REAL FOOD VS GUMMY FOOD!! *Eating GROSS GIANT Candy Challenge* – Best Gross Real Worm Candy

REAL FOOD VS GUMMY FOOD!! *Eating GROSS GIANT Candy Challenge* – Best Gross Real Worm Candy

Two plates of real spiders or one plate of a gummy spider You don’t need tohhbkigv Hello guys, Welcome Back. To – another challenge video You guys love it when we do real food versus gummy food challenges so today with my with another one but today we’re doing a triple real food race is good with you Charlie – you Do you? We’ve all got some food on the reveal in three two one Oh my gosh, yo, wait, hold up hold up. Is this all going So in this movie food, this is real food challenge This is going to be loads of different foods some of them good some of them fight including raw egg worms Maybe even some poo. What what do Little wet fur that’s disgusting. I thought great today I’m not three outs of a thank you guys on you to a channel onion over already I’ve uploaded every single day this December So another to go down there and smash that subscribe button and also remember to drop a like on this video How many likes do we think got it Wolfie Bowser like ever go down there smash alike. Let’s do this Okay, so mind our system for today is bringing us the next food. He’s told us that in this they could either be real Who is it well losing you again so line bring them in bring in your poop. I don’t feel that’s the real You thing gossip? Ooh? What this poo poos of one kool-aid. So guys, that’s actually the new Switch switch Let’s do it let’s do it guys It’s eating these M poo. Oh It’s chocolate you might not be experienced City simple. I’m sure they ate it before so like you don’t know not sure I need some many booze in my time. I know though, this is chocolate. So Gary. Look at what moons over here, though? She’s got days the biggest people I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever people Yo it cannot abide Whilst the eyes and I took a marshmallow, hmm This tastes like poo so Karen, what would you give you a real real Peru aka kind of chocolate Why’d you give it? I’m gonna give this a sick move. What about your booty poon? I’m not kind of living it You don’t want me there no wolf is probably better than this. No fine fine Guys, let’s move on to next wrong with a whole new real food and goobie food Let’s do this to place with cookie bacon. I like you one plate has got really durable fatty bacon in it For proper bacon, I’m gonna go first and I’m going to swap with more. Okay Too bad Finders Keepers losers weepers care what you want to do You keeping yours guys gonna make it misses me, Oh, baby, three two one Firstly how we all gooey bacon. Let’s get down the way first. How’s that one? What does it taste? Like does it taste like bacon girl? No. Oh Okay guys, so now without further ado I’m gonna do mine is everyone ready guys? I need you all to drop a like on the video right now and come down below Hashtag pray for more because I’m going with a disgusting rock solid cold bacon right now It’s so crispy. Ahh Why don’t you make a bacon sandwich guys that with absolutely Justin I really Give that for do I turn you know? I don’t want bacon book when it’s cold. Fatty greasy and hard not very nice want you to give you awesome I’m gonna stick with five. I’m not doing too good so far. Let’s move on to item number three this time But one of it one of them would you want lemons not on their own I despise himself The tangy Thumbstick do not mistake. Do not mistake do Nothing. I don’t think he’ll give it to me twice. Oh just keeping To Me eleven I’ve never been before Care house up Wow Your big guys, let me try a bit I’m gonna give my goopy lemons a solid seven out of ten. Nice. It’s wonderful. What about you more? I’m gonna give up. I like an AIDS Ruben’s we did this sweet worms Now I’m gonna go ahead and do you know what I trust the bald head I trust Martin and his big bald head so I’m gonna go with stick three two one Well, guess what guys Okay, guys mommy’s going on Open wide No It’s raw sausage me Move what did we all think about our meals? I’m gonna give mine a ten out of ten perfect ten beams What you gonna do – yep I’m gonna just the – whatever the lowest numbers in the world – infinity looks like we’ve all had a bad one now Let’s move on to round five and get some more food ready to eat this time Our next test is to place of birth chips I mean purchase burnt two plates virgin on one plate of gummy chips So we’ve got two horrible burnt chips of warm gooey chips. I think somebody left them in the oven So guys just to confirm here goobers are gonna be eaten cold burnt chips and wanna bullets are gonna be eating gummy fries gummy chips, so What do we wanna do? Do we want to swap or stick? Oh Okay Those a triple swamp, okay ready three two one Gummy chips are they they’re good. You’re joining do it do it do it Yo, three, two one You wouldn’t it yeah, we’re gonna give that well the kid so than the bird that’s my father I’m still one you can say well I’m gonna say tag now it’s absolutely delicious. I really enjoyed mine you cooking this great mom I don’t like everything I said, I think your cooking is brilliant Do you want me to save these for tomorrow that you can have these with a bacon that we are the earlier? Moving on round 6 for this round. You can call me. Mr. Nice guy because we’ve had some really horrible things to say, sweetheart We are now this time. It’s going to be a little bit special Little bit maturity Oh, yeah tricky chef Martin gloomy audio and two worries of proper origin Okay, I don’t care. I want them fucking called me. Oh, yes, I switch it on Easter day. No Ok, don’t switch Okay, that was nice Okay, okay, okay I’m gonna give it an eight pattern Well, I’ll take your word for that then. Well, you’re gonna give you real ones camera I’m gonna give them a zero because they look like guys let’s move on Hopefully mine keeps the rounds as nice as this one. This one’s gonna be a little bit pong game Is it finish Well, we will the harmony of all face. Yeah, we’ve got one play a rock face, although having to play some gummy fish I’m gonna stick I want yours Okay, would you know what what I want yours Yes I’ve had one of everybody today. I’ve ended up with one three two one I’ve just got raw. Oh, yeah, it smells horrible Oh gosh Firstly how are your swedish fish? They’re my favourite sweets just had insult to injury No, oh you want to swap Okay, maybe not guys I need you all to drop a like on the video right now subscribe if you’re new Cop some poke live merch just do anything to make me feel better Elgin. You’re smoking free – Oh You better believe the life on this video, bro. I said no one else want to fromel She will throw together Okay, some surely not mine. We’ve got a good round yet to make up for that horrible smell and taste Well, I think looking at the enter you had one good round. So now Another truth here are mine was the treat. Well this job. I need to be good towards guys Just feels very I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while. Yeah Something really special for you. Yeah Two plates of real spiders are one place of a gummy spider You don’t need to care exactly that you’re gonna have to okay une mum be careful camera just in case you’ve got the real spiders Free to Thanks Martin for that Marc Overmars in there prank, you know, I know it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Yes And I Will get to move on move on let’s do this. What’s up your faces Give me fish spider Chips Yeah your Practices do anything I’ll be treating it quite nicely. So guys leave a like you think he’s telling the truth. This one is two plates of Strawberries real strawberries Oh This holiday she faces the strawberry that is has the same colors this job you guys I thought you can see a difference When what do you think? That’s that today? That’s nice. Yes it go you like it you like eating your own kind This is the best gummy one about tonight Releases the given bags are all brain very still Only business girl Bree, I’m sorry then. Why did you give us a nice round here? We don’t have one round to go and this one is One let’s do this guy’s final round written this together as we wait the final round I want you all to Comment down below who you think has had the worst look so far who thinks had the worst food? All I know is I got fish. I’ve got blue about worms We’ve all had some pretty bad stuff guys So mines coming with the food right now is the last round if you’re not already subscribed go down there and smash that subscribe button Leave a like on the video for our suffering and let’s move on to the final round Right. This is the last one right and I’ve saved the best to last one play of gummy egg Oh No – place of Roy I had Rory in the last time we did this and it meant oh, no, I think maybe Since mine gave mum all the good ones. He’s finally given in the bad one. So I’m gonna use my intelligent play So you walk back well we Already ready three two one Oh You made me stop Commiserations all I know is mom just stop me from getting a raw egg. Mom. You’re the best mother ever This is why I love the guys. She’s a time go subscribe to our Channel She’s an absolute legend everybody. Go subscribe to my know. It’s the best. Mom ever. I’ve got my Roux. I’ve got my gummy Hey youtube Got your egg the hobo fear and a bow, you know, can’t wait to get tucked in joy, but let me about mine first Okay, so who’s going first I say the type mom goes first Your tiny Joe Murphy Joe. Can I? Ask it now be ready Nothing you guys really won’t see me eating this or drinking sake you don’t you don’t you definitely do Come on girls everybody. Go subscribe to both my channels right now. Let’s listen legends Yeah, all of you three two one Oh Drink it ken. Are you gonna do it? You’re gonna try a little bit Oh, Okay guys well that was extremely traumatizing that was extremely traumatizing Hey Guys we just ate so much horrible stuff. If you haven’t already hit that like button and subscribe to the channel I think you owe it to us subscribe to their channels to vended a lot of horrible stuff And also guys I’m gonna play you a little completion right now of my last two gummies food vs Real food videos if you haven’t already seen those two, I’m gonna link them in the description So go and watch them watch was coming up guys. Thank you for watching. Ah, that was horrible Okay classic. Hustlaz burger already looks pretty foul doesn’t It looks like if if squid would made a krabby patty, like wow, okay, you know I’m gonna change up a little bit. Not only I’m gonna go to add a little bells golden syrup. Oh, yes To be honest, I think it kind of need the clapping as well as the I’m gonna add some black pepper Is it coming out? No, it’s not. Oh now it is smelling it up all over Whoever’s getting this one is not going to be happy and buying there we go. Three two one Oh Denis the book. Is it horrible? Yeah You like to drink with mom cuz movies are made and when we drink with mom she a Oh No, I can’t do it look if you don’t have to drink it all one more one more It took me let’s go do it okay, we’re about to destroy one of my favorite drinks right here Classic coca-cola, we’re gonna make a salty coke. Oh Yeah, it’s all. Oh no Ahaha, no excuses. Oh no. Oh my god. Oh my god We’ll leave it at that. Oh So strong Oh, oh my god, that will surprise me. I think they know we’re gonna be bad So we’ve got the sushi as you can tell like it doesn’t look nice. But to make this even more not nice We’re gonna go ahead with the golden combination a little bit of salt Alright a little bit of salt on that as well as a little bit Pepper on their light box is looking pretty decent and then to top it on The balsamic vinegar salty, I would not want to get there We say we call me I’ve been sick of the restaurant to come off the minute if the goldfish boil over – disgusted at all We’re gonna add vinegar to it. Oh Okay I will instead Hana right here look tasty. I’m thinking Oh my god challenge Oh Okay, so I’m golden Oh, yeah Oh Wow


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