Fresh vs Frozen Food

With the advent of freezers, we’re able to keep our food lasting longer than ever before, But is there a difference between fresh and frozen produce in terms of nutrition? Which should you be eating? You instinct may be to shout out “Of course fresh food is better. It’s fresh.” And you may be right. But it’s highly […]

Where can we get healthy food? – #AskUConnExtension

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Expert Series – Foods you didn’t know were healthy

Hi everyone, my name’s Lushano and I’m a certified trainer. Do you feel guilty when you’re eating your favorite snack? Well, you might not need to. Here are five foods that you never thought were healthy. Number 1: Cheese. Cheese is a great source of calcium and protein and low-fat cheese like quark is great as it contains […]

THAT’S NOT HEALTHY FOOD!! – Junk food vs healthy food song

Shoe and Friends Jelly beans for breakfast That’s not healthy food! Lollipops for lunch That’s not healthy food! Doughnuts for dinner That’s not healthy food! Now I think I got it Healthy food is good for you Having eggs for breakfast That is health y food Having soup for lunch That is healthy food Having fish for dinner […]

Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | HUGE Chinese, Indian and Malay Food JOURNEY!

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I am with Chuchu We just flew in to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia And we’re coming here for a full on food tour of this city We’re going to eat as much as we can in the next few days This is it Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a food heaven It’s […]

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