Street Food Mexico – WINNING TLACOYOS and BIRRIA in Roma Norte, Mexico City DF!

– Good morning, I hope
you’re having an awesome day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Mexico City. We’re staying in the Roma
Norte district of Mexico City, and this is an upscale, very
trendy area of this city. But what I love about it is that you’ll just be walking down the street, and you will find an abundance
of Mexican street food, almost on every single corner. So the plan for today is
we’re just gonna walk around the neighborhood that we’re staying in. We’re gonna go on a
Mexican street food tour. I’m not even totally sure
what exactly we’re gonna eat, but we’re gonna find the
places that are popular, and I’m gonna share it all
with you in this video, and I’m hungry. (relaxing dubstep) We walked over to one of the
main roads in Roma Norte, and this road is very popular
because a lot of people, I think more people work on this street and there’s a metro station very close by, so there’s quite a few street
food stalls, it’s busy. There’s a place that I wanna start with, which is just up the road, which serves this amazing chicken soup. Hola, buenos días! (converses in Spanish) (speaks Spanish)
Sí, por favor. (converses in Spanish) Gracias.
(speaks Spanish) This is a stall that Ying
and I have already eaten at a couple of times when we just
need something for takeaway. They serve chicken soup,
it’s called Caldo de Gallina. He always has a hot pot of
just simmering chicken soup, and we’re here in the morning, so it’s very fresh, the pot is full. You can see the herbs, you can see the onions floating around in that swimming pool
full of chicken broth. You can order the chicken breast, you can order the chicken leg,
you can order the drumstick, you can order all the different types. You can order chicken feet. I decided to go for the
pierna, which is the drumstick. – Yam, yam, malo. – You can also get your
soup with either rice or with garmat garbanzo, and
this time I got garbanzo. I’ve had rice before, and it’s good, but look at that rich chicken stock. One of the highlights of eating soup is that you got all the condiments, the onions, the lime, the chili, and the best thing about eating soup is that you get to doctor it up, you get to season it as you like. Oh, let me just taste the
chicken broth as is first. It’s really like condensed chicken. It’s a little bit oily, it’s very salty. You can taste the sweet onions in there. It’s delicious from the start. But yeah, really, the highlight for me is adding all the seasoning. There’s some roasted chili
flakes, which is always awesome, and then you gotta give
it a squeeze of lime. Let me go ahead and break
into that chicken now. Oh, look how soft and
tender that chicken is. Oh yeah, mm! The chicken has been boiled for so long, it’s not mushy, but it’s so soft. The guy sitting next to me, I saw a trick that he just
pulled that I gotta copy. You grab a tortilla, and then you go in for some of this salsa. Right into the center of the tortilla, and then you wrap it up. Now you’ve got a tortilla
with salsa in the center, and you can kinda alternate, you can kinda dip it, you
can take bites of soup, you can eat your tortilla. Chase that with a tortilla. Oh! Oh, that salsa’s amazing, mm! That’s a very cool trick right there. Oh, that goes so well together. They just finished chopping
up the habanero and onions. Oh, this is the seasoning I really will, oh you can just smell that. It goes up your nose, just smelling it. This is what I need. Oh yeah. Oh that’s good, that bumps up the heat, that bumps up the flavor. You’ve got that sour-ish
habanero flavor to it, those onions, those crunchy onions. (conversing in Spanish) Aw, delicious way to start the day! Okay, we’re movin’ on. (relaxing dubstep) Ying and Micah went to go
take their morning naps, so I’m on my own for a little while. I’m walking right past the
Plaza de Río de Janeiro with Michelangelo’s David
statue in the middle. This is one of the
landmarks of Colonial Roma, and I’m on my way to go check
out some more street food. (relaxing dubstep) This is a little supermarket. They have all sorts of things,
especially import things. Sometimes we bought some groceries there, but right on the outside of
the supermarket on the sidewalk is a place that I’ve been wanting to try. (conversing in Spanish) If you come right at
lunchtime, they are packed, there’s a crowd just
standing around this corner. They make a number of different
things including tlacoyos. They’re using all-blue corn. They have about, at least, a
dozen different ingredients with toppings that you can add. I’m not totally sure what I’m
getting, but we’ll find out. (conversing in Spanish) (conversing in Spanish) It’s absolutely beautiful
how they make it. It’s so colorful. So first, yeah, they fry
that masa with the blue corn, and they really let it sizzle. You can see it kinda
char on both on sides. And then she fried up those flowers; I ordered it with those flowers. There’s beans stuffed in the inside. Oh, it’s just overflowing
with ingredients. That is absolutely gorgeous. It’s like a trough. Oh, oh wow! That’s so good! Oh, the blue corn, there are
beans stuffed into that base. That’s incredible! So awesomely good. (relaxing dubstep) (conversing in Spanish) Next, I ordered a quesadilla with cheese, and again, they use that blue
corn, it’s just beautiful. It gives it another
beautiful, colorful notch. It has a bit of a different taste from regular white-colored corn as well. The entire thing is actually squishy because there’s so much cheese in there. And paired with that salsa
verde, that’s so good. That’s so much cheese! (relaxing dubstep) That just blew the taste
buds off my tongue. You know it’s an amazing place when there’s a crowd standing around it. And, there is a taxi
driver who just pulled up, he stopped in a no-stop zone, and he’s ordering takeaway
out of his window. You know they’re doing good
things when that happens. We are off to an extremely happy Mexican street food tour today. I feel a happiness just radiating because that food is so good. (relaxing dubstep) Buenos días. (conversing in Spanish) The next place I’m gonna
eat is this birria stall, and I’ve been eyeing it. It’s packed at lunchtime. Unfortunately, he’s not open yet. He’s gonna be openin’ in about one hour, so I’ll just walk around
and get some exercise for the time being,
but birria coming next. It’s one of the ultimate dishes. (upbeat dubstep) I think I’m the first customer today. He is just opening up. Can smell the aroma, smells so good! I cannot wait to eat birria. (converses in Spanish) (speaks Spanish) Jalisco is known, that’s where
the best birria comes from in Mexico. Muchas gracias. Aw, it smells so good. He said it’s sometimes,
birria can be made with goat, but this is made with beef. You can either order tacos,
he’ll make the tacos for you, or you can order a whole bowl,
which he’ll chop up the meat, puts it into a bowl, he adds the soup, he adds in some onions,
and then you eat it separate with tortillas. Oh, it smells so good. This is one of the ultimate
Mexican street food dishes. Oh, that’s stunning! That’s just meat stew at
its finest, it’s so good! Okay, now I gotta season. Some lime juice. I cannot resist adding in a
couple of these fried chilis. And then he also said this
is some picante salsa, which I will also add a
little bit of this in. Oh man, that is just awesome. I love it! Oh, with that squeeze of lime, mm! Those fried chilis are so
fragrant, not too spicy. Okay, it sorta builds on you, and I’ll just grab some of
that meat and that whole chili and just kinda drain it of the
juice and into the tortilla. And I think I’ll go in for some of these, more pickled onions as well. Put this on top. And a little more of that salsa. Oh, perfecto! (relaxing dubstep) Absolutely stunning, oh, it’s delicious! (relaxing dubstep) (background chatter) It’s so good! And you can tell the people that eat here, they are regulars because they
know each other like friends. This is the type of neighborhood
street food stall that… I am living around this area. I would definitely come here
on a very regular basis. Birria is one of my
favorite Mexican dishes. I remember eating it years ago with some of my buddies in Arizona. Yeah, it’s awesome,
this was so good, yeah. Very good, muchas gracias! (converses in Spanish) What a dish, and he’s so friendly, too. That’s the type of dish
you just sit there, it just warms you from the inside out. It’s a little bit oily,
but the flavor is abundant, and you kinda go there, you
kinda have a conversation, you eat, you socialize. I got a little salsa on my shirt, so I think it’s time to change. (upbeat dubstep) Micah just woke up from his nap. Boy, you look pretty
warm and cozy down there on this cold day in Mexico City. And we are on our way. It’s across the main road
to a place to eat mariscos. (upbeat dubstep) Buenos dias. (conversing in Spanish) We walked around a little bit. I was afraid that they might be closed, but after we circled back
around, finally found this place. It’s just a little
mariscos spot they have. Bar counter seating, and
then they actually have a table set out, too, so we got a table. (relaxing dubstep) Okay, he said we eat
the tostada de camaron, the shrimp tostada, first, and then he’ll make the octopus. He layered it in shrimp,
then he topped it in onions, there’s cilantro on there,
and then he took the avocado and scooped it right from the shell. Some nice, generous slices of avocado and then just a very light sauce. Looks like there might
some pepper in there. And that is just simple, beautiful. (crunching) Wow. Oh, it’s so good! Oh, you got that mayonnaise,
the crunchy base. The shrimp had this wonderful, refreshing cold texture to them. You’ve got the crunch of
the onion and the cilantro. You’ve got the creamy avocado. It’s amazing, incredible,
(exclaims in Spanish). (converses in Spanish) Squeeze on a little more lime although he’s already
added some lime on there. It tastes, like, kinda sour already, but an extra bit of lime
is never a bad idea. And I am gonna add on a little more of this tomatoes and onions. (crunching) That’s really outstanding,
that is so good, it’s so refreshing, it’s
so fresh, it’s so mm! Now it’s time for the octopus tostada. Squeeze on the lime, add on that extra refreshing
tomato-and-onion salsa. Oh, perfect. (crunching) (relaxing dubstep) All the same ingredients, the
crispy base, the mayonnaise, the creamy avocado, the
onions, the cilantro, but instead of the shrimp, it’s octopus. The octopus, it’s soft,
but definitely the camaron, the shrimp, wins. (crunching) I’m blown away by these tostadas. (crunching) There was no way we were gonna leave without having some more tostadas. We ordered some more of the
camaron, shrimp, tostadas. They are mind-blowingly delicious. And they’re both topped already with some of the tomato
salsa with those onions. Just loaded, that avocado, those shrimp. Aw, it’s just a thing of beauty. Okay. (crunching) (relaxing dubstep) It’s just street food after street food of complete, like,
mind-bewildering deliciousness. (relaxing dubstep) Just a quick disclaimer,
we’ve already been to this street food stall. They serve I mean, it’s Mexican style,
but it’s very popular. We’ve been there once, it was Ying’s idea, but we didn’t order the right thing, and when I was standing in
line the last time in ordering that I met a friendly man
who was also ordering, and he said, “Oh, this is
the one you gotta order.” But I had already ordered, and I didn’t order the right thing, so I thought, “We gotta come back.” Now is the time. It’s right on the corner
of this park in Roma Norte, and this is gonna be the
final Mexican street food dish of this tour. You can just smell the burger, juicy smoke throughout this entire intersection. Here’s the spot, right there. Uno de queso piña, por favor. Gracias. Yeah, hamburgers are a very, very popular Mexican street food. You’ll find them throughout this city, but this particular stall, I
really wanted to show it to you because you come here
at any hour of the day and they always, always have
a crowd outside of them, so… Not to mention, they’ve been
making burgers since 1990 in the same exact place,
their same burger. And we did eat here the other day, Ying and I sampled a burger, but I had just ordered
the regular plain burger, but then I got in line, and then the friendly man
who was in line after me, he said, “Oh, you have to order “the pineapple cheeseburger here.” And, if you pay attention in
line, you’ll hear everybody. Not one person in line fails to order the cheese-pineapple burger. They flame-grill the patties,
they put on a piece of cheese, they grill the pineapple, and then I got it with all the toppings. So, let’s just take a look
at what’s inside of this guy. You can see the grilled,
charred edges of the burger. There’s tomato, there’s
lettuce, there’s ketchup, there’s mustard, there’s mayonnaise, and yeah, that whole piece of pineapple, and the cheese is somewhere
below here as well. You can taste the flame-grilledness of it. You’ve got the sweet
pineapple, the salty cheese, the fluffy bun, the tomato, the lettuce, the sweet and tangy ketchup. Yeah, it’s all there. (relaxing dubstep)
Oh yeah. This is definitely a
burger that could compete with the world’s most
renowned fast food chains. (relaxing dubstep) Okay, so we have come to
the end of this awesome, it’s been an awesome
Mexican street food tour! And to be honest, when
I started this morning, I had a few ideas of the
places that I wanted to go, but I didn’t really know, I
didn’t really have a plan. And sometimes, it turns out so well. Those were amazing dishes, all the way starting
from that chicken soup, the birrias, oh, those tlacoyo, that tlacoyo also was amazing, the birria was so good, those tostadas were insanely delicious! Actually, everything from this entire Mexican street food tour
in Mexico City Roma Norte was delicious. Okay, probably my favorite thing was the seafood mariscos tostadas. Awesome! (relaxing dubstep) And finally, you might be
wondering about the t-shirts. And I was wearing that
other t-shirt this morning and now this t-shirt “I
travel for food & tacos.” When I arrived to Mexico City,
I got an email from Marissa. She’s from Mexico City,
she owns a t-shirt company, and she said, “I wanna
translate some of your t-shirts “into Spanish and give them to you.” And so she gave me these t-shirts. I think they’re absolutely awesome. Huge thank you to Marissa. And that’s gonna be it for
this Mexican street food tour Roma Norte in Mexico City. I had a fantastic time, and you can, too. If you just walk around, there’s so much delicious
street food In Mexico City. You just have street food
after dish after dish of never-ending
culinary-deliciousness excitement. Okay, I’m gonna end this video right now. Thanks so much for watching, please remember to give it a
thumbs-up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below. And also, make sure you
click the subscribe button. I’m gonna be publishing
lots more street food and travel videos like this. And also, click the little bell icon so that you get notified
of all future videos that I publish. Thanks again for watching. Good-bye from Mexico City, and I’ll see you on the next video. And remember to travel for food and tacos.


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