Fresh vs Frozen Food

With the advent of freezers, we’re able to keep our food lasting longer than ever before, But is there a difference between fresh and frozen produce in terms of nutrition? Which should you be eating? You instinct may be to shout out “Of course fresh food is better. It’s fresh.” And you may be right. But it’s highly […]

Dry and Wet Aged Steaks At New York’s Most Famous Steakhouse — The Meat Show

– The Meat Show’s coming to you from New York City, we are in front of Delmonico’s, America’s oldest restaurant. Also America’s oldest steak house. The chef here, Billy Oliva, called me up, he said he’s got something special planned, because they’re coming up on their 180th anniversary, so let’s go inside and find out what’s going on. […]

Types of Diets (Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan) | The Healthy Food & Diet Propaganda

Hi everyone! This video is going to be about the various types of diet, such as omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, and other diets, as well as the healthy food and diet propaganda. Our diet and the foods we choose to eat say a lot about us and our health. Eating is something we all do as it’s how we […]

This Much Will Kill You

We all know to stay away from poisons. Like mercury where ingesting a 200 milligram dose would kill you. Or polonium which only requires 1 g of vaporized substance to wipe out 50 million people! But did know that 70 cups of coffee contains enough caffeine to kill a 70 kg person? This amount of caffeine can trigger […]

ASMR MUKBANG *Salmon and Yellowtail* Sashimi Eating Sound 연어 방어 회 먹방 サーモン cá hồi แซลมอน سمك السالمون

-RealMouth- (Nice to meet you ~) Have a good time today ~ 😄I prepared two kinds of soy sauce and soy sauce! 👍 It looks so delicious?! 😋 It’s really delicious even if you dip it in oil salt 😋. Yellowtail has a different taste and texture for each part! 😲 It melts in one bite and You […]

Healthy eating to prevent chronic disease

Healthy eating can reduce the risk for chronic disease and contribute to overall wellbeing. When you consume foods and drinks that are high in calories, fat, sugar and salt, you’re increasing your risk of heart disease — not to mention Type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer. Eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plant-based proteins reduces your risk of […]

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