[Food Sense Tour India #E2] Bangalore: organic on a large scale

Next step for the team: Bangalore with its 8.5 million inhabitants, capital city of Karnataka, home for the giant IT companies. But along with modernity and a city 3.0, does come sometimes the respect of culinary tradition. For instance, ISKOM, an international community worshipping the Hindu god, Krishna, serves every day for free, a lunch to every one […]

Big Catch !

Hauling in the trawl. Soon the trawl and bag will show up on surface Wait for it ! Coming……………UP ! There it is, a big catch of red fish This is about 50 Tons. Gettirng ready to take it in to ship. Coming in, a heavy load 2 gilsons to pull it in. Fish Receiver opening. The boys […]

Deboning Hatch Chili Rib Meat & Unshelling Eggs for Uncle Rob’s Red Brick Oven Meatloaf, GP015561

Stir Spinach, Onions & Spices in green plastic bowl’s mixture. Close Swiss Army Knife Can Opener for safety purposes. Open carton of 3 eggs. with surprise. Open another carton of 18 eggs. Deshell 9 eggs in clean silver loaf pan. disposing of shells in plastic lined trash can placed directly below. Brace for steadiness. Toss empty carton in […]

健康饮食【2/4】| 姜黄鸡胸肉+豆腐+菜 | Healthy Food 2/4 Turmeric Chicken + Tofu

Hey, the recipe for today is turmeric chicken using chicken breast after we clean the chicken meat, then add in the ground turmeric first, add in 1tsp of ground turmeric on the meat and add some chili powder since the chili powder (i using) is not so spicy, I’ll add in more but please taste the chili powder […]

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