RC ADVENTURES – Going to HONG KONG for Asian Scale Invasion 2016!

– [Aaron] You takin dad to the airport? – Yeah – Hey, buddy, you’re such a cutie. Ah, bright light! Maurice, say hi to everybody. Hey, look over here. Here’s Jem everybody. She’s watchin the road
being a safe driver. Taking me to– Where are we going? – The airport. – The airport. It’s time for
a new adventure my friends. Everybody’s been waiting for
me to make a big announcement, and really we’re here to
say that after eight years of doing The RC Adventure Show, we’ve really had a good time. We’ve explored the hobby,
Jem used RCs to propose to me years ago. – I know more about RCs than I ever thought I’d know in my life. – Oh yeah, we’ve had
a pretty good journey, and now everyone has seen my RC collection and really we’ve had a chance to look back and really have some memories fulfilled and to really show the
good times we’ve had with all of you guys on YouTube. Now even little Mo in the back, you guys got to see his
first days that were with us and now that I’ve done so
much in RC, I think it’s time to do something a little bit different. – I agree. – Something that we haven’t done before. – I love different – I really think you guys
are going to enjoy this, and thank you for trusting me and holding on for such a long time. Now, here’s what I want to do. Jem, what’s dad doing here? – You are going on a wonderful flight to Hong Kong
– Hong Kong Why am I going to Hong Kong? Do you know? – Cause there’s something
really cool going on there. I believe it’s called the Recon G6. – That’s right. So a lot of people have been thinking I was gonna actually retire
on YouTube after eight years, but no no no, I’m just getting started. I just happened to say that
I’d like to do some changes and some things are, you know, coming up that would be
completely different, and I gotta tell ya, Me traveling to Asia? Completely different. So I’m gonna be going into Hong Kong. I’ll also be going to
Shenzhen, having a look at where they actually make RC products. Hey, wouldn’t that be great
to see how they’re made? I’m gonna do the very
best I can with that. I’m meeting up with my buddy,
Luke, from OnetoomanyRCs. Everett unfortunately couldn’t join me on this particular trip, but at the same time, Luke’s down here. We’re gonna make a great pair we’re gonna have a
great show for you guys. He’s gonna help me when I’m filming. And welcome guys, this
is the big announcement. So, I’m gonna be vloging the whole way. The show is changing
in a way where I’d like to be speaking more to you guys anyway. And before my kid runs up further anymore – I gotta go catch him. – We have to go get him. Morry! (laughing) Family life, man, there’s nothin like it. Do you support this trip? – I love supporting this trip. I’ve been pushing him to go on this trip. – Yeah, I was like “I don’t
know if I’m going to go” – I’m like “Do it, do
it, do it, do it, do it.” – I have to go. This is for the viewers, this is for us. This is to re-juice RC
Adventures and to bring– – We’re going to Hong
Kong. That’s awesome. – Yeah, we want to bring
something new back to the show. A good spirit, let’s see what we can do. Gimme a kiss. I love you. I’ll see you next time. You gonna come give me a hug? Give daddy a hug. (kiss) You know I’ll be back in eight days? – Yeah – K, I love you. – Love you. – Alright, so I’ve already
said goodbye to my family, got all the mushy stuff out of the way so you guys didn’t have to see it. And, really I’ve gotta
start off in Calgary, so that’s where I live. You can see I’m sittin at a coffee bar. Hey, thank you. Julien there, treatin us good, just made me up a cappuccino. I’ve got about an hour
flight over to Vancouver, and then from Vancouver,
I’m gonna be flying straight into Hong Kong, but
that’ll be the longest part of my journey where it’s
gonna be about 14 hours. Thankfully I did get a very
good seat on Cathay Pacific. About to board on the first plane. Good to start off with a hot towel, guys. (laughing) Gonna start off a little healthy here, and with a little bit
of Bailey’s in my coffee to help the trip go by. (laughing) Thank you. Just landed in Vancouver. Looks a little rainy, but
that’s what it does here. (laughing) Alright, time to find where my gate is. In a new airport. Flashing. Cool. Sometimes you just gotta
step out of your comfort zone and get things done, right? And that’s one of the
things I wanted to do with RC Adventures, is
my show really has been getting edited a whole bunch
of times in the same style, and what I’d like to do is
kinda change it up a little bit. Kinda like I am right
now, including you guys on what has always been
my RC Adventure, right? So instead of just cutting it all down to the best five minutes, I bet you a lot of my stuff has ended up
where I should have left it and then we all could
have laughed together. We’ll see how it works. Alright my friends,
here I am in Vancouver. Now I’m sitting down in
the Cathay Pacific lounge. Cathay Pacific is actually the airliner that I’m gonna be taking
for the 14 hour flight over to Hong Kong. I was lucky I ended up
getting myself into a pod, so I’m gonna have a lot of
room to stretch and lay down. When my back is sore,
some of you know I’ve got some bad discs in my back,
and long travel or standing for long amounts of time
is kinda tough on me, but that’s what happens when you get older and you had an early injury in your life. Anyway, I don’t wanna talk about that. Look outside. There’s some of the airport. There’s Japan Airlines over there. So I’m walkin around
lookin for my buddy, Luke. We’re gonna meet up here in Vancouver. Supposedly he’s here. I think he’s right around
the corner, but we’ll see. There he is. Look at that. There’s Luke right down there. Huh. Huh. – [Luke] Hey hey! – [Aaron] Look at that. – I know you. – [Aaron] Look at this,
you got a Canada hat on. Where are we goin? – I think we’re goin to Hong Kong. – [Aaron] Hong Kong, buddy, snag it up – What? – [Aaron] Yeah, I know. We’re on our way. We’re on our way. Let’s go grab a bite to eat. You guys may recognize Luke,
he’s actually on my show and he has the company OnetoomanyRCs. Does lights and different
types of things like that. You guys might want to check it out. I’ll put a link in the
video description box below. If you want to check out OnetoomanyRCs, because that’s the only link he’s getting during this whole series. – That’s it. (laughing) – We’re gonna go knock
back a couple, relax, get ready for a huge flight. And uh– – Huge flight. – Keep you guys with us. – Thanks for joinin in. – K, so for the next two weeks,
you guys are gonna be seeing videos coming straight out of China. It’s the best I can do for ya, but I think it’s pretty darn awesome and we’re gonna have so
much fun while we’re here. We’re gonna go down and see those RCs and we’re just gonna show
what China life is like. (laughing) Well I’m finally walkin
down to the airplane. This is gonna be probably
the largest airplane I’ve ever been on, and it’s very exciting. – [Aaron] Hello
– Hi. How are you? – [Aaron] Hi. Very well, thank you. – [Flight Attendant] 19A,
this way down please. – [Aaron] K. 19A. Wow, look at this. Excuse me. 19. Here’s 15. Ah, interesting. Baby, this plane is huge. I have no idea how to get that out. This little button. Stretch out my legs over here. And now I’m in the air. On my way to Hong Kong. Alright, we gotta little
bit of turbulence for lunch, but not so bad. You can see the water shakin a little bit. Not really a concern though. Check it out: grilled prawns, fresh roll of bread, romaine salad with some
parmesan freshly grated and a cherry tomato. Got a little bit of oil and vinegar. And of course my good friend
Jimmy here is bringing in my fresh drink. Thank you very much. – [Flight Attendant] You’re welcome. – [Aaron] Here comes the
second course for lunch. Is it a choice? – There is. – [Aaron] Oh, excellent.
What is the choice? – We have the chicken breast, we’ve got the got the beef tenderloin, we’ve got a steamed cod, and
we also have a fettuccine. – [Aaron] I will do the cod please. – [Flight Attendant] Cod? Sounds good. – [Aaron] Yep. Thank you. – [Flight Attendant] No problem. Would you like some
chopsticks and chili sauce? – Yes, please. Wow, look at those. These are heavy, quality chopsticks. The fish is excellent. Okay, so I’ve had some lunch
and now it is basically time for a nap because as
it’s daytime right now, it’s nighttime in Hong Kong. So I’ve gotta fall asleep during daytime so when I arrive in daytime
I still have some sort of brain with me. Alright, this morning I left at 8:00 a.m. It is now midnight. So I’ve been on this particular plane for the last 12 hours and I
still have two hours to go. They’re just servin some more drinks, cause it’s gonna be dinner
time here right away. It is an incredibly long journey, but it’s gonna be worth it. It’s a ton of fun already. So I’m gonna have a bite to eat and hopefully there’s a car
waiting for us at the airport. Starting off dinner with
first course cappuccino, some water, fresh fruit, and some bread. Alright, my time is
two in the morning now. Bam! We’re finally landing in Hong Kong. This is gonna be awesome. Except I took off during the daytime, and now I’m landing during the daytime, so I’m a little wigged out. (laughing) Finally made it. What a long trip. (child talking) – Mommy – [Jem] Hey! (child talking) Is your firetruck in the water? – Hello, truck. – [Jem] Hello, tow truck. – You’re the tow truck. – [Jem] I’m the tow-truck? – Yeah, you’re a tow-truck. – [Jem] Okay, good. You’re
gonna be the firetruck? – Uh huh. – [Jem] Can you say hi to dad? Say “Good luck in Hong Kong.” – Hi. – [Jem] Say “Good luck in Hong Kong.” – Good luck Hong, hong… – [Jem] Hong Kong. Daddy’s in Hong Kong right now, right? Yeah.


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