Diet Secrets for Living Past 100

Blue Zones areas are populations around the world where people live longest. It began with a ten year project with National Geographic to identify these pockets where people are either reaching age 100 at the highest rates. They have the highest life expectancy or the lowest rate of middle age mortality. They’re geographically defined and then demographically confirmed. […]

Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

Over the last few years, organic food has spread like wildfire. Despite higher prices, buying organic is turning from an alternative into a moral and social responsibility. Organic food is supposedly healthier more natural and more ethical. But what do we even mean when we say organic? There’s no global consensus, so different regions have different definitions and […]

Survivre au Cancer #4 Le Kit complet avec explications et lien Google Drive. PAS sans ACCORD

Hello again my friends here we are in the heart of the subject The list that you’re going to find in 3 parts I’m not done here is what you need to take in the morning it can be morning “and” or morning “or” evening I personaly take morning “and” evening then there are some that you don’t […]

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