STOP Counting Calories Once and For All

Hey, hey, everybody. Shaun Hadsall here
with Get Lean In 12 and Get Lean In 12 coach
Dan Kill Mode Long. Hey, everybody. And inside this
video, we want to talk about how to create synergy for
faster fat loss, plus portion controls that will– portion control
guidelines for food that will help you improve
your insulin sensitivity. Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic,
and inside this video, we’re going to talk about
combinations and portion control that can help
you control your insulin sensitivity. But the one thing that
you need to understand is that you must create
synergy with your diet and your exercise program, and
Dan and I have a philosophy– and we call this
the Get Lean In 12 Synergy Triangle– that it’s not
cardio that’s going to give you results, and it’s
not diet that’s going to give you
results, and it’s not weight training, or
resistance training, or body weight training that’s
going to give you results. It’s the synergistic effect. Right. Of all three of them
working together. And you can see here that
I have an apple in my hand. And the reason I’m
holding this apple is because I want to
drive home a point. Most people, when they
go to lose belly fat, there’s two kinds
of things they do. Excessive amounts
of cardio, which can be bad for your metabolism. Moderate amounts of low
intensity cardio are fine. The other thing that they
do is diet really hard. And they just do
those two things. So if you have an apple
or a pear-shaped body and all you do is diet your butt
off and do a bunch of cardio, you’re just going to be a
smaller version of this apple or pear when you’re done. So instead, you have
to have weight training in the equation. I think that’s the thing
that most people miss, especially women. They think they’re
going to bulk up? How many women have you
seen in the gym and or one of your friends, and they
say exactly what Shaun’s talking about, right? I cannot seem to
lose this shape. I cannot get thin. I cannot get rid of this
right around my belly. Skinny fat. Which is skinny fat. Right? I mean, I know you ladies
out there want a flat tummy, and I know you guys out
there want a six pack. This is the way, OK? And this is the
way you can become the person who you want to be. So listen to what
we’re saying here, OK? This is very important. The thing is, when you
add weight training into the equation,
your metabolic rate increases for hours afterwards. So it’s one of the great
hidden secrets of weight loss is adding in intense weight
training into your equation, because then when
you lose weight, now you’ll have lean,
sculpted, sexy muscle to show when you
burn off the goo and you get into
the ideal shape. And then, Dan, let’s talk about
portion control guidelines for insulin sensitivity. Right. So portion control, everybody. This is the simplest
and easiest way to be able to know, when you
go to eat that next meal, if you’re eating
the proper amount. So it’s called the hand,
fist, and thumb method. Very simple, OK? This thumb right
here– your thumb. You go to the end of your nail. And you see that little
part right there? This amount right here
should be the amount of fat that you consume in a meal. OK? No more than that. Should be nothing
more than a thumb. Then you have a fist, which
is the total amount of? Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important,
but when you have your fist– my fist is bigger than his fist. A little bit. Not much. Yours is probably gonna
be a little smaller. It could be a little bigger. That’s a good way to be able to
portion out your carbohydrates. And then the last
would be your palm. You look at right here
where your palm is. This is the amount of protein
that you should consume. So think about a steak. Think about a chicken
fillet, right? Think about whatever
piece of fish. Whatever it is you’re eating,
if you use this portion control method, I promise you,
you will not be an apple, and you will not be a pear. You’ll also control your
insulin sensitivity. So a couple things that drive
this home, what Dan said. Make sure you’re
balancing your meals. Don’t ever eat a starchy
carbohydrate or a ripe fruit by itself. Try to avoid that
by always including a protein in every single meal. Of course, you can
have veggies any time. Veggies don’t make
people fat, obviously. Protein burns more fat. So remember that. And then so back to what
he was talking about, too, is, obviously, you have
to make healthy choices. So the protein is more
like about a deck of cards. Remember, fats, too. He’s talking about
this thumb, right? Fats yield nine
calories per gram. Carbs and protein only yield
four calories per gram. So there’s over double the
calories in your friendly fats. So although these
are friendly fats, and they’re great
for you, things like nut butters, raw nuts,
coconut oil, all these things are amazing for your
health, but most people abuse the portion sizes of
them, and what ends up happening is you take your body out
of the calorie deficit. And also remember,
you don’t have to count calories.
that’s the take home message with the portions. The fist, palm, the
method is all about not counting calories. You don’t need a
portion belt, OK? You don’t need your
sharpie marker. You don’t need your zip ties. You don’t need your baggies
and your little scale. You don’t need that. Portion control with your fist. Exactly. All right. So I thank you for taking
time out of your busy day to check this out. As a free gift
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that in 12 minutes a few times a week. So thanks for watching this. And we’re living proof
that you can do it, because we’re both over 40. Right. Thank you, everybody. Keep going strong.


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