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  • Your Solar Girl says:

    I'm looking forward to watching this because I switched to a plant based two years ago because of chronic pain–6 cervical herniated discs in my neck. I feel the difference, but I'm not free from pain, yet. I'm praying for 100% healing. ๐Ÿ™ I've been through the anxiety and suicidal thoughts, as well. But better today.

  • Most of this advise is a poppycock story time money sinkhole of a film.

    My personal experience with pain is to eat a whole food plant only starch based diet low on fat salt and sugar. If this does not totally fix the problem then getting proper deep sleep could be the issue. You should have long interactive dreams every night at least. Investigate and consider these supplements or medications. Palmitoylethanolamide, Low Dose Naltrexone ( LDN ) 7.5mg at bedtime, Oxygen Concentrator plug in machine used while sleeping, walk 45 minutes to one hour a day, Chlorella / Spirulina tablets – about 10 ( about 2 grams ) at lunch. And note that if you respond well to CBD then you might have Fungemia. Treat with Nizoral, generic Ketoconazole, with a follow up of Nystatin.

  • In my experience there's no miracle cure. But many issues can be cured or at least massively improved with the right diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately this picture is showing some practises that are not evidence based.

  • blanckieification says:

    When you talk of the physical and mental benefits of a plant based diet to people they don't want to believe you(they prefer to learn it the hard way(instead of learning from others)). That why we have karma. People do not have to learn to live in the now, they partly do. As long as everything is fine today, everything is ok.

  • I found the parts of this mentioning herbs and laser therapy to be very interesting. I cannot help but wonder about all the herbs and other forms of natural diversity to be found especially in places such as the Amazon rain forests and such.

  • Eating healthy foods that are less likely to increase inflammation, IS, a good route to take to AID in combating chronic pain. That aside, a lot of what is presented in this documentary is bullshit pseudo science presented by people with snake oil to sell. I'm surprised there was a segment on the healing power of crystals. Trash.

  • As vegan for many years, I certainly agree with the beneficial potential of living a whole food, plant based lifestyle. I was also glad to hear that cannabis was mentioned. Cannabis is the most medically beneficial plant we have on this planet. Not only can it help with pain, but also with a myriad of other conditions including killing cancer cells. If you'd like to learn more about it's potential, videos by Dr. Bonni Goldstein, who is one of the top MD's in world in the medical use of cannabis, and Dr. Cristina Sanchez, one of the top cannabinoid researchers in the world who specializes in breast cancer, are very informative.

  • I liked it. I think the information is very useful. I found it hard to follow because the editing was, well, strange, or seemed out of order. Maybe the "B" roll parts overwhelmed the main content. I don't know, I just felt like the information wasn't presented in a logical way. One story would begin before the previous one finished and there were so many different modalities I wasn't sure which one healed or helped with which person's chronic pain. Great info though. Going to need to watch again with pen and paper to write down all the different modalities and what there names are.

  • Placebo is powerful…my mum was in agony & when her Dr told her that he knew what was wrong, that its easy to fix and she doesn't have cancer…. she told me the new pain meds they gave her are working. Thats when i laughed & told her shes been on panadol, the same thing this whole time. It was her mental state that changed her perception of pain!!

  • Could you please cover the farmer crisis in the Netherlands. The government told the farmer to cut down emission by 50% and cut down their subventions

  • Larry Hutcherson Sr says:

    It is truly amazing how a healthy vegan diet gives you an incredible ability to heal. When a chronic condition gets cured, it's easy to be convinced.

  • started with PURE plantbased diet this spring, at a point I had bad aching near my heart, sports I stopped due to arthrosis already years ago………..
    then I thought, this cannot be, I have subsriptions by my doc, not feeling better a single bit………. I will die……..soon, very soon……
    so I changed over night my diet, and while I was fat, I combined it with an intermediare fasting, eating one day PLANTS, one day nothing,

    what can I say…….
    one week later I was so full of energy, so I never stopped, I go on, having no more pains. For christmas I will buy me a new pair of running shoes, because I can run again!!
    Do it, and do it NOW!!!

  • Conflating a whole food plant-based diet with woo like homeopathy does a great disservice to all the evidence supporting the health effects of a WFPB lifestyle. There is not one shred of legitimate clinical evidence that supports the efficacy of homeopathy (and other "alternative" medicines); it discredits your otherwise interesting film to have included it.

  • Please lower the singing backround music in the first 5 minutes, is a bit distracting… I had to stop… a bit difficult to concentrate on what people are saying. I truly wanted to see this.

  • Stem cell therapy $5000-$20,000. DNA Health test costs up to $800. There is no guarantee any of this works. Eatng healthy through planted based diet makes the most sense. I certainly don't have $1000 of dollars to experiment with.

  • balderdashery G says:

    Interesting but not nearly enough time spent on how a whole food plant based diet must be the foundation of all modalities.

  • Dr. Payam Hakimi says:

    Laurent Goldstein has done an amazing job showing us the many different aspects of pain and the variety of treatment modalities. Integrative and Functional Medicine physicians have been warning of the side effects of certain procedures and medication and we have seen certain examples of that with the fatal potential of Opioids.

    I am honored to be one of the physicians Goldstein has interviewed in this informative documentary. I cannot express how many times I have seen patients suffering from pain who have been passed around from one physician to the next with multiple procedure, imaging and evaluations, and medication without any relief. When I ask โ€œwhy did you wait so long to look for another way of treating yourself?โ€ the answer is 9/10 โ€œBecause I thought my doctors knew what they were doing.โ€

    Our patients believe we know best about their conditions and as physicians we owe it to them to educate ourselves about medical arts. Goldstein clearly depicts a message that I have been telling my patients โ€œIf it doesnโ€™t work for you try another modality.โ€ Being a physician give us the opportunity to know conventional medicine alone but not medical arts. Only those of us who think outside the box and are willing to go the extra mile will have the opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience for a better (wholistic) patient approach.

    I have thanked Mr. Goldstein personally for his brilliance and I want to thank him in this open forum for opening our eyes. I hope this message resonates with both physicians and patients that there are many other ways of treating illnesses and one should be his/her own health advocate.

    Dr. Payam Hakimi

  • Imaginews Report says:

    I am a vegan, but, I still experience chronic pain (broken back twice, head injury/TBI twice). I still experience pain every…single…day.

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