Stoners Try Not To Eat Challenge #2 | People Vs. Food

Stoners Try Not To Eat Challenge #2 | People Vs. Food

– Oh no, on fire!
Where is the extinguisher? Ah, there it is! – Oh it get… (gasps)
It overcooks! – I can’t believe people
do this for fun. – Wow, it looks like
the one in the game! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So how do you guys feel about combining video games
with marijuana usage? – Well, the…
– I suck at it sober, so I’m gonna suck at it more
when I’m high. – Getting high and playing video games
is probably like one of my top five
favorite activities. – It is my recreational activity. – (FBE) So today as you can see, we’re gonna be playing
some Overcooked 2. Have you guys played this game before? – No, I’ve never heard of it.
– No. – You seem very excited.
– I love this game. So we are, we’re workers
in a kitchen, and we’re trying to get orders out.
– Okay. – But you can only do
one task at a time. (laughs) – (FBE) So after each level,
we’re gonna bring out the real life versions of the dish
that you guys just created. – (laughs) Oh God. – Oh dude, that’s gonna great.
– I hope it’s the burger one. – We gotta be careful, man.
We gotta be careful. – (FBE) Of course, we can’t
just be nice and give you food, so this is a Try Not To Eat. – (laughs) No! – (FBE) For every dish that you sample there will be a punishment food
at the end! – Man, I just ate
a bag of Doritos, too. Now you’re gonna put more
food in front of me? – Okay.
– Where am I going? – We’re making sushi, right?
– What was… (laughs) – What are we making? – How do I pick it up?
– Oh, it’s right there. – And at the top,
it says what we have to cook, so that’s seaweed,
and then we have to grab seaweed, like the ingredients out of a bin. – We gotta cook the rice, right? We gotta cook the rice.
– Okay, cook the rice. – Okay.
– Over here. Okay, you…
– Okay, oh, oh no! – Go the other way,
’cause it’s a conveyor belt. – (gasps) Whoa. – Aw [bleep] I just threw the rice. – How am I helping you?
I don’t think I’m helping you at all. – There we go, it’s ready!
– Oh, it’s done? – Okay, where’s the, there!
No, okay! – Okay, okay, okay.
– Let’s start a new one, now we know, okay. – Gonna put that way with that… – Did you see that beautiful throw? That’s how you know
I played this too much! – I have no idea
what is going on. I didn’t see anything.
– (laughs) I’m so good at this game. – Oh it did… (gasps)
It overcooks! – I can’t believe
people do this for fun. I mean, I get it.
This seems like work. – Okay, I don’t know how
to put the pickle inside the pot. – I got you bro.
– I’m throwing the cucumber, and I’m chopping with X. – Okay, so where’s the…
I have a pot, what do I do with this?
– I threw the cucumber on the floor. – Oh, okay.
– I’m trying to pick it back up. – Get the fire extinguisher!
– Oh God! – Ah, it’s spreading! – Oh no, one’s on fire,
it’s on fire! – Oh, this isn’t what we wanted!
– Oh no, on fire! Where is the extinguisher?
Ah, there it is! – Yeah, but we still need seaweed.
– Mm, oh boy. Oh, where, we gotta put it on a plate
before it’s too late. – I’m so high.
– I am too. – I’m too high for this!
Oh, I accidentally made it into a burrito.
– Oh, I made sushi! – She’s the only one
that’s done it. – We’re cooking now, bro.
Oh yeah! – Go over here, go here with it! (Marissa screams)
Did we get it? Ugh!
– Awwww! – To get our bearings was hard.
– Yeah! – We didn’t do well.
– I felt… – We didn’t do well.
– We did terribly. – Time’s up! (gasps) – I don’t think we got one. – That was bad, I’m embarrassed. – Oh, we failed!
– We did? – We got nine dollars.
How do you wanna spend that? – (FBE) So we’re gonna bring out
the dish you just made. – Oh, I love sushi.
– I love sushi. – (FBE) Perfectly rolled cucumber
and tuna sushi. And don’t worry, none of this fish
fell on the floor. – I love sushi, but if there’s a punishment at the end
the last thing I want in my stomach is sushi. – Alright, I will pass this
on the sushi. Are you gonna pass?
– Yeah I’m gonna pass, I’m gonna pass. – Damn!
– That one looks good. – You’re not gonna go for it?
– No. – Ah. And let’s see.
– Yeah. I’m standing my ground
the whole time. I don’t care what you
put in front of me. (buzzer rings) – Yeah?
– Geez, bro, you’re missing out. (buzzer rings) – (FBE) Immediately digs in! (buzzer rings) – Tiny sushi’s interesting.
– Mm-hmm. – ‘Cause there’s not as much. – You ready? – I’m as ready as I’m ever gonna be. – I think so too. – I’ll tell you what to do,
and then try to do it. – Do you wanna go strategy?
We could do this with strategy. – Strategy?
What’s the strategy? – Like you chop the cheese,
I chop the cheese, wait. (laughs) – I need to cook it, right?
– You’re gonna chop it first. – Oh, I’m gonna chop it.
Chop dough? – (FBE) Yep.
– Alright. – Oh, that’s dough! – I’m glad she’s doing all the work. – I worked a pizza shop,
so I got you. – Wait a minute, oh no!
– What? – I forgot we take it to the oven. – Hi-ya!
– Okay. – Ooh, got it! – Go ahead and move this pizza… – In the oven.
– In the oven. – But you need your plate though. – Ah, no I don’t.
– Oh, you got it in there. – Yolo, Jesus, no! – Whoa, I just threw
the sausage on the floor. – How’d you throw it?
– I don’t know. – Where’d you get, oh!
– Put it on the cutting board. – Can I throw it back?
Oh, that’s so cool! – She’s dropping our cheese
on the floor. – Could you send the plate
out to your kind customers waiting in the lobby?
– Throw it, thank you. – Ooh, that throw though.
– That was unintentional! – These are floating!
– Oh with all pizzas, yeah they are floating. – Oh wow.
– Oh, sausage, I’m gonna get some cheese.
Oh no, we can’t get to our God damn pizza! – Oh [bleep].
– [bleep]! – What am I dropping?
– Just keep dropping. See those plates over there?
You wanna clean them for me? – No!
God damn, it’s on fire. We lost that pizza,
and I gotta pick this guy up. – [bleep] Why are we so bad? – Cheese, cheese bro, cheese, cheese! – And then pick up is A. – Weiner, let’s get the weiner. – Hah, who did it?
Me, this time. – We have 10 seconds,
what do we do? – There it is. – You’re gonna chop more sausage! – Done. (screams)
– Ugh, damn it. – So close!
– Ah. – Let’s see, B.
– Cheese! – No!
– I’m so bad. – That’s not as bad. – I feel like
our communication’s getting better. – It is getting better!
– It is. – (FBE) So you just attempted
to make some beautiful pepperoni pizza masterpieces,
so here is the real life version topped with tomato sauce,
a blend of cheeses, and lots of pepperoni. Can you resist this delicious pie? – I can,
I eat a lot of pizza. (laughs) – I’m thinking about it.
Should I do it? – Girl, you can’t ask me. – I can resist, and I will resist.
– I can resist. – It smells good,
but it doesn’t look good. – I love how honest you are,
’cause I feel the same way. – Frisbee it away! – I’m hungry.
No, stay down. (pizza crunches)
– Ooh, that crunch! (buzzer rings) – I’m not upset. – (FBE) You’re gonna head on over
to level 5-2. – Oh crap. – 5-2, we’re on a hot air balloon! For a hot air balloon restaurant. So we’re making burgers, so you can put buns
on the plates if you want. Buns are up here. – Um, burger, okay, you have the bun.
– Oh, it’s a burger. – And that, I’ll get cheese,
you get the burger and tomatoes. – (FBE) You have to chop the meat. – Oh, I have to chop it first.
[bleep] Chop it and then cook it? – Oh.
– Whoa, why is it vibrating? Whoa.
– (FBE) Oh, ’cause it’s on fire. – Oh, [bleep]!
– Who’s on fire? – Oh there’s a fire! [bleep]
That’s why the remotes are going. – Fah!
– There you go. – Okay, do you wanna do a job? – I’m putting out this fire,
girlfriend. – Hey man, this is sabotage! – Why does it just
keep randomly lighting on fire? This is violating
all sorts of health codes. – Your job’s gonna be cheese and buns. – I don’t even know where I am! – Cheese! (laughs)
And buns! – The fire! – That was wrong.
– [bleep] – Did I do the wrong one? – Did you cook the meat? – Now everything’s gonna taste
like the fire extinguisher thing. – Oof.
– Ooh. – Okay, I got one! – Cheese and buns,
what happened to cheese and buns? – I’m putting out fire.
– Okay. Did we just, hell yeah! Oh, we still need to do another one. – I didn’t start the fire. ♪ We didn’t start the fire ♪ – I will get us one star at least.
One star. – I believe! – I got one, okay.
– I feel like we need to wash dishes soon,
am I wrong about that? – No, I think you’re
absolutely right. – Oh!
We didn’t put meat on the burger. – It’s not fully cooked,
but some people like it like that. – Oh my gosh! – Do we have to cook a steak? We have 10 seconds to cook a steak,
so that’s not happening. You’re gonna just have to settle
for what we… – Can we give them
like a cooked steak? That counts, right? – I tried.
– I give up. – I was so close to making one. – Ope, time’s up! – Aw, we have no plates. (bell rings) – Damn it.
– That hurts. – Can you give us an easy level? – We’re at negative 362.
This is not a good day at work. (bell rings)
– I put out fire. – No, not even a star! – (FBE) So in honor
of the amazing treats you just worked so hard to create,
here are some incredible, juicy burgers topped with the works
and no, they did not catch on fire. We also have condiments
if you want condiments. – I want something sweet. (laughs) – I could pass on this one.
– I could pass. – I’m gonna take a bite, guys.
‘Cause I already lost. – (laughs) So dramatic. (buzzer rings) That’s a beautiful bite. – (FBE) You’re still
thinking about it, Ethan. – Don’t judge me! – I’m doing this one.
– Okay, great. – Like, it’s happening.
Let’s cheers it! – Cheers!
– That might, it’s kinda ruined now. It was pretty.
– One, two three. Cheers!
– Cheers! (buzzer rings) My burger fell apart! – (FBE) Finally, you guys, you’re gonna be playing level 6-1
to discover what the winning food is. Of course, you only get
to eat this food if you haven’t already sampled
the previous dishes, which you did, so since both of you
already failed this Try Not To Eat, you won’t get to taste this last dish. However, I’m still gonna make you
make it in the game. – Oh my gosh.
– That’s okay. – The new recipe.
– (gasps) Is it a cake? – Mix flours and egg
with chopped honey. – The honey, the carrot
and the chocolate all have to be cut. How do you cut honey? Oh, we’re starting. – Alright, it’s like
carrot cake and stuff. Are you ready? So we need flour and egg! – Okay, no, I don’t need this,
drop, grab. Yeah!
– Oh my God. – Beautiful, $8 tip, yo.
Okay, let’s get flour. – Chop flours in here.
– You son of a bitch. I’m literally stuck! – Yeah, look at that teamwork! – Fire extinguisher! – This is like good training for… – I don’t know about that. – Chef, like a chef. It’s like probably a requirement
you have to take, for like Le Cordon Bleu. – I’m gonna chop some more chocolate. – God, you’re so bad
at directions. – I don’t know what I’m doing. – We’re gonna mix it,
then we gotta take it back to the other side of the room. – I’m surrounded right now.
– Oh, I got you, I got you! – The fires eventually go out though
so if I just wait here and meditate. Oh, okay. – I have no idea what I’m doing. – I’m getting so good at this game. – I’m gonna enjoy that cake.
Oh [bleep] we still need a plate. – I thought that was a knife,
and that was the fire extinguisher. – Our things are gonna overmix.
(yells) – Oh, oh, the oven!
Getting the oven! – Oh, thank you, thank you!
(grunts) – Ah, good save, good save.
– Okay. – Oh, can you get an egg?
Look it’s right next to you. Drop the fire extinguisher,
you don’t need it. – Oh, I need to cook it!
Oh my God. – You’re gonna give them raw food,
you’re a bad chef! – I was gonna give them.
It’s like cookie dough, people love that, you know? – No, get up baby!
– Can you pick it up? Can you pick it up,
can you pick it up, can you pick it up? Oh no, the carrot died!
– No! – Oh, the cake died. – Did you give up? (laughs)
– Yeah, sorry, I zoned out. (laughs) I zoned out.
– Where am I going? – I wasn’t even playing. – [bleep] you, flour! – I don’t think I’m…
– A [bleep] bowl! Ah, I made it, I made it.
I made it, I got three! – Good. – Whoa, that was so stressful.
– Hey guys. – Okay, perfect, alright, and, I gotta at least get one more! Awesome!
– Good job, good job. – 250, that’s our best one so far. – No, I don’t wanna fall,
I’m gonna fall. It was an accident, I’m sorry. (bell rings) I didn’t mean to do that, I swear. – Ah, pick it up bitch, what am I,
are you kidding me? I hate this game, it’s the worst game!
– I just wanna see… – I’m so sorry.
– Oh, we only got negative 42. – I did that by myself.
– Yeah. – I literally had a moment.
– For reals. – Where I realized I was alone
in this world, and he was there
to [bleep] it all up. – Yeah. – But it’s okay, it was fun to watch. – We’re buddies. – This is so hard to play stoned. I’m also very high.
– Yeah. – (FBE) So obviously
if you hadn’t lost today, you would’ve gotten
to have some cake. So we’re gonna bring that out
and show that to you, just to really tantalize you here. – Wow, it looks like
the one in the game! – (FBE) Izzy, we’ve got
a chocolate slice for you, and Nora, honey vanilla slice for you. – Oh my gosh, thank you guys. – This was worth waiting for.
– Mm-hmm. – Mmm, I have cotton mouth. (laughs) – I’m a big fan of cake.
I have cotton mouth too. – That’s the best looking
thing so far. – I’m so mad. – (FBE) So that is all for you. Luis, you cannot have any
of Jordan’s delicious cake. – This is my cake. – But that’s the best stuff
for the munchies though. – Mm-hmm.
– Only ate one thing. – (FBE) So you guys both tried
one food today, which means you have to eat
one triangle of burned toast for every food you ate. It’s severely overcooked. – Aha, aha, aha. God damn it. (toast crunches) – (FBE) Danny’s doing ASMR now.
– Mm-hmm. (toast crunches) – This is the dryest thing
I ever ate. – This just breaks in my hand.
– Alright. (toast crunches) – Feel like I’m eating charcoal. – No regrets. – Thanks for watching us
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