The Dubrow Diet: How Interval Eating Can Help You Lose Weight And Feel Ageless

well guys it’s good to see you I’m excited about this this brand new book which is by the way in bookstores and it is published by my son J’s company is based on the concept of interval eating tell me what you mean by that specifically so this is based on actually Nobel prize-winning discovery that if […]

Drs. Rx: Nuts that Can Pay Off On the Scale

Today’s Doctors’ prescription could pay off on the scale if you keep them in the kitchen. What are they? Pistachios. Woo. (audience applauding) These green nuts, superfoods, high in protein and healthy. And I love it because it’s conscientious eating. You know, you’re de-shelling them, you’re- Here you go, buddy, let me have a few. I really like […]