Escali SmartConnect Kitchen Scale

Escali’s SmartConnect Kitchen scale sends wireless measurements to your Apple or Android device for detailed nutrition analysis, to create a food journal or simply measure in cups and tablespoons. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty, it features a superior build quality that is designed to last. Pairing your device to the scale is easy. First, launch the Escali […]

Maa Vilakku Recipe – How to prepare Maa Vilakku by Healthy Food Kitchen

I have soaked for 2 hrs. Spread out the soaked raw rice in a cotton cloth.Make sure that there is no water while spreading out. Allow it to dry for about 1/2 hr. After 30 mins ,as you can see the cotton cloth has absorbed the excess water and the rice has been dried completely. Transfer it to […]

The Ayi From Work DIET

Added a few extra pounds over the holiday season? 在节假日重了几斤是吗 No! 没有 Not really. 不太确定 Are you looking for a safe, 在寻找一种安全有效的减肥方法吗 effective way to lose the weight? 在寻找一种安全有效的减肥方法吗 Well, 呃 I mean, I guess I could… 我的意思是 我想我可以试试 There you go, that’s the spirit. 这就对了 要的就是这种精神 Try the AYI FROM WORK diet! 那么试试来自办公室的阿姨减肥计划吧 Regular diets work off […]

Ketogenic Diet: How Long Does it Take to Get Into Ketosis?

Hi, guys, Dr. Berg here. I want to answer the question, “How long does it take to get into ketosis?” That’s fat-burning, right? It’s a good question. A lot of times, people expect it to happen in two minutes. It’s not going to happen that fast, right? I want you to really understand you’ve been living on sugar […]