Apples:This fruit is easy to eat, helps reduce the risk of constipation, and also a good source of vitamins and minerals for health. Strawberry:As food can not be ignored, if you want to strengthen the immune system, provide vitamin C for healthy body. 3. Watermelon:Use a sufficient amount, will help you eat delicious, and good for the digestive system, is good for health food Tet should not be ignored. The fruit is indispensable for the health of the New Year. 4. Yogurt:Good for digestion, especially lactic acid in yogurt, will also enhance endurance. For people with intestinal diseases, such as stomach pain, flatulence, diarrhea or constipation, can reduce discomfort. By adding 1 to 2 servings of yogurt daily, it is good for the skin, and healthy for the skin. Yogurt is good for digestive system on New Year. With these fruits and vegetables, you can prepare many delicious dishes for family and friends. The importance of these foods is, bring high nutrition, good health for every home on the New Year, helping the family welcome Tet happy and happy. Wish you good health! Nguyen Ly, General. The content of this post is ending, you have questions, questions please share the comments below this article. Please subscribe to the Health Network channel, share this article with your friends and follow up with the next audio. Hope this article will bring you many useful things. Wish you always healthy.


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  • Mạng Y Tế Việt Nam says:

    Những Thực Phẩm Tốt Cho Sức Khỏe Ngày Tết. Tết là dịp tiệc tùng, ăn uống. Thường thì mọi người có xu hướng ăn uống thả ga, mà phần lớn thức ăn ngày Tết rất giàu chất đạm và chất béo, dễ khiến cơ thể hấp thu quá tải, ảnh hưởng xấu tới sức khỏe. Vậy cần ăn uống như thế nào, để đúng khóa học, và những thực phẩm nào thì tốt cho sức khỏe, thì cùng tìm hiểu ngay nhé.

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