– Hello, everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today, essentially we are shoving a can of Sprite,
other brands are available, but this works well, lemon and lime. We’re shovin’ a can of
Sprite up a chicken’s bum. Trust me, it works really, really well. I actually did a video
with a beer can years ago. It’s on the channel somewhere, so if you wanna find that, you can, but it basically steams the chicken, the inside, the fluid, because
you wedge the chicken on. It steams, it makes it all tender, and you ram it full of flavour. You’re gonna absolutely love it. I hope you will, unless you’re vegetarian, and that might be awkward. You can’t really do this to a carrot. And when it comes to the
can, intentional chicken pun, you can fill it, whee,
with anything you like. So, without further ado, if
you’re not on the website the full method and ingredients
are right down here. (tongue clicking) Let’s get goin’. Okay, there is not much more to say here. I wanna keep it quite brief because it’s not the most
interesting thing to look at. This is a chicken, as you know. You got the head end,
which is now just the neck. And then the butt, which is where our can is gonna go up there. So, let’s get rid of all
the strings and stuff. A lot of people say to
me, “Barry, what is your “favourite gadget?” And actually, out of all of them, I just really like food scissors,
I find them really good. So, we’re just gettin’ the string out that holds and tucks all these. See this? Yes. Yes, we can now, oh, I’m gonna have to spin you ’round to show this. I’ve basically pulled
the legs out of there, and you get a good
opening to get our can in. Gonna tuck the wings in there. I don’t really wanna
touch them at the moment. But that’s what we’re lookin’ at really. We got the neck there,
which we’ll also use. I’m just gonna go wash my hands, and I’m gonna make a little
bit of a rubby thing for it. All right, so, just for
reference, that chicken, I have given it a wash and patted it dry with some kitchen towel, all right? So, this is three garlic cloves, which I’m just gonna mince up. One of my absolute
favourite gadgets, this one. This is a bowl of melted butter, so we’re just gonna push
the garlic in there. Teaspoon of paprika, you guys
know how much I like that. Two teaspoons of brown
sugar, some pug seasoning, so that’s, I think, salt in that one. Pepper’s in that one,
no, other way around. This is half a lemon,
gettin’ the juice out of it. And then half a lime. Givin’ that inner-Sprite vibe, you know? Just pour that in, woo! And mix it all around, mixy, mixy, mix. Make sure the sugar all dissolves, that’s probably the most
important thing, and the paprika. Try and get a nice sort
of smooth feel going on. Oh, yeah. Alrighty, that’s looking cool. To prevent the can of drink bubblin’ over, you only need it half full, so you can kinda drink
the rest if you want. I’m really rubbish at drinking
fizzy drinks in general. Whenever I go out with
my mates and have a beer, they’re like down it, down it. Trust me, everything in my
body wants me to down it. ♫ My mind’s tellin’ me Other way around. But I can’t, there’s
somethin’ about fizzy drinks. I have to drink them slowly. It makes my nose itch or somethin’. Gimme a shot of Jagerbomb any day. But, about half full’s fine. So, just for the moment,
I’ve transferred our chicken, ♫ Der-der-der the dancing chicken Don’t know what that was, sorry, to a lipped baking tray, okay? Because some of the juices could run out as we really paint it. You’re gonna need a painting brush? You could, just never use
it ever again on your walls. That would be really weird. Pastry brush. So, all we’ll do is start to just brush this mixture onto the chicken. ♫ Wah-Wah-Wah-Wah-wah We kinda wanna stain it, all right? It’s gonna take quite a while. You wanna try and cover every little nook. And I know it’s not the prettiest thing to look at right now, but this is really gonna help it. So, remember we got the
garlic on there as well. As we’re paintin’ it, the
little chunks of garlic are just startin’ to sit on the chicken. This is good, this is good. And where the Sprite can’s goin’, paint inside there a little bit as well. And because the chicken’s so cold, it’s actually making the butter almost go back to a buttery stage already. So, you can see it’s thickening
up as I’m brushin’ it. That is a good thing, folks. So, here’s the neck part here, and what we do is if you get your fingers, you can actually start to lift the skin off of the chicken breast bit here, okay? I’m actually using my
other finger to push. See my finger? Wah-wah-wah. It’s actually under the chicken breast, and what we can do if
we just get a relatively good opening on either side. God, this is like an operation today. Just imagine that you
turn up Christmas day to, hey, we’re playin’ Operation, but it’s just a chicken. And by doing that,
we’re just gettin’, see? I’m gettin’ my brush down the chicken, actually into the breast, pushin’ that flavour in under the skin, and that’s where we want it. So, keep goin’ as much
as you want with that. So, now we put the chicken
onto the Sprite can. Ah, there we go (laughs). It’s a little bit weird at first, but we need to make sure, oh, yes, that’s cool, it is actually stood up. And now, it’s the perfect opportunity to give it bit more of a coatin’. So, we’ll just really
paint it up some more. And we can see how the
steam from the Sprite is just gonna get right
through that chicken. And we’re not gonna
forget the neck as well because the neck does
have, obviously, a hole for it to escape, so we can put
some extra flavour in there. So, that’s the neck in there, and all I’m gonna do, I’ve
got half a lemon there, I’m just gonna shove that in and just tuck it in like that, all right? So, if the steam does hit the lemon, it’s gonna put more flavour back in, and, hopefully, it can’t escape. We’ll keep this bowl to one side and just get one more little
brush on the top there. And what we can do, if we wish, while it’s going in the
oven, we can top this up. But that is ready for roastin’. (laughs) Amy just came in
with this look a minute ago and just looked really confused
going what the heck is that? It’s not something you
see every day, folks, and I’m sorry if it’s
freaked a few of you out, but it’s chicken, right? So, I’m very carefully
transferring this down. That is goin’ in there for
at least an hour and a half. We’ll see how the colour develops, but we might add some more of this on halfway through the cooking, but other than that, that’s about it. A Patreon shout out goes
to Christine Hathaway. Thank you so much to
all the patreons so far. If you are a patreon, you
would have seen an exclusive of Boston on a T-shirt
that you’ll be seein’ in future videos, it’s
gone down pretty well. And, of course, not forgettin’ the other social media platforms. We’ll go for Twitter, Chloe
Thompson, hello, Chloe. She wants me to try and
make Heston Blumenthal’s spaghetti bolognese, so maybe
we’ll give that a go soon. I don’t know if he does
anything wacky with it. I don’t know, like put
marigolds in it or somethin’. It’s been half an hour. The smell in here is phenomenal. I was literally just sat
on the sofa over there just sort of going, hmm (sniffs). Kinda like what Boston
is doing right now, huh? I see ya, boy, I see ya. But anyhow, what I’m gonna
do is just keep bastin’ it on there maybe every half an hour to just get that golden colour, and I’ll let you know the
exact cooking time for me. Mine was a large chicken. And all I’m doin’ is just
pulling the tray out, so I’m not makin’ it too
dangerous for myself. I’m just givin’ me a nice little work surface to go on, just ensurin’ that I get it nice and coated in this (groans). Put it back in, carefully
spin the tray around, Gonna do its backside as well. It smells amazing. We interrupt this recipe for a dad’s joke. Are you ready? What do you call a chicken
with lettuce over its eyes? Chicken Caesar salad, get it? Chicken sees a salad. It’s terrible, someone just sent me that. I just wanna show you folks, this has been about an
hour and 10 minutes. You gotta let it burp a little bit ’cause obviously there
is steam comin’ out, but the colour on this
chicken is phenomenal. Can you see that right there? Really good colour, obviously
the top’s gonna get a bit more browned because
it’s the highest point, but what you can do is,
some of the juices in there, just baste it as you go like that. I’m gonna probably give
this another 20 minutes, and then we’re ready to rock. But do keep spinning it ’round so the front and the back
get even side cookin’, okay? This is good stuff right here. Baste it, baste it, baby. We’re just about to
get it out of the oven. It looks amazin’. Just to let you know,
I never colour correct any of my footage. I don’t really know how to do it. I’ve never really learned,
so I could probably pimp it up and make it
look even better than this, but just trust me, when you
make it, it will look stonkin’. Here we go, I think Homer’s excited. Oh (gasps) ♫ Do-do-do-do-do-do-do. There it is, folks, check that out. Oh, my gosh, there I can spin it ’round. Look, it’s just sat upright, I love it. So, it is really good, with most meats, after you cook it, to let it rest. I’ve never quite understood that, but it lets the meat
relax and be tendered. Tendered? No, that’s like money, isn’t it? Like nice and tender,
trust me, it’s worth it. But we can just get some of
these juices that are in the pan and just spread it and coat
it all up and down like so. (groans) Is it all right to enjoy this? I’m really enjoying this. We’re gonna wrap it in tin foil. You can do it quite loosely. Yeah, you can just do it quite loosely. It’s not like it’s a Christmas
present or somethin’, and to be fair, I do wrap
my Christmas presents like that anyway. We’re just gonna let it rest
for maybe 15, 20 minutes, and then, obviously, we don’t forget that there’s a can of Sprite in there. And the lemon in the top,
we’ll just pull that out and serve it up. I’m probably gonna have
a chicken mango sandwich. Please bear in mind I’m
only doin’ this step just to get a thumbnail picture. (laughs) Look at that. All right, I’m gonna literally
freeze frame that (laughs), and that might be the thumbnail. So you can just see a bit
of Sprite can, all right? Oh, wow, the steam
comin’ out of that then. (groans) (laughs) There we go. Gonna have to let it lie down I think. Oh, no, it’s sat down, amazing. Don’t drink that. So, I’m having mine in
my favourite sandwich, which is a chicken mango sandwich. So, butter, good squirt of mayo. Bear it in mind, we’re gonna
have loads of leftovers. They go really nice with a salad. Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah. Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah. And then mango chutney gives
it a little bit of spice. You can make your own, I
should do a recipe on that. Actually, I do like making
my own homemade one. We’re using the jar
today, and that’s fine. Don’t always need to reinvent the wheel, but if you like things your own way, that’s the fun of cooking, right? Just get that all smeared on there. Now, we dump our chicken on that. I’m just tryin’ to pull
it out a little bit so it blows down a teeny bit. Oh, my God. That chicken, just look at that piece. That is so tender (gasps) bonk. Oh, man, (groans). That’s like velvet, that’s
goin’ right on there. One more little piece maybe. A few little pieces there (gasps), shove me lid on (groans). Oh, my God (sighs) (groans). I apologise, I realise I’m
making a lot of noises. Here we go, and just before I eat it, some of you guys are worried a little bit about havin’ the studio,
if it will change my style. Trust me, it will not. I’m interviewing people to
be a production team with me, and it’s mandatory that
we keep it real like this. We’ll have our own little
personal camera, all right? Here we go (groans). Oh, my God, my taste buds have just suddenly turned into fireworks. They’re going bang! That is phenomenal, the
chicken is so tender, so delicate, so moist and juicy. Absolutely breathtakin’,
Homer would be proud of that. So, there we go then, folks,
another recipe in the bag. There are hundreds more
on MyVirginKitchen.com. Let me know down below
what you wanna see next, subscribe for regular
recipes and food fun, and don’t forget to
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bits and bobs. Love ya, and I’ll see ya
next time, give this a go. ♫ My mind’s tellin’ me no


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