Si tu es âgé de 30 à 70 ans regarde cette vidéo sur l’Oignon jusqu’au au Bout ,tu seras très surpris

cocoon but a word I still want to you
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you will like onion you consume every day once you get
watch this content especially if you are 30 to 70 years old though it is
also good for children and teens
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joined your wonderful family me says loignon coach besides being
versatile can be consumed from many ways is used in various
kitchen dishes it’s also a source of various essential nutrients
for the proper functioning of the body tell me in the comments that a
garden union is what you prefer the more white lannion to red or alan
purple tell me too is what you knew it’s important after you
cut a stump it is imperative to the consume and is not leave it to
cool like most people do it ok the properties of the onions are
justified by the presence of minerals such as sulfur
calcium potassium and magnesium and in large quantity nature the world
also in vitamins c b1 b2 case and and that’s why I prefer you
advise to eat this raw you prevent the loss of nutrients and
antioxidants the pear so tim he contains is of flavonoids which is
found in abundance in onion and in more of his action
on the respiratory system for cause the crypt is helped in the
asthma treatment it is also beneficial for the
circulation and help prevent thrombosis and aging
arteries and veins in addition to lowering cholesterol if
you want to know more about knowing why should we consume this
site every day I invite you to watch this video until the end so
to understand what it is loignon in this video in addition to you
give an exceptional recipe I will show you all the benefits
white purple onion and all other kinds of onion so we can
mention in number 1 loignon improves the cardiovascular system they
contain a lot of keratin and flavonoids e important they
perform various functions in the including body improves circulation
blood with these sulfur compounds the wagne we decrease the trend had to the
formation of blood clots in the meaning preventing thrombosis is so the
aging of apd and caregivers also helps to reduce levels of
bad cholesterol in the blood I invite you to share this video
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support me this will give me a little idea of ​​the diversity that follows me a
number of luan you is an anti anemia the winner are vegetables that contain
iron phosphorus and vitamin E which functions in the production of
swollen red blood cells that helps to prevent the limit a number 3 onion
helps fight the ruby ​​the flu the onions are rich in vitamins here
which strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight the virus from
the flu sulfur contained in loignon the ability to relieve symptoms
cold they also contain
flavonoids that help fight various diseases of the system
respiratory as the flu the trump asthma and of course other allergies
at number 4 loignon helps to control hypertension
it contains potassium and mini raz that help control
blood pressure and rhythm cardiac number 5 onion contains
diuretic properties potassium that contains helps prevent the
fluid retention and beneficial for the air at number 6 the lamb is good for
the nervous system because they contain elements such as potassium and
magnesium needed for the transmission and regeneration
nerve impulses in number 7 this promotes weight loss due to its
low caloric value issa high fiber content these properties are
ideal by including it in a diet slimming fiber that contains
will improve intestinal transit and help eliminate toxins in
decreasing well on the absorption of number 8 fats
onion is good for women pregnant indeed it is rich in
folates that is essential for the good fetal development in
first weeks of your pregnancy a number 9 onions contains some
antioxidants such as vitamin ice and the sulfur and flavonoids of the onion
contains quercetin and stops social these antioxidants come back the
free radicals and reduce levels Onion inflammation warns
also premature aging and helps to have a protective effect against
certain types of cancer benefits red depresson and are due to the most
large amount of anthocyanins and by therefore brings a greater
power in antioxidants the red onion and in comparison with other types
dove remains the best you go see a red onion and costs more
on the market that the white onion in number 10 onion to benefits I
am or waters studies have shown that the
Frequent consumption customs can be help increase bone density
this property especially beneficial for menopausal women
when bone density decreases a number 11 lannion has a direct effect on
sleep and good mood for avoid the excess of my system in the
body interferes with production of hormones that regulates humor and
well-being like serotonin dopamine a number a donkey or reused
as a common remedy siro at home in effect if you have a cough you can
remediate with this onion syrup it is an old house reminder used
to treat various problems respiratory calculus at all the branch
and pneumonia this has properties said the aunt and to
eliminate excess flec no longer quickly to prepare the syrup
it is advisable to use honey a stump and juice of 3 lemons
the ingredients are beaten in a blender until you get
a homogeneous mixture children take two small
spoons of syrup a day and for adults 4 teaspoon now that
you know all these benefits I hope you will
consume it most often I would like know your opinion about it if you
have arrived so far this means that you watched the video until you
end so give me a maximum of lightspeed world was going to order to
how often do you consume onion at home I need to know that you
have watched the video until for remember to share this
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very soon but to take away is the took great care of your bo bo


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