Food Desert in Austin, TX – Access to Healthy Food Should Be Around the Corner

Hi, I’m Pkaye Washington. I’m also volunteer with the American Heart Association and a resident in South East Austin We’re out here in this area. We don’t have very many grocery stores. We’re known as the food desert. We’re gonna see what I can find for dinner A food desert is defined as an area with no major […]

Comida [Learn the names of foods in Spanish!] – Calico Spanish Songs for Kids

Food What is there for breakfast? What is there for breakfast? oatmeal juice bacon fruit cereal with milk What is there for lunch? What is there for lunch? salad tostadas soft drink sandwiches beans quesadillas What is there for dinner? What is there for dinner? tacos tamales enchiladas carnitas (pulled pork) soup cake

Food science student seeking to make seafood safer

Claire Lanclos is working on a solution to make seafood safer, which hopefully, will give a boost to Louisiana’s sagging shrimp industry. She is using naturally derived bacteria designed to kill any pathogens found on shrimp. When applied to a food, they can inactivate pathogens. For example my project, I’m working with shrimp, and the whole purpose is […]

A large scale logistics center which is also available for food distribution.

Hello, my name is Koma from Global Logistic Properties. So am I, my name is Kusahara. Today we would like to explain about our company profile and distinctive properties. We are a real estate company which specialized in development and management of logistic facilities. We are building approximately 4 logistic facilities per year. Currently, we have developed and […]

THAT’S NOT HEALTHY FOOD!! – Junk food vs healthy food song

Shoe and Friends Jelly beans for breakfast That’s not healthy food! Lollipops for lunch That’s not healthy food! Doughnuts for dinner That’s not healthy food! Now I think I got it Healthy food is good for you Having eggs for breakfast That is health y food Having soup for lunch That is healthy food Having fish for dinner […]

올 한해 습관적 ‘좋아요’ 눌러주신 애니멀봐 구독자님덜 선물 도착여 l Christmas Miracle Happens To Stray Dogs

Come here, eat up Runnn Come here~ Yelp yelp Avoid Avoid I’m not a bad guy~ (Be careful of that mister) When approaching carefully.. Runs away;; Who does that pupper take after to be like this;; Perhaps (the puppies) take after their mom’s personality, they’re very wary Mother, can we have a face-to-face talk pls~ The dog down […]

Top 10 Best Foods for Pregnancy Healthy Food During Pregnancy What to Eat While Pregnant

welcome to my channel health for you Top 10 best foods for pregnancy Figuring out what to eat when you’re eating for two can be confusing. Our list of the top 10 foods for pregnant moms and healthy recipes for pregnant women can help. And here’s a bonus: Babies exposed to a variety of healthy food in the […]

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