Russian Mom Feeds People Meat Jello

Russian Mom Feeds People Meat Jello

– Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat– (Russian folk music) – So, I wasn’t planning
on making this video, but the other day I was
shooting with my mom, and just like any typical
Jewish-Russian mom, all she could focus on was feeding me. So, she brought me Holodets, which is a traditional Russian dish. It’s just meat engulfed in its own fat. She loves it. I don’t know why; I hate it. This is what happened. Mom, I’m not having it.
– There. – Mom, no, no.
– There. – No means no, okay?
– There; there. – Mom, no, I’m not having it.
– There. – Just try it; if you don’t
like it, you can spit it out. Just try it. – [Female Voice] Chew, Eric. – You know what? You should let your friends
in the office try it. Because I know that
everybody’s gonna like it. You’d be nuts. – Oh, you think everybody’s gonna like it? – Yes, I think so.
– Okay, you wanna make a bet? – Well– – All right, what are we betting? – We’ll bet that if they
like it, you eat it. – Oh, if they like it, I eat it, okay. – Yeah, you eat the whole thing. – And if they don’t like it? – And if they don’t like it, I’ll eat it. – (snorts) What? You like it. No, if they don’t like it, I never have to eat this ever again. – That’s fine, agreed. (Russian folk music) Hi. – Oh my god, hello. – Hi, I’m Eric’s mom. – Oh my god. – Hi, I’ve heard so much about you. – I brought in a little lunch. Excuse me. Hi, sorry to bother you. I’m Eric’s mom, and we made
a little bet with Eric. I brought him lunch. – Eric, are you serious? You’re seriously bringing
your mom into this? – Is this a big bite? Is this too much? – [Mom] This is perfect. – This is a good-sized bite.
– It’s a really good bite. – To Eric’s family. Uh-hmmm. – [Mom] You have to get used to it. – Thank you so much. – Good? – Achoo. – Not bad, right? – Huh-uh. – What do you think? – It literally just tastes
like chicken and jello. – [Mom] Yeah, you like it? – It tastes like chicken and jello. – We eat it with horseradish and bread. So can I put a little horseradish,
and you’ll give it a try? – I honestly think that would help. – Yes, okay, let me get it. – Buddy, I need to get out of here. – This is made out of chicken fat. Like, I don’t think this is real jello that you get in the store. I don’t taste the strawberry, the cherry. – Texturally, I thought
I was about to die. – Wait until you try it with horseradish. This is for you dissolve it. And like this. Okay? And you take a piece of black bread. – Black bread? – Black bread. – This is black bread. Is it whole wheat or anything? – It’s made out of black something. I’m not exactly sure. – Got it. – So first that.
– First this. – [Both] And then that. – Gotcha. – Second time. (surprised whimper) – (groan of disgust)
I mean, this is great. – Good, right? – Did you make this yourself? – Yes. (chuckles) – Yeah, I get it. – This is literally just horseradish. – Horseradish definitely helps. – Yes, yes, you know what would help? Vodka. – Vodka? – Yes. – I thought I just ate a shot of vodka. – This afternoon has
gone from zero to 100. Oh, this is your typical
Russian shot glass? – So, the bet is that if you like it, Eric is gonna eat the whole thing. – Oh well, I love it. – Yeah, this is really good. – I love it, Eric. Now you have to eat some. – So, did you guys like it? (all exclaim in agreement) – [Coworker] It was delicious. (all chatter in agreement) – [Coworker] That bread? To die for. – Eat the meat. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. (Coworkers chatter) – Why is there vodka in there? (all exclaim in disgust) – Oh, come on, you’ve got to be strong. – You still have to eat it all. – I’m done; I’m done. No, I’m quitting. – [Coworker] Your food’s delicious. You’re son’s a piece of (bleep). (all laugh)


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