What Does “Organic” Mean, and Should You Buy Organic Foods?

[♪ INTRO] You’re at the supermarket, and you need to pick up a few ingredients for your favorite stew. Do you buy the organic carrots, potatoes and beef? Or do you skip the upcharge and stick with the conventional stuff? There’s a lot of confusion over what organic means, and whether it makes sense to buy food with […]

Dr Maurice Mizrahi – Do not mix milk and meat (Mishpatim)

Dr Maurice M. Mizrahi B”H D’var Torah on Mishpatim Do Not Mix Milk and Meat In this week’s Torah portion, Mishpatim, we are given a commandment that is repeated three times in the Torah: Lo tevashel g’di bachalev ‘immo [Ex. 23:19, Ex. 34:26. Deut. 14:21] You will not cook a kid in its mother’s milk. This commandment was […]

Healthier school food

It’s really important that we ensure that school meals have got the highest nutritional value for young people within Scotland but we need to make sure we’re keeping pace with developments and I’m consulting on some changes suggested by a technical working group that have looked very closely at what we need to do to school meals to […]

[Healthy food]Japanese Instant porridge, Cheap one and Fancy one which one is better? #064

Yeah, good egg smell !! Smells like crap already Hey guys, welcome to Rion’s TV. I’m Rion I Got those right here. Do you know what are those? Yes That’s right That’s porridge You know, the porridge is really popular in Japan. We eat in any occasion sometimes, you know when we get sick we usually eat the […]

Webinar Training for Using the Healthy Food Pantry Assessment Tool (HFPAT)

ALEXANDRA BUSH-KAUFMAN: Alrighty. So thank you for joining us today. We’re happy to be able to share this training with you about the Healthy Food Pantry Assessment Tool. And I want to recognize that I know that the term “food pantry” is slightly different than what is used in Washington state. And when we say food pantry, we’re […]