Omad Diet Results | Weight Loss Journey 2019

hi it’s MIeka Fasting weight loss and i’m
on a weight-loss journey to lose 90 to 100 pounds and I’m gonna share with you
what I ate yesterday which I don’t want to say because people are not gonna be
happy with it but I am really really getting to a point where I’m okay
sharing exactly what I’m doing um I’m gonna rush against a day but like
the laundry is up the laundry mat and then I came back to do this video then
I’m gonna go back and hang it up and fold it come back take a shower go to
work and clean my clips cuz I gotta clean my my I do dreadlocks for a living
I have a dreadlock shop for nine years in Kansas City Kansas and when it when
something touches a head I have to do a lot of disinfecting so I do that every
day man you guys I have so many things to do every day which is not an excuse
for anything I’m happy I like being active all day long because
I want to take advantage of every day um okay so what did i do yesterday I did a
24 hour fast um I almost didn’t eat yesterday
okay so first shout out to Nikki speaks because man when we got back from our
vacation we have been at the gym twice a day everyday except today I didn’t go I
just couldn’t I just I just have too many things to do I really needs to do
laundry yesterday I was not home at all from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. like I just
couldn’t do that today so yeah I did the sauna in the morning for an hour
yesterday I did a sauna yeah I didn’t do the Sun at night okay
and then I can’t even remember I know I did an
hour of sauna yesterday morning I don’t think I did no exercise I don’t think
then I fasted all day I did have water and zero calorie beverages um and then I
went to the gym at night and I did 30 minutes laps in the pool and I would
have say breaststroke or just lazy whatever back and forth for 30 minutes
then I did ten minutes in the whirlpool because my body is sore from the workout
oh that’s what we did yesterday we did an intense but in leg day intense it was
two full hours of working out hard and well some of it was in the sauna a
little bit but I mean I feel like we really went hard in my whole body sore
and I love that that’s what I want okay so let’s see um we got to the gym at
5:00 a.m. yesterday then and okay in the evening I was like I cannot do any
cardio or anything I just need to go in the pool in the whirlpool in the sauna
so I did the the laps thirty minutes I do the whirlpool ten minutes the
Mickey space got there after work and then I did ten more minutes in the
whirlpool and a little bit of swimming in like five minutes of sauna um I think
that’s good for my body like to recover then I came home went oh no then I made
my video for you guys yesterday I just didn’t know how to get the video out but
I wanted to keep my word and say what my weight was from after my trip which I
showed you guys that I gained 14 pillars of my trip but I’m already down a life
I’ve been going hard so let’s see man I’m really sorry
hopefully tomorrow my video will be more well thought-out and I need to write my
notes okay it’s hard to get back in the swing of things when you when you go
away okay so I did not make it home without getting food I went to Taco Bell
and I don’t know I just wanted something to eat and it wasn’t a binge thing or
anything I got a cheddar chalupa 450 calories in
a taco 170 calories so I had an omad meal nine o’clock last night 620 calories I’m okay with it I don’t like the carbs um
if you’re new to my channel I do have fast food sometimes it’s not ideal
I don’t promote it but it’s just something I do still I’m happy with that
620 calories and two sessions at the gym and all day fasting and I’m feeling good
and I lost weight and I’m gonna share with you what my weight is right now I’m
very happy I lost two point four pounds yesterday I don’t know if I’m gonna get
the the I don’t know affair out what these numbers are but okay so before I
live before the vacation 2:16 got back to 30 dip at again when I got back on
234 started grinding hard to 25.8 and this morning to 23.4 I am not far I’m
trying to get back to there so that’s what I am to 23.4 and I will see you
later or tomorrow God willing let me know how you’re doing in the comments
below bye


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