Reacting to Surviving R. Kelly & Dee 1’s viral video @RuslanKD


33 thoughts on “Reacting to Surviving R. Kelly & Dee 1’s viral video @RuslanKD”

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  • Thank you SO MUCH for posting this and emphasizing that the victims aren't the ones that should be attacked for their decorum. Also, I completely agree with Dee1 and yourself, paying for season tickets, concerts or movies where a known abuser is performing has got to stop. I actually discussed this with a Rastafarian 1/1 and pointed out that we (as people) expect more from Protestants and/or Catholics (who can barely get tithes), than we do from politicians, performers and artists, who get money from us before God can.
    Anyway great content, as always.

  • I think it's all subjective to so many things and that we as humans are incapable of being completely objective. I don't agree with 93% of mainstream music I hear but I can appreciate 98% of it lol

    I had typed a huge paragraph but dialed it back after talkin it over wit @iamliya

  • I stopped listening to secular music a LONG time ago. Not because it’s secular but because of the message in the songs. I’m the same way with movies

  • Media is powerful and it can seriously lead people astray and celebrate stuff that no one should be doing if it is used in a way that will do that! Note: writing this while watching the video so it may say some of the ideas already in the video. Great video man!

  • Quatesha Cobbin says:

    When I first heard about this, I thought it was rumors, mostly because it was media sources like TMZ and The National Enquirer were the ones to report it. Didn't think it was real until KevonStage's comments about the kind of man he was. I was horrified when I found out it was actually true. More so to truly know that his music reflected his true state. At the same time I'm really relieved I didn't grow up with his music at home. This is exactly why we must be careful with what we, read, hear and see. I tried to see if I could watch the full docuseries but can't without a lifetime account. Is there another way to watch it in full online?

  • I agree. I agree. And its something ive always said man. Eph 4:29. This is how I look and analyze artist. Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen

  • Eat garbage you become garbage.
    Listen to garbage you become garbage.
    I may be 14 but God has given me wisdom and man this is sad.
    First it was lil peep may be rest in peace then lil pump,xxxtentacion may he rest in peace. Sex,drugs,abuse,is now what people call Rap Music.
    I agree with you on this whole video.

  • Also something I'm extremely sad about is the fact that it now costs more to adopt a child and less to abort one smh
    This is something I quickly wrote in my notepad
    It costs more to adopt a child then to get an abortion
    Every cent funds the lies and extortion
    This whole situation is out of proportions

  • Great stuff bro it is sad but we have to better people and be conscious on what u we listen to I have to admit that I too need to make better decisions on what I listen toand my children. I tend to listen to the beat more than the lyrics will be making some better decisions.

  • Absolutely correct Ruslan KD!
    May you please check out the YouTube channel Timmy Highlights? The creator attempts to make great NBA mixes with music of the modern Christian hip-hop genre. Here is the link:

  • Man, this falls right in line with my God dropped on my spirit a while ago -He advised me that there is a spirit behind all music that is being made and released. I feel like it’s that spirit that drives what is being out there for people to digest/consumed and ultimately is influential to our current and next generations. I feel this when listening to all kinds of music, regardless of genre, and listen very intently for messages across all genres of music. I pray that this sparks continued conversations around the music that is being made and the images and topics that are being glorified.

  • When it comes to drawing the line it’s relative. Some people may not think glorifying drugs, or rapping about side chicks are evil, but it’s pretty much 100% accepted that pedophilia is evil which is why r kelly is getting so much heat. But at the same time just because he’s a pedo doesn’t mean he makes bad music or art. If it’s good, it’s good regardless of the source.

  • Ruslan, you hit the nail on the head. And the homie Dee-1 pulled no punches with his response. As conscious consumers we need to walk intentionally before putting down money to support individuals who don't practice what they preach. And vice versa, the amount of time, energy and resources we use to strengthen the hands of the oppressor is proof that our heart is in the same place as our treasure. It's proof that we all will reap what we sow. God's Word is true. When people call evil good and good evil, it's further proof that we are still shackled by our sin. I too, feel like this whole secular versus Christian discussion that many are on the fence about stems from the heart. It's true that there are many caught up in the secular music industry who project a Christian image yet unfortunately promote falsehood.
    The fact of whether or not we wholeheartedly support our Christian brethren or choose to associate with nonbelievers by plunking down some money is another matter of personal preference. However, God is greater than our hearts. And I believe that there are people out there whose works can produce joy instead of conflict even though they're not part of the same fold. Because the Lord knows us better than we claim to know Him. Our actions will only gondola far. People are either putting up a smokescreen to hide their dirty laundry or they are walking in light, unashamed of the Gospel for all to see. When we ultimately go all in with a love for the truth, we can finally put aside those sinful, unproductive things that keep us from coming together in the unity of the faith. I don't have it all together myself. But, the Spirit of truth will guide us into all truth and teach us everything that Jesus commanded.

    Thanks for letting us know the deal. As believers we can still pray for R.Kelly, his fans, all who've his actions dramatically affected those aroud him regardless of his status in the music industry. Those demons and skeletons in the closet will ransack anybody who is not mindful of the things of the things of the world. Rant done. 😄

  • Roderick Philander says:

    You nailed it with the "depression" songs..It killing me!!I know mental health is REAL!But these people are killing me,please help us with the music artist dont glorify this.Lets bring hope please..I was just thinking about stop listening to this depression music..Once again mental health is REAL,But letw build and bring HOPE please..

  • My opinion on the mental health songwriting: look at what I like to call the “suffering” psalms (the ones where David is asking why God abandoned him); Job where he is crying out and even frustrated with his life; and Ecclesiastes where Solomon goes through an existential crisis on steroids.
    I don’t agree with listening exclusively to depressing music such as X, however, I believe that everyone has mental valleys, and when you are in that, “healthy” music is simply not relatable. Like how are you going to write a song about how good God is when I’m going through x y and z?
    To me, depressing music is taken at face value- it’s a musical depiction of what I’m going through.

    IMO Christian music would be 100x better if we did a better job portraying the level of hurt people go through, to bring the message of God’s goodness home EVEN MORE SO.
    It’s like with radio Christian music sometimes, did you even have suffering or hurt in the first place? haha

  • See this is why I declared #WarOnMusic and #thankGod4DAmission. My son was born in March of 94 right after the remix for bump & grind was released. I remember not being able to listen to twelve play at first cause my son's father & i broke up during my pregnancy so it was too emotionally painful. Now going on 25 years of his influence i #BlameRKelly for the lack of respect for our women in most all genre's. Could his influence go beyond female and towards male ego as well? I say yes cause somehow love songs used to be about love and making love and cater to a woman but now music industry promotes promiscuous sex appeal & sexual connotations.

  • Tazz Mania Music says:

    King James was a perv, but everyone still read the bible. I believe God used R.Kelly to birth many millennial black children during a time when African Americans were heavily targeted and the drug and prison epidemic was on a serious rise during the late 80's and 90's. It's no secret that the government created a systematic plan called Rex 84 or King Alfred Plan to exterminate black people in America because of the fear that a black messiah would be birthed to electrify and raise the conciousness of black people in America. I like Dee 1 myself, but what's going to happen when we find out he's human too and also makes mistakes. What we're going to do, trash his music 2 when it can be used to help someone. For a man who can't write, read, or add, and make consistent hits like R.Kelly, you can't tell me God is not involved with the musical genius of R.Kelly. I'm not condoning the allegations, but I'm pretty sure that we've all done something we're not proud of. Just my thoughts.

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