OHAUS at a Glance – Valor 2000 Food Scale- Units of Measurement (EN)

Hey guys, I’m Luis. this is Ohaus at a
glance. For our product focus today we’re going to talk about the Valor food
scale. Now this scale is one of our most popular food scales and what I’m going
to show you is really what’s in the box right now.
So we have our power adapter, instruction manual ,the actual scale, but also the
stainless steel panel. All right so, let’s start by going on going over
what’s underneath we have four adjustable feet bad recovery inside the
lead acid battery that’s pre-installed on all the valves that you order and
usually pre charged here we have a little flip cover for the power adapter
are a lefty lockout switch alright now let’s go over what’s in front so as you
can see we have two displays a knife proof overlay so you can poke at it with
your knife and it won’t really scratch or break much now let’s power it up so
as you can see we have some bright red LEDs on both sides of the scale unless
it goes to its power sequence you’ll see that it powers up in kilograms for most
people that’s great that’s fine in the u.s. we like to use pounds because we’re
special so to do that to switch it into pounds we actually have to turn it off
because it’s only has two buttons okay so then what you’re gonna do next is you
can actually power it on holding down both buttons and you’re gonna hold it
down for a while like a pretty long time it’s gonna feel like it’s almost too
long and then you’re gonna see the word ramp alright once it gets to ramp let go
of both buttons and then use the tare button to cycle through the different
menus and what you’re going to do is you’re going to cycle until until you
see s unit when you get to that point press the on 0 button and then the first
unit that comes up highlighted it’s gonna be kilograms so again you want to
select that so press the on 0 button it’s gonna stay the word on alright so
what you want to do is you want to press tare and switch it to off then accept
that by pressing on 0 now cycle through the
different units until you get to pounds or your desired unit whatever that is
press on zero and then press tariffs which it’s on except with on zero and
then just use tare to cycle through the menus get to end and then just go back
into your weighing mode and that’s how you switch the units on this now what’s
cool about it is it’s pretty much a permanent set so now you can power off
the scale you can let it die like you lit that the battery died whatever
happens with it doesn’t matter it’s always gonna power on to that unit that
you have already preset all right now that was that was pretty easy but you
know what’s easier is actually on the powder mm wash down so what’s cool about
it is first of all it looks very different it’s all stainless steel okay
it’s all stainless steel but you still also have the dual display the knife
proof overlay okay though that acid battery the LFC lock switch but instead
of doing everything I just did to switch the units you actually just hold down
the units by it and the skill will cycle through the units it has equal right to
pounce that easily all right so that’s the butter mm for a product focus if you
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