Stop Calling Sugar Food – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Stop Calling Sugar Food – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

so we need to eat to live and the food
companies know that and they use that information to trick us into believing
that we also need sugar to live and I want to talk today about why that’s
absolutely false Hello Everyone, welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist I work out of Montreal
Canada and the reason I make these videos is to help people understand that
your physical health and mental health come together to create your overall
sense of well-being if you find this kind of video helpful please consider
subscribing everybody understands that we need food to live so need food to
live and then when we talk about what food is let’s be clear on the definition
of food so food is nourishment for our body and in order to nourish our body
nourishment is a substance necessary for growth health and energy necessary is
sugar a food according to that definition it isn’t because sugar is not
necessary for growth sugar is not necessary for energy and it’s not
necessary for health actually sugar harms our health so if that’s the case
why do we keep calling sugar food what we call sugar food because the food
company keeps telling us that sugars food sugar is an energy source now so
let’s back up is protein of food yes because it’s necessary for health it’s
necessary for growth it does give us energy it’s fat of food yes because it’s
necessary for growth it’s necessary for health and it does give us energy sugar
does not give us any health nor any growth is sugar necessary in the body
yes but the difference is when we need to eat something we need to eat it
because we can’t produce it sugar can be produced in the quantity that we
actually need in our body so therefore sugar is a substance not a
food and it’s important for us to understand that difference there is no
reason to actually eat sugar so until we stop calling sugar food we will continue
to be tricked by the food company that it’s necessary it is not what that
really means is that whenever we eat sugar we are eating it because of the
fun of the pleasure that it gives us not because we need it the same way that a
lot of people drink alcohol for the fun that it gives us it’s not necessary to
have the same way that some people take illicit drugs like cocaine or marijuana
or other drugs because of the fun that it gives them it’s not necessary sugar
falls into that category I also want to point out because we use sugar for
entertainment but we also use sugar to avoid our problems and we also use sugar
to soothe ourselves why we grew up eating sugar and unfortunately we’ve
grown up being taught that food pleasure can be used as a substitute for life’s
pleasures so if we had an argument with someone we can eat some ice cream if
we’re feeling lonely we can eat some chips if we had a hard day at work we
could drink a soda or any number of other things that we can ingest to get
that dopamine hit and that endorphin rush to help us to feel happier but is
it actually solving the problem not at all we use sugar to avoid dealing with
real life issue that we actually should be dealing with
we use sugar to help ourselves get that emotional hug because we’re not getting
it from the people in our lives or from the situations that we would like to get
it from we use sugar to avoid dealing with problems and I want us to
understand that because the food companies are taking advantage of that
the food companies keep marketing products that get us to start our day
with sugar right the first thing we do in the morning is have a bowl of cereal
which is a bunch of sugar and then we go through the rest of our day chasing
sugar so then we can have our chocolate bars and we can have our ice cream then
we can have our cookies then we can have right and when we go through our day
chasing these things french fries potato chips etc why because we’re so used to
eating every few hours because sugar pushes us to want to eat that’s what it
does because our bodies very quickly put those sugars away and our brain wants
that rush to be there and it forces us to replace it if we don’t know that’s
happening then we actually think we’re hungry but keep in mind for every single
person that’s watching this video right now that has weight that you’d like to
eat lose well if I have weight on me that means I have energy on me if I have
energy on me that means that if I don’t eat anything my body could use this
energy alright but yet I’m chasing food right now how do we get out of this
situation how do we get out of the situation we’re constantly chasing
carbohydrates part-1 stop calling sugar food it’s an
addictive substance that has been put in most of our foods that’s keeping us
addicted here’s the thing the same way that I would never pull alcohol away
from an alcoholic without teaching them the tools that they need to have to deal
with their life’s problems chance that you’re gonna pull carbohydrates out of
your life without also dealing with the things that caused you to chase carbs
not very lately I’m sitting here in front of every one of you right now
saying please if you are currently trying to lose weight and you recognize
that you’re struggling with letting go of carbohydrates is because you are
using carbohydrates sugars to deal with your life problems whether you’re eating
because you’re sad you’re eating because you’re bored you’re eating because
something bad happened to you you’re eating because you’re celebrating you’re
eating because when you find yourself chasing carbohydrates is because you’re
solving an emotional something with food that you really should be solving by
looking directly at that emotional problem and working it out with the
person working it out at work working it out by addressing the failure that you
feel that you had or the problem that you feel like you’re engaging dealing
with life and if you are unable to do that on your own please consider seeing
a psychologist to help you to get through that the answer is not eating
more carbs because unfortunately what eating more carbs does is not only did
you not solve the problem but now you’re mad at yourself you’re mad at yourself
because maybe you put on a bit more weight you’re mad at yourself because
you installed your weight loss you’re mad at yourself because you’re not
accomplishing your goals you’re not accomplishing your goals because at the
end of the day no matter how much we think that the food companies are trying
to be transparent in the way that they label things they still find new ways to
misrepresent that there’s sugar in the food and so if they’re misrepresenting
that the sugar in the food you have to ask yourself why and it’s because they
are aware that sugar is highly addictive they are aware that if they keep you
eating sugar there’s more chance that you will buy their products they are
aware they fully know that you will buy more and more and more and more and more
of these processed foods if they can just get you to eat it the first time
that’s why processed foods are constantly going on special that’s why
they send samples in the mail to us for us to try because they want us to try
them because they want to see get that flavor they want us to become addicted
so that we will want it more and more and more and we need to understand
something it’s not because I try a new chocolate bar that I’m addicted to that
chocolate because I’m already addicted I’ve been
eating carbs this whole time the new chocolate bar just gives me a new avenue
to focus on so I’m not suggesting that if I just don’t try that new product I
won’t be addicted what I’m saying to you is we are all already addicted because
of the high number of carbohydrates we’ve already been allowing in our lives
because we were not aware of this information I was not aware I was not
aware until I got my hip issue that that hip issue which was preceded by a back
issue which was preceded by a neck issue which was preceded by knee and elbow
issues I was not aware that all of these joint issues all this soreness and pain
that I lived with from my early 20s until my early 40s I was not aware that
that was happening because I was addicted to carbs had I known I would
have stopped eating carbs a long time ago but I was not aware the same way
that I know you guys are not aware I’m trying to help you to be aware because I
want all my wellness words to be in the best possible healthy situation that you
can be in because as a wellness warrior I know that once you feel better you
will also go out there and spread the word and let other people understand
that eating too many carbs is not healthy it’s causing the inflammation
it’s causing the issues that you’re living with it’s causing the metabolic
syndrome that’s leading people towards diabetes that’s leading people towards
health issues that’s leading people towards Alzheimer’s all of these
conditions that could be avoided if we were aware that sugar is not a food it’s
a substance that gives us energy but there are other sub foods there are real
foods fats and proteins whole foods steak whole foods avocados whole foods
that can give us real energy and building blocks to build the best
possible body that we can we need to be honest ourselves nobody does drugs
because they just love drugs they do drugs because they’re in a bad situation
and wanted to get out of that situation so badly that they tried
drugged to see if they could escape and we continue to eat sugar for the same
reason it helps us to escape and I want you to understand that it’s a substance
not a food so that you can start looking at it differently take decisions seek
help if you need to so see a psychologist if that’s what you need to
be able to make your life better to solve the issue of having too much sugar
in your life because if we solve the issues in our lives so if we solve the
problems at work if we solve the issues with family if we solve the issues of
not feeling successful enough or not feeling like I’m a good person or if I
solve my issues that I don’t chase carbohydrates for that positive because
now I’ll be able to get positive from how I see my life now I’ll be able to
get positive from the fun interactions I have with the people around me now I’ll
get positives cuz I’m proud of me I want all my bonus warriors to take a deep
hard look at when you’re eating sugar so anything with carbs in it and ask
yourself especially if it’s a snack if I was hungry why didn’t I just have a meal
if I’m having processed foods why didn’t I have a meal if you are hungry have a
meal if you found this video helpful please consider subscribing I now have a
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Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I love making these videos for you guys
because I want everyone out there to do better right you can have a body that
takes you well into the future in a healthy way in that energetic way
feeling strong thanks for watching I can’t wait to talk to you next time


21 thoughts on “Stop Calling Sugar Food – Healthy Ketogenic Diet”

  • Stop calling sugar food!! 💯! Amen! Also, you are spot on about not using carbs to solve problems!! How I wish my sister could understand this! She told me recently that she can't stick to a Keto lifestyle because every time she starts, problems arise and she needs to have comfort foods. At that point, I realized that she wasn't open to hearing more.

  • You can feel how passionate you are on this topic…it is a blessing when we realise how negatively sugar affects us it should be renamed as slow poison….

  • Your talk is the best I've heard on this topic! It's a timely reminder and encouragement for everyone, especially during this holiday season! Thank you! You got my sub!

  • Thank you so much for this video. Just thank you. So honest because we all need to fix the underlying issues that lead us to making bad food choices.

  • One of the best so far Violet thank you. Going to stop myself and write down why I need it, have been aware that it,s a response to emotional need.

  • You are so right on target with this subject! I've never heard it explained like this so clearly by ANY expert of diet and nutrition. And I follow quit a few. Thanks for your unique perspective as a psychologist and producing a great video!

  • Violet you are a gem. We all have been fooled. Flour and sugar were invented for convenience. The food industry started producing low fat (high sugar) processed foods because the government (Ancel Keys, Sen. George McGovern) pushed low fat to reduce heart disease. We’ve always known desserts and candy will entice us even when we’re not hungry. Great perspective on emotional eating.

  • This video is spot on. Food is not entertainment. The worrying thing is, what chance do the "unwashed masses" have when most doctors are oblivious and clueless regarding excessive consumption of carbohydrates. They are as dumb as a box of bricks!…so I gave my doc the flick as he was a hopeless twat. He asked me what I was doing and if it might be a diet to implement on his overweight, obese, type 2 diabetic patients….seriously!? I was one of 'em, not now! Keto for 7 months now, and haven't looked back. Keto for life!

  • It sounds clever but it's a dishonest line of argument, I eat a starch based diet that has all macronutrients, nobody is recommending a refined sugar diet…

  • A lot of the high pleasure foods, have most of their calories from fat, like: pizza, ice cream, chips, donuts, cookies. Remove the fat from any of those foods and its much less likely you will binge eat them.. who eats a whole loaf of white bread or sorbet, add melted melted cheese and cream respectively and it changed everything. A gram of white sugar is 4 calories, a gram of fat is 9 calories..

  • The picture you posted of a bowl of oatmeal and fruit, has
    fat, protein, complex carbs, fibre, vitamins and minerals. The nutritional consensus, based on scientific evidence indicates its health promoting. And you saying it's just a bowl of sugar is inaccurate and dishonest.

  • Aches and pains or physical problems can't all be blamed on eating 'carbs'. Repetitive stress, accidents, physical labour (gardening, cleaning, lifting, snow removel) etc…..

  • Sure avocado and steak is a whole food, but so is brown rice, millet, quinoa and nobody is addicted to those foods. Its easy to eat excess calories from avocado, fried fish, oils, butter and meat, but a meal of whole grains, starchy veg, non starchy veg, legumes is calorie dilute and nutrient dense. The general population who consumes animal foods regularly also typically consumes soda and processed foods. But when you make the foundation of your diet composed of whole grains, starchy veg and legumes (plus some fruit and veg) sugar cravings decrease and energy becomes more constant.

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