Prime Rib GRILLED vs Rotisserie | Guga Foods

Prime Rib GRILLED vs Rotisserie | Guga Foods

Prime rib probably the most traditional
cut of beef during the holiday season. I mean we can’t blame it, especially when
you see something like this. With that being said here’s the thing restaurants have been taking advantage of this word, prime rib. They use it to sell it to you
as a cut. But instead many sale it to you as a choice grade. Or sometimes even
worse they use select and they still call it prime rib. They only do this
because prime rib cost 30% more than choice grade. To really be called a prime
rib it must be a prime grade, if not it’s just a standing roast or some people
call it a rib roast. Since we only cook this in special occasions I wanted to
test out the best way to cook them on the grill. Is it rotisserie or reverse
sear? If you are unfamiliar with reverse sear this is how it works; the first
thing you want to do is bring the temperature up as low as possible. By
doing this you will achieve two things it helps cook it evenly any retains
moisture and that’s just like sous vide. When you start cooking it slow and bring it
up to temp your meat will stay juicier. But just like sous vide it also needs a
beautiful sear at the end so you always want to finish as hot as possible for an
amazing crust. Remember no crust no good! Now rotisserie
in the other hand can also work the same exact way. You can control the
temperature by the distance of the heat source and you can also somehow reverse
sear it. So today we’re going to be finding out which method is best to cook
your prime rib. I’ll be using these two beautiful pieces.
Since I have two of them I’ll be using the larger one for the rotisserie method
and the smaller one will be for the reverse sear. As you can see these are
beautiful pieces of meat. With that being said the most important thing to do is
to season it properly. There’s nothing worse than eating a prime rib that isn’t
seasoned well. And one thing that stops you from getting the seasoning to the
center is fat and silver skin and you gotta remember that this is a prime
grade you don’t need the additional external fat, so for that reason I like
to remove all of it. And you don’t want to throw this away this part right here
is great for burgers and many other things which you will see soon in a
future video. Stay tuned for that. You want to remove all this layer of fat and
also the silver skin that comes with it. I know what you’re thinking Guga what
are you doing. Fat is flavor and yes you are correct.
But as I mentioned before if you leave too much fat on top you won’t get the
seasoning and you don’t want to be that guy with unseasoned meat. So do the right
thing and remove the fat. The next step is for presentation purposes only and
you can be as picky as you like. The pickier you are the better your roast
will look. Work your knife thru the bones until it’s as clean as you like. And once
I was done this is what it looks like. if you want to have a beautiful shape
roast in the end you have to tressen in it. If you don’t, this fat right here as you
see will separate. Your cap muscle will be completely detached from the roast. By
tressening it you will be sure that it does not happen. To do this it’s pretty
simple just tie it up as tight as possible using any knot and once done
your roast is ready for seasoning. Talking about seasoning I started with
salt. And you got to remember this is a big piece of meat. You gotta season it
well. Make sure you don’t only get the top and the bottom but also the edges. Prime
ribs is one of those beef roast that goes well with additional seasoning you so
I made a nice quick rub for it. I started with garlic powder, chipotle, smoked
paprika, black pepper, granulated onion and cayenne pepper. And always remember
exact amount and ingredients always on the description down below, Now all there’s
left to do is mix everything well and your rub is done. When applying it make
sure you get all edges including the sides don’t forget to meet between the
bones that’s the best part of the roast at least for me. When you are done it
should be perfectly seasoned. Now you really want the seasoning to penetrate
deeply into the meat. And for that the best method is to dry brine it, which
basically means to leave it uncover in your refrigerator overnight. The very
next day I brought it out and you can clearly see that the meat has changed
color. And all the salt is not completely gone because it’s inside of the meat and
that’s exactly what you’re looking for. But now that I have this beautiful
prime rib ready it is time to cook them and for that
I’ll be using my new grills. They are both from Everdure, The rotisserie is
called a Hub II. And the other one is called 4k. They both have what’s called a
quick start charcoal ignition. It’s a world-first press to ignite your
charcoal. It’s ready to barbecue in ten minutes. The Hub II has rotoscope
technology. It’s a building rotisserie system that is powered by a discreet
motor with a motorized height adjustable and up to 40 kilos or 88 pounds capacity.
It comes with 4 click lock forks they’re so easy to use and he also has its
compact internal storage for it. Made out of titanium coats steel for long lasting
durability. Switches enable electronic variable height adjustment, fast flame
ignition system and rotisserie engagement. And all with a touch of a
button. It also has cool touch grill handles, which won’t get hot when you’re
barbecuing. It was designed for direct and indirect heat configuration it is an
impressive grill. the 4k has very similar features as
well and a beautiful design that looks like a champ.
And if you’re interested in any of these grills please check them out in the
description down below. Thank you Everdure for sponsoring this video. But now
getting back to our beautiful prime ribs. To make sure that they’re gonna cook to
perfection, I’ll be using my wireless thermometers. I’m gonna be shooting for
an internal temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit once that’s done I’ll be
putting a beautiful sear on them. But now I say it is enough talking and it is
time to grill this beautiful prime rib. So let’s do it! All right everybody. This is my take on
prime rib. What do you think Angel? You got a big hole in there bro. Is a huge hole
in one of them. You got mad? I got pissed off and… I’m just kidding everybody you know
that one is with a rotisserie. So with the new grill that I got. So you did get mad? Yeah I got a little mad and I stabbed it. But anyway let me just tell you right now that is an impressive way to cook. It looks cool. You saw it right there it looks pretty cool. I did see it from far. Yeah I know Angel was like Instagram. You ready for this? Let’s go for it. Which one will go first? I
don’t know let’s try what the one with the hole. The one that you beat the crap out of? Okay.
Rotisserie everybody. Cheers! Oh I love prime rib boy. Mm-hmm for the
holiday season everybody this is the one you gotta cook. This is the one that is a
showstopper. Whenever you’re cooking and everyone in the family wants a big piece
out of it. Why you don’t think that we have a big one right here right now. It
was very charcoal-y which I don’t know if you know this but I am a fan of charcoal. Yes me too. So I like that a lot. And then on top of that was pretty tender. No the tenderness is ridiculous. Yeah but the flavor it’s like an
additional charcoaly flavor because what happens is you gotta be constantly
burning the new charcoal to keep the temperature. So that’s what you get with
the rotisserie charcoal flavor more penetration on the charcoal because the
charcoal is not fully burning it’s constantly burning new charcoal. But you
can cook it medium-rare you know it’s perfect. With that being said I’m gonna
go for the second one. You ready? Oh you all ready ready. I’m waiting for you. All right, all right, all
right everybody, second one reverse sear. Cheers everybody! Cheers. Mmm!
That one is good too. That was amazing! Mmm that one is so good.
What do you think angel? I like the first one bro. Really>I mean the first one was
amazing too They’re both good. I’m, I’m… I’m not gonna go on this one with you Angel. I like this one. You are going against me really? I really like the reverse sear one. Wow! I love the char! He really like the charcoaly pronounced flavor! But I do prefer definitely without a doubt the
reverse seared one. I think the reverse sear has a more beefy flavor. Anyway I
hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy this video make sure you give
it a thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for
future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use, everything
is always on the description down below. Thank you so much for watching. Everdure
thank you so much for sponsoring this video. Guys make sure you go check out
the grills on the bottom. Any of these grills can be yours at your house and
you can cook with it. I would love to know which one you guys like best? Which
one you think they’re gonna like better? Rotisserie. I think the rotisserie looks so cool. It’s just that it looks so cool. It looks so cool. And when your cooking and it’s spinning. I know it’s like a showpiece. Oh and when you lift up the thing. Oh yeah it’s automatic, yeah yea. I know
right? it’s like you’re in the future it’s exact it’s like the Jacksons. You
know the Jacksons. The Jetsons? I mean yeah that. Imagine that.


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