What If You Never Ate Meat?

These days, it seems like everyone has an opinion on whether eating meat is good or bad for you. After all, it’s thought that meat is what helped you humans evolve into, well, humans. Still, vegetarians swear by tofu, veggie burgers and whatever tempeh is, but taste aside, can your body function properly without meat? Personally, I’m not […]

Zara Larsson Tries Ikea Food | Food Fight | Women’s Health

KEX! Cookies. Some weird people say “CHEX” – uh, that’s not how you say it. It’s a weird accent in Swedish, and don’t trust these people, let’s say that – because it’s “KEX”. You can see the K. Hi! I’m Zara Larsson, and today I’m gonna be trying out some things, explain to you guys what it is. […]

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