Rethinking Healthy Food – The Blue Zones Solution Way: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #19

Alright so its stop raining It is looking amazing so I have to come out here and get a shot of this cloud look awesome Oh my God look at that Its been a long day I went to pick up Aaron
and now we try to go to grocery to buy some healthier food This book is great so you guys should check it out The Blue Zones Solution is awesome I know I start talking about it yesterday’s vlog I dont think I wrapped it up Yeah so anyway its amazing Im almost done with it I made passed most of it and it comes with a great recipe book and a bunch of great information so Im gonna start implementing it in my life
and our lives So watch this vlog and youll see how we make
it work its probably difficult at first but were really gonna go for it so Yeah So thats The Blue Zones Solution and thank
you Richard for suggesting it its amazing Im so glad that you did because books tells
you what you should do and what you should do but this book tells you exactly how to
do it and exactly how to implement so its really cool Anyway you’ll see it to me start to make some changes as we go with this vlog so if you any questions whatever just leave a comment So you’ll see me implementing changes and yeah if you wanna follow all along and join Get the book The Blue Zones Solution read
up and if your slow reader like me then get the audio book you can use our audible affiliate link it is and then you’ll have the recipes book so then you can follow along and we can share the struggle So youre invited to share your struggle So im gonna get going now the rain stop We gonna go get some stuff alright so see you in a bit Im ready to get out Im ready to get out baby Ready Yeah Lets do this! Lets do this daddy!


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