sup peepswhat’s up my lads and ladys Oh, this does not look good! (Of course it doesn’t) – Ugh; are you ready? – Three, two, one. (Collins and Devan trying Flaming Hot Cheetos and Milk because they need the ad revenue) (moaning in pain) I thought the milk was supposed to make it not spicy. It’s still spicy. […]

Whole30 Diet Review – Before & After Has Us Shook!

Hi guys, my name is Zena. I’m the Senior Content Manager here at HUM. And I’m Sarah, the Director of Education. And today we are talking Whole30. Yes, we are. Actually, I’m trying Whole30. I’m terrified. Whole30 is essentailly, if you’re unfamiliar with it, an elimination diet – or an anti-inflammatory diet. What you’re going to be doing […]

FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make the Best Avengers Pokemon Detective Pikachu Pancake Art

you tells us to make iron man out of a watermelon so let’s go time to peel the melon I’ve got a spatula peeler so here we go it’s gonna peel it off like this always want to peel away from yourself like this got my melon out cuz then I have a completely different process than what […]

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