Vegan Caramelized “Fish Sauce” (Kho Quẹt Chay) Healthy Food Tran Le US

Hello everyone,I’m Tran Le US Vegan Caramelized Fis Sauce is Kho Quet in Vietmese. It’s flavorful sweet,salty and spicy 1 cup Basmati brown rice (185g) rinse the rice place the rice in rice ooker turn the rice cooker on 300g button mushrooms 1 tsp salt 100g king oyster mushroom okra 1 tbsp salt soak in water about 5 […]


Hi guys~ ♡ Today’s Menu: Mushrooms diet coke Seasoning is made with butter, red pepper oil, red pepper powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, starch syrup, sugar. All mushrooms are blanched. Let’s have Shiitake mushroom first~ it smells so good I can taste the natural flavor of mushroom since I didn’t boil them with the sauce. I put flying […]

ASMR MUKBANG *Salmon and Yellowtail* Sashimi Eating Sound 연어 방어 회 먹방 サーモン cá hồi แซลมอน سمك السالمون

-RealMouth- (Nice to meet you ~) Have a good time today ~ 😄I prepared two kinds of soy sauce and soy sauce! 👍 It looks so delicious?! 😋 It’s really delicious even if you dip it in oil salt 😋. Yellowtail has a different taste and texture for each part! 😲 It melts in one bite and You […]

Blindfold Survival Challenge (The Movie) | Fire, Water, Food

This is NOT real, I am acting. The gun is also not loaded and is completely safe, just a prop. The idea is to simulate a scenario where survival was necessary but you couldn’t see. In survival, shelter, water, and food are essential. Putting up newspaper on the windows was very difficult. I really did this authentically to […]


Hello, I am AeJeong. Today’s menu is Beef steak & wine. Thank you for the meal♥ Beef is the best Korean beef. The meat is very fresh. Apply the cooking oil to the meat. And sprinkle plenty of salt. Plenty of pepper Bake meat on hot stone plate. Put rosemary on the meat. The aroma of rosemary goes […]

Five Guys Burger Recipe!

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SUB) ASMR cooking l Beef and broccoli stir fry / Healthy chinese food

beef and broccoli stir fry 1 medium carrot slice it 1 head of broccoli 200 grams beef slice it thin keep the meat in the freezer for 30 minutes before slicing it will make slicing a lot easier now lets prepare a sauce 3 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons oyster sauce 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 tablespoons lemon juice […]

Kaoliang Liquor & Spicy JjamBbong !! Drinking Mukbang (Eng Sub) [Mukbang m20] JMT YUMMY

Hello, I’m ‘Duke in Korea’. Today, I’m going to try the JjamBbong that I uploaded in last week’s cooking video. When I eat the JjamBbong, I feel sad if I lose alcohol. 🙂 I eat it with drinking today. It is Kaoliang Liquor, another name is Er Guo Tou. I’m sure you know a green bottle that’s usually […]