Nutrition Planning for Work Lunches (Q&A 37)

Nutrition Planning for Work Lunches (Q&A 37)

[Adee] There are certain things in our lives that we just are obligated to do whether it’s going to work lunches or being in situations that you can’t avoid like work catering lunch for you. Today’s episode is how to work around those types of situations and be the most successful. Eating out at restaurants is one of the hardest things to do when you’re trying to stay on top of your nutrition program. It makes it even more difficult when you have to take a work client to lunch because you want to have this awkward scenario or have any type of weirdness when you bust out your food scale or you know, bring a Tupperware of food you don’t want to have that like social awkwardness. So a couple things that you can do to make you more successful when you’re taking clients out to lunch is generally try and fill your plate with vegetables first So almost every restaurant is going to have some type of salad on their menu Starting with a salad and getting some protein on top of that salad is generally going to be a safe option It’s low volume, low calorie, you got some good protein on there and ask for the dressing on the side That’s really a great start for you to be a little bit full before you get to the main course. [Michael] And here’s a ninja trick for you. If you’re really worried about weighing and measuring exactly what’s on your plate which I know many of you are only eat half of the meal at the restaurant and then when you get home weigh and measure the rest of the plate and then multiply it by two in MyFitnessPal. Having client lunches and dinners and meals is absolutely something that you want to do. It’s not something you want to avoid. So take this time to eat a little bit more slowly and connect with the person that you’re at the table with. [Adee] Lastly if you happen to find yourself in an Italian or a Mexican restaurant on the Working Against Gravity website. We have two amazing infographics that can help you order things that are going to align with your nutrition goals. So we have an ordering at Italian restaurants and ordering at Mexican restaurants infographics. That’s gonna make it a lot easier for you to see what choices are going to be better for you [Michael] There are two different ways you can try to sway friends and co-workers into eating at a healthy restaurant the first in terms of movies or restaurants or making a lot of other simple decisions like that a lot of people just don’t want to have to decide they’ve spent all day using their energy making other decisions they don’t want to have to make this small decision. So one simple thing is just to pipe up and say hey, I think we should go at X place that is the healthiest restaurant that you want to go to.
[Adee] And hype it up make it sound like it’s going to be the best restaurant like there’s this new restaurant it’s so good I’ve tried it before or I have never tried it before but would love to try it with you guys. Some people are just grateful that somebody made a choice. I’m definitely one of those people for sure.
[Michael] And the second one if you think that people do want a say in where they eat throw out three healthy options to give them the ability to feel like they have some say in the matter [Adee] I have one extra bonus tip for how to help sway people to making a restaurant choice that suits your needs and that might be just to give a couple of genres or categories of food that you don’t eat so let’s say it’s really difficult for you to work in Indian food or you want to avoid foods that are definitely higher in carbs like pizza So just saying hey, I need anything as long as we didn’t have Indian food or pizza I’m totally cool with anything else. You’ll probably be able to find an option at any of the other restaurants. You have a couple options when you’re dealing with catered lunches at work So one if you can get the menu ahead of time that’s going to be optimal So if you know that it’s going to be Subway sandwiches catered for lunch You know exactly what kinds of sandwiches you can make a decision if you want to you know just have the meat that’s inside the sandwich and you can bring your own vegetables and you can really like work around what’s there so that you can opt into the lunch as well as make it so fit into your goals or just make sure that a sandwich can work for you for that entire day Second option for you might be to bring your own meal on that day I know that’s a little bit more difficult especially if you might have some peer pressure or a difficult social situation where people are being like oh, we can’t you just have this or I can’t believe you’re not eating this or that it’s definitely more difficult or uncomfortable option but I encourage every single one of you to stand up for what you need and what’s best for you and maybe you might inspire some other people to do the same A lot of people might tease it at the beginning but I think most of them are just jealous that they can’t do it themselves And you might be an inspiration that if you can do it so can they. So I’d encourage you to bring your own lunch in those situations [Michael] Enjoying meals with your co-workers and your friends is something that you want to be able to do. A lot of people feel so overwhelmed in those situations that they tend to just fall off of their plan but hopefully with these strategies you’re able to really be present and connect with the people that you’re with and so that you can really enjoy these meals. [Adee] Work situations or managing food in work situations, a lot of that is things that are just completely outside of your control. It’s kind of exactly why we created Working Against Gravity and why we don’t necessarily are going to tell you exactly what to eat or offer you a meal plan. In these situations it’s gonna be off the meal plan and you’re not gonna be in control so it gives you the opportunity to adapt and still be on top of you nutrition plan. [Michael] We’re not gonna give you a fish we’re gonna teach you how to fish.


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