Reliable Erections: Sexual Performance Scale for Erections [Lesson 2] – 2019


15 thoughts on “Reliable Erections: Sexual Performance Scale for Erections [Lesson 2] – 2019”

  • Roll Tide World MF'in Wide ! says:

    Massage some toothpaste and fish oil on your shaft put on a rubber and let in marinate over night do this every night for a week will improve the quality of your erection too


    Sir please make video and give some tips for premature ejaculation and make video on no fap challenge. Does it really works or not for 1 year and can it cure the errections and recover all sexual problems.

  • Garfield Lewis says:

    I'm at 1 my life is a living hell I don't have any erection in like 3yrs I don't know what to do can someone please help me I need it am just 50 years old I lost a lot of weight my wife as left me I was diabetic please help me someone no one wants to be living this way

  • Cisco Tutor Guy says:

    I'm 42 years old. I'm a type 2 diabetic. I may be a 4. I don't get morning wood or spontaneous erections at all. I used to only get them when I'm getting oral sex (head) but now, it only gets semi erect and still doesn't get hard. It gets fatter and longer but not hard. Pills don't work anymore. I have since changed my diet about 2 months ago. Still waiting for a change.

  • Jose Rodriguez says:

    My situation is unique, I’ll get an erection with any girl but with this care I’m crazy about. Most of the times i won’t get an erection, what should I do

  • Dsouls Productions, LLC says:

    Yo, what up King, my Post Office almost had me going off on their ass. Not delivering my Africanfly and holding my package. Thanks for your help in getting that resolved for me man. I'm already at a high scale, I'm looking to take it to the next level. BOOM!! 💣💣

  • 23yrs old think I'm at a 6 or 7 rn I been taking maca root & horny goat weed didn't have a problem till I started taking these pills

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