Reasons For Stop Eating Meat Immediately

Reasons For Stop Eating Meat Immediately

Barkha Dutt: We live in times when faith and spirituality have become very inflammable Sadhguru: Don’t put them in the same basket. Barkha Dutt: Okay, let’s talk about faith first. Sadhguru: Mhmm Barkha Dutt: We live in times when faith for certain has become a very inflammable, easily politicized conversation. If faith should have been personal today, it’s not. Today you actually have decisions taken in the name of somebody’s faith being injured. So you mentioned food right now, I read somewhere that you said there’s nothing religious about the act of food, just eat what you like. Sadhguru: No, no, no, I didn’t say that. Barkha Dutt: Eat what’s good for you? Sadhguru: I said eat what’s good for you. Barkha Dutt: Okay, eat what’s good for you. Sadhguru: It’s a very different thing (Laughs). Barkha Dutt: I correct myself (Sadhguru laughs) – eat what’s good for you. But today we have a highly politicized conversation around banning beef in the name of faith. Sadhguru: It’s definitely not good for you to eat it. Barkha Dutt: Beef or any meat? Sadhguru: I’ll come to that. Finish it, finish the question. Barkha Dutt: Okay, okay. So I’m offering that as one example of how I see a politicized conversation taking place around faith. How do you reconcile the faith of a large number of people with questions of individual liberty? I know I have read that you like books written by Salman Rushdie. We were the first country to ban him again in the name of faith. How do we reconcile faith with individual liberty? Sadhguru: See, it’s always been said “faith moves mountains.” Yes, but it freezes your mind. But the greatest crime you can do on this planet is to move a mountain. You should not move a mountain, it should be where it is, it has not just dropped from somewhere, it’s grown because of various forces functioning in a particular way, phenomenal activity has happened to build a mountain. You should never move a mountain but (Laughs) people with frozen minds always want to move a mountain, okay? Having said that, when we say faith, it’s an import for this culture. We have never had faith in this culture. You must look back little beyond thousand years since we’ve been under occupation. Here, we have been told always, “Your life is your karma.” Karma means action. Whose action? Your action. So what we are saying is your life is entirely your making. There is no someone sitting up there and managing this for you. This is entirely yours but for every action that you perform whether physical, mental, emotional, energy-wise – whatever kind of action you perform, there is bound to be a consequence. If you’re ready for the consequence, do whatever. If you’re going to cry about the consequence, control the action right now. Based on this Now you came to food, see the food consumption has been looked at very carefully in this country. If you just bring this back, the world will be healthy, do you understand? Here, we have identified different type of people, what they should eat. If you’re doing menial jobs, how you should eat. If you’re doing trading, how you should eat. If you’re into spiritual process, how you should eat. If you’re into education, how you should eat. Why this is is each person needs a different type of building of the body. You want to run hundred meters next to Mr. Bolt, what kind of food you should eat. You just want to work in Delhi, what kind of food you should eat. You want to think in a certain way, what kind of food you’d… you should eat. For all these, we have very clear prescriptions. Now when it comes to food, what it means is, we are taking another life, whatever that is it may be plant life, animal life, whatever you’re taking another life, ingesting it and you have to make it your life – that’s the whole thing. What is your life, what is that life, if you look at it, all life on this planet is coming from the earth. This body (Gestures) is also the same soil, this (Gestures) is also same soil, if there is a (an?) earthworm, that is also same soil but see how it has become, how this (Gestures) has become, how that (Gestures) has become. If I give you… You like a mango or a banana? Barkha Dutt: Mango. Sadhguru: Mango. I know, (Laughs) you’re ruling the state right now (Referring to the Aam Aadmi party (translates as The Common Man party), Now, if you eat a mango, this mango becomes a woman in you. If I eat a mango, the same mango becomes a man in me. If a cow eats a mango, the same mango becomes a cow in the cow. Why is this happening? There is a certain information or software in you whatever you eat it transforms it into a woman. If I eat, it transforms into a man. If a cow eats, that becomes a cow. So every life is happening the way it is happening because of a certain dimension of information or in modern terminology, let’s call it software. There is a certain software, which is an arrangement of information. Now, the idea is to eat as simple a software as possible. If you eat that kind of life, which is a very simple software, your ability to override that software and make it entirely a part of you is very good. As that software gets complex, more and more complex, your ability to integrate it goes down. So, especially if it’s a creature which has some sense of thought and emotion, if it has emotion, then you should not eat it. This is the understanding. An animal, which has any emotion, displays certain emotions especially if it displays emotion which is near to human emotion, you should not eat it because it will not integrate itself. That animal nature will start manifesting itself. Or in other words, in India, today maybe in cities people do not know, you see in the villages, people have very intimate relationship with a cow. They have drunk the milk of that cow, their children are drinking the milk of that cow, there is a very deep relationship. If you do not know this, cow is one creature, if something happens to you and you are in some kind of grief or misery, you don’t have to be near the cow, wherever the cow is in your house, it will it’ll start shedding tears for you. You know, I’ve seen this with my eyes, I couldn’t believe – when somebody is dead in the house it… what does a cow know, it is somewhere, simply tears flowing. So when it’s… has such deep emotions, if you kill it, it’s like killing a human being, it’s murder or it’s cannibalism. So because of that this is not a faith thing, this is not a religious thing, we thought this is a fundamental sense. Why When we are hungry, why can’t I cut you up and eat you? What’s wrong (Laughter)? What’s wrong, I’m asking? Barkha Dutt: But what you’re saying should be about many more animals than just the cow. Sadhguru: Yes, yes of course. Barkha Dutt: And when it becomes about only the cow, then there is a… there is certainly a perception Sadhguru: I… It is not Barkha Dutt: …that it is a political decision or a religious decision. Sadhguru: No, no, I am not talking about the whatever the laws that are happ Barkha Dutt: This is not about people getting up and saying, “It’s cruel to be… to be a meat-eater.” That would be a different argument. Sadhguru: Hmm, I am not even talking about cruelty. Even cutting a plant is cruel, in my experience but you have to do it. But if you are conscious of it, you will do it to the minimum possible extent, not do it wantonly, that’s the whole thing. Now, about this political ban about cow slaughter or whatever, this has many things. One thing is there is a sensitivity, once you drink milk from the cow, she is like your mother. Killing your mother and eating her up is something people cannot digest in this country. Still eighty percent of the people belong to that category and they’re… they’re hugely there’s a huge emotion, such a (an?) emotion, which because they’ve always been made to be docile in a certain way, they have not violently … reacted to it but in some places it has happened, in villages and other places. There is already a beef ban in many villages just by norm, not by any law, that you don’t bring these kind of thin… things into the village. I am not saying you must ban it or not ban it. I am saying the sensitivities of your population, you… without considering, you can’t go do this blatantly. Because it is growing, it’s becoming a growing business; India is becoming a major exporter of beef, that’s not right. Even if somebody ate something, it is up to them, it’s their personal taste, whatever but now you’re promoting it and you’re making it grow. There is serious concern but our people don’t express it, our people don’t go out on the street and not going to kill anybody because they killed a cow. So ban is not what is needed, more education was needed rather than banning.


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  • Eating meat is not the problem, factory farming is the problem. Of course meat is unhealthy, if we grow it in an unhealthy way, pumped to the brim full with amphetamines and antibiotics. Grow your livestock in a healthy way and the meat will be of greater quality, it will be much healthier.
    Same goes for vegetable food. Most of what we have in the stores is factory grown, over-bred for appearance, taste, size and shelf-life, bereft of nutrients and barely more than just chewable sugar water.

  • To all the stupid ppl who says dt beef has high rated of proteins..look at the cow Dey themselves are the plant eaters, vegetarian…Dey Don't kill humans to feed dem…So of u want to receive proteins eat green vegetables instead of slaughtering herbivores animals.

  • Its good for knowledge but there is something which u cannot change by ur debate it's our culture and I don't know why always cow only come in debate because 90 percent muslim consume goat and sheep meat we don't hurt any religious but every time cow is only come in centre of every debate plz bhakto ke guru ek Modi ne hi pura Desh to gau Mata ke age piche ghuma diya hai ab ap bhi mat karo Aisa ur educated plz teach something to our prime minister also that would be greatful

  • He's 100% correct, I took some shrooms at my friends, his wife made chilli, as I went to get a bowl I opened the Pot all I saw was Cows spirits circling the pot mooing at me angrily I was so tripped out I haven't had meat since, this was December 27th 2015 3:12 AM in Omaha Nebraska almost at 4 years!!

  • Just a bunch of weirdos that don't think you should eat meat because they think a cow might be their a God. I'm medically speaking it's very bad for you become anemic there's a whole host of reasons to be able to eat meat that are very good for you a dumb video.

  • Ask this Baba to spread his Gyan else where. Who says he or she is Vegetarian or Vegan. Guys without having Non-Veg, how did this world came in to existence. Drinking animal's milk and products, is not Veg. I really feel pity on this guy, having came into existence and did all againt nature.

  • This woman didn't understand what he was talking about she wanted a rule to make sense ban it over political or religious reasons and took none of his highly valuable information In

  • If you consider eating meat unilleterate way of life. … stop sitting in a wooden chair .. . You're fucking messing with my oxygen supply…..

  • these are domesticated animals which infers the legitimacy to benefit from them , milk , skin , meat whatsoever , since the beginning of time , natural chain is naturally processed , back in time there was no such processed food , and the varieties of alimentation we had to day .

  • Generic White Man says:

    Human- homo sapiens, home habilis, home erectus, neanderthals have been eating meat for millions of years. Enough with thus pseudo spiritualism. Meat eating shaped our evolution. Meat is important , however, moderation is the key.

  • My question to this sadguru is if we were supposed to be vegetarian (FYI I don’t have any problem with vegetarians) then why we humans have two types of teeth. One is for vegetables and one for meat? And if we were to be vegetarians then why we humans have two types of intestines that process meat and vegetables? What’s the purpose of the other intestine or teeth?

  • Q.O.Q Voting Counsel says:

    One must only speak with their equals all others you teach. He is basically speaking not just about cows but animals in itself. Every thing on this planet which consist of energy, being alive, able to communicate, vibrate frequencies are the same as humans. Trees, animals, insects, fish etc . The moral is understand if you can eat meat without any hesitation then what is stopping another human being from kidnapping you as a human being and killing you, cooking you and then eating you ? People would be scared, but we do that to animals as if it's normal. But again this segment is more for meat eaters than people who already Understand the bigger picture than just eating an animal. Shalom, hotep, high temple, Aku to the people that live in harmony with earth instead of destroying it !

  • Jamillia Edwards says:

    I grew up as a vegetarian and honestly I feel healthier after adding meat to my diet. It needs to have a separation between diet & spirituality. Every body is different & reacts differently.

  • Pepole who r in favor of vegetarianism, they need to understand ,what's food chai and food cyle on this planet? Let's imagine ,everyone become vegetarian on earth,then what will happen? Think about it

  • Shamandy Shoe-fly says:

    He seems a very nice man and I would genuinely like to meet him. However his claims regards meat are mistaken. Humans more easily digest meat proteins than vegetable proteins. Meat digests differently than vegetables because vertebrates are universally incapable of digesting cellulose. Meat is directly digested by stomach acids and gut enzymes and made available to you directly whereas vegetables are primarily digested by gut flora. Eating meat speeds up and clarifies your thoughts because Carnosines found in meat are good for your brain and improve its function. Animal studies show that carnosine reduces the buildup of amyloid beta, the protein that forms the brain plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease. In one study on mice published in 2013, oral supplementation with carnosine prevented cognitive decline due to its inhibition of amyloid beta.

  • Waste of time that i saw this video, in this world billions of people are there, all have different choices and taste of food. From 100000 years humans are eating chicken mutton beef fish etc etc, no one can stop anyone, and more ever today world has became a global village, if europeans companies are there in india, it is must for them to keep beef cow and pork, and indians are 2 mouth snakes people, one side they say cow is mother, other side they sell the cow to europe brazil arab countries for slaughtering and earn money by it

  • yuck i hate meat ew..but i know as a child i ate it and when i became aware of and what it did to the body and your energy and what is feed to these animals, people would turn if they knew everything on how an animal is raised then slaughtered and chemically feed to produce more animals.

  • Baskaran Lakhsmi says:

    Plants mango Trees inhale oxygen exhale carbon dioxide. hence plants and mangoes has life. Why idiot nonsense stupid Jatti vasudev. can eat a Plant mango to become a cow today.?………..

    idiot jatti vasudev

  • Cassandra Schoenmakers says:

    Thank you teacher it makes me very sad that most of the world have pet and claim to love animal or animal lover???? Thank you teacher

  • Cassandra Schoenmakers says:

    Teacher I understand the world has been covered I'm having the same difficulty showing this to the ones I love and I see most in front of you are asleep I'm a cook islander eat meat all my life till I turned 40 years of age living in Australia the hardest place to be inlighten and I know what you know teacher thank you

  • I disagree; There are certain proteins that are only found in meat which are essential for our body. Furthermore, Humans have canines which are only found in omnivorous predators. There are countless reasons!
    I will always pair up living foods with lean meat for a nutritious balanced diet.

    Nothing makes it to our gut living except for microorganisms 🦠.

    Though I still think vegans are more health conscious in a whole.

  • Anamika Thakuria says:

    No one want to die even the animals ..when you go to kill a cock you may hear it's sound the pain .. why do we enjoy our occasion by killing them! Do we realise what the actual happiness!!

  • Humans beings are using animals for their own profit.
    Horses to pull cart.
    Bull to plough farm.

    On this earth human , animals and plants are living.

  • Then why do people kill animals (especially cows) for leather? If eating is wrong then so should be wearing and adorning its stuff. If a vegetarian does not eat animals, he atleast wears them(leathers shoes, wallets, belts etc). They banned only beef, not slaughtering of cows. Leather is still found everywhere.

  • Mahammadamir Shaikh says:

    Though i don't want to eat beef because i respect my fellow brother citizens and their beliefs.
    But i disagree with him because Unfortunately, emotions are until that thing is alive.

  • in my home we have a refrigerator , we dont have a morgue ! The stomach of my body is not a burial ground for rotting flesh ! If you give any animal to any child they will feed it, care for it, cuddle it and love it! If you try to kill it to eat it you will loose your childs love and respect instantly , Education ! indoctrinating kids is the only way to break the connection between animal and food, They take a cow and call it beef, take a pig and call it pork , indoctrination will disconnect the meat from the animal but if you still give a child a live animal they will revert back to caring for it . We are Man kind ! well most of us are ! the others are the hu-Man race (soulless beings) with no emotions or creativity, not all people are created equally !

  • You kill more animals if you're leading a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle in some parts of the world, because of importation of industrially produced crops. I'm Swedish, if I eat locally produced meat I take care of mother earth and I am not destroying the ecosystems where many animals live. Eating bananas and mangos here takes so many resources from our precious planet, here we need to eat our local traditional foods and accept that we can't produce bananas, coconuts, soy, etc.

  • Today 5 months happen,I am most peace man,after I started veg, at first I face many problem,but now I am okay,I was a angry man,after watching his vedio,I start and now my mind is in peace,now I think and talk to man

  • Namaste 🙏 Sadhguru, ,I totally agree,fresh organic fruits and vegetables 🍅 is excellent medicine,, God bless and peace to all of us and the lovely animals too.

  • I am vegetarian forever because animals🐵🐔🐶🐷 is my friend👭👬👫 and I can not ❌❌❌ eat my friend👭👬👫👭👬👫.

  • plats flowers,and trees also have emotions…!!!!so eat nothing ???our ancestors were hunters…eating animas for hundreds of thousands of years..!

  • Love sadhguru…But the logic is scientifically incoherent..And not feasible…Sorry ,guruji can't follow what you are saying.

  • billions of pounds are invested in into t.meat industry. Example,,,this utube channel,,,what happened to the sound at 4:43. What was he saying for them to cut it out. Billions of pounds,,,

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