Sungho got mistaken as a monk who drinks alcohol and eats meat [Happy Together/2020.02.06]

He will always be Bbacoo. Please welcome Yun Sungho. – “Don’t do it!” / – “Don’t do it!” You two joined SBS at the same time. – Yes. / – We did. He’s one of your good friends. He’s one of my favorite people. We spent our 20s together. When we first debuted, our situations were different. I […]

Did the participants really lose weight?? (result) [Happy Together/2020.03.05]

Since this was an experiment, we should check the results. We’ll now see how you all did. We constantly mentioned this during the last episode, but your goal was to pick up sustainable habits and lose 4kg of body fat. That was your goal. You had your blood drawn too and you have the results in front of […]

Why Hyunhee wants to start eating healthy food [Happy Together/2020.02.27]

There’s this though. Not even you would know about this. It never bothered me before marriage, but I got scared at the hint of some pain. I just got married, so it truly scared me. I had my blood tested, remember? Yes. You had a lot of blood drawn. (I…) Are you crying? Darn, the smoke. Kudos to […]

Dongeun’s shocking way to eat meat [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.09]

(Where did they go afterward?) Come in. It’s warm inside. Is it another all-you-can-eat restaurant? (What is this place?) It’s a grill restaurant. It must be a cheap place. Dongeun, sit over there. (Boss Yang assigns her a seat) (What’s the matter with him?) When Dongeun sits by me I grill without being able to eat. When Dongeun […]

Whose food will be released nationwide in Korea? [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.16]

I picked the dish that has the highest potential for expanding. Potential for expanding? Gyeonggyu, Gyeonggyu. (Huh?) You can dip it in chocolate and condensed milk. (Expandable dish developer) Is it me? The dish Chef Lee Wonil chose is? (Fun-chefs’ fierce competition) (with Korean wheat) Who is it? The dish is? (Lee Yeongja) (I did it) (Just as […]