Churrascaria: Churrasco style Brazilian meat buffet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

So it is our very first lunch here in Rio de Janeiro so we thought let’s go for the classic grill. We are eating at a Churrascaria. And I’m probably making that sound a little bit more Spanish than Portuguese but basically it is a grill house and you just eat steaks and meats. And the waiters are […]

Gesunde Ernährung im Triathlon | Food-Prep + wertvoller Tipp für Frauen

Prep-o-clock! Today we’ll discuss food. If you follow me on Insta, you’ll have seen that I prepare a lot of my food, so called food-prepping. I get so many questions what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it. So I thought I’ll use this to make a cool video to give you some direct […]

Storm Rips Fruit Tree From Food Forest | And what we did next (2020)

Hello, it’s another windy day here at Byther Farm, but I want to show you what happened in last month’s storms. This is our old plum tree, the first storm, Ciara, sent it toppling a bit and then when storm Dennis came through which was absolutely fierce and we had a mini tornado – and our weather app […]


One two three boom! Yes a hot juicy double patty burger with extra bread and a gummy burger with well plenty of extra sugar! It almost looks like the real one, doesn’t it? looks like we have a potential swap on our hands. You thinking what I’m thinking? Oh yeah let’s trade these suckers shall we looks like […]

Diet Doctor Podcast #15 — Prof. Andrew Mente

Welcome to the DietDoctor podcast with Dr. Bret Scher. Today I’m joined by Prof. Andrew Mente. Now prof Mente has a PhD in epidemiology from the University of Toronto, he’s done his postdoc work in cardiovascular epidemiology from McMaster University and he’s an associate professor of health research methods at McMaster University and most recently he was one […]

Vegan Savoury Bread Pudding – Eggless Recipe | Vegan Brinner Collab

Hello everyone, It’s been a while since we posted the last video and we’ve actually missed you. But we have been working on something a little bit bigger than the usual video. You might have caught the buzz already if you follow us on social media as we shared a little teaser last week. So, today’s video is […]

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